Oscar-style wedding script


A great, low-cost idea is a theme wedding in the style of an Academy Award ceremony. The red carpet, the bright flashes of cameras, the sparkle of expensive outfits and jewelry - you and your guests will feel like Hollywood stars and world celebrities.

Oscar-style wedding script

The first thing guests see when arriving at an Oscar-style wedding is the red carpet. On it pass all the guests who arrived for the holiday, posing for photographers. At the end of the track, you can put the operator, who will take short interviews with guests. You can even ask friends to play the role of journalists at a wedding: they will walk and interview guests throughout the evening.

The newlyweds are the last to arrive at the restaurant. By this time, all guests line up along the path. The host says:

Glad to welcome you to our film festival! Famous stellar couples and families walked along the red carpet. Attention, the most famous couple _____ and _____ appears on the track. Today they signed a successful and long-term contract for the shooting of the film "Marriage of Love." According to the forecasts of critics, the film will be romantic and tender, cheerful and positive! Applause!

After the newlyweds walk along the path, the host says:

And now I invite everyone to go to the hall to watch the festival program!

Guests enter the hall, the host continues:

Take a seat in the places indicated on your tickets. In a few minutes we will begin our ceremony!

Wedding banquet

Pleasant music plays, guests sit down at the tables. Fanfare sounds, the host says:

Attention attention! The solemn part of our program begins. Today in our hall there are two family cinema dynasties - the parents of the bride and the parents of the groom. I suggest that they say the first words to the newlyweds! Let's start with the parents of the bride!

The bride’s parents say the toast and then the groom’s parents.

Guests have a drink and a snack. At this time, on the big screen, there is a documentary selection of photos and videos from various Oscars. The host says:

So, we continue the ceremony. Our young and famous couple is invited to the stage - _____ and _____! From today, they begin to work together on the film "Marriage of Love", because I want to take a short interview with them, which in the future I can sell at a crazy price.

The host asks the young questions in the form of an interview:

  • Tell us how you got a role in such an interesting film.?
  • Why do you think you were chosen for this role??
  • How long do you think this movie will last?
  • Are you sure you can handle the selected roles??

We are sincerely happy for you and are sure that this film will be the best! Dear participants of the film festival, I propose to fill glasses and drink for our talented movie couple! For their successful creative union!

Easy music turns on. Guests treat and socialize.

Gift giving

The host says:

Dear guests, I know that this evening you would like to sponsor our couple. I invite you to the hall for presenting gifts to young.

The presenter alternately represents relatives in the style of an Oscar. The bride and groom give guests comic Oscar-style figurines. Nominations may be as follows:

  • Nomination for the role of the best mother-in-law.
  • Nomination for the role of the best father-in-law.
  • Nomination for the role of the best mother in law.
  • Best father-in-law nomination.
  • Honored Grandfather of Russia.
  • The national grandmother of Russia.
  • Aunt and uncle, who played in the film "Hello, I am your aunt!".
  • The hero of the film "Brother" and "Brother-2".
  • The heroine of the film "Sister", etc..

At the end, the facilitator says:

So, our wonderful sponsors made a huge financial contribution, which is so necessary to start filming the legendary film "Love Marriage". And our banquet continues!

Room Marilyn Monroe

While the guests have a drink and regale, the host chooses the most active man who is invited to take part in the room: he should change into Marilyn Monroe and spoil her to the famous song "I wont be love by you". To create the image you will need a white wig, white skirt, white family briefs, false breasts, a blouse with a large neckline, red lipstick and a black pencil.

When announcing the number, the host says:

Dear friends! Inimitable, amazing, charming arrived at our festival ... one of the sexiest women of all time - Marilyn Monroe!

The phonogram of the song is turned on. A parody is played, at the end of which Marilyn Monroe invites all guests to the dance floor. A dance break is announced, after which the guests sit at the tables, and the host says:

And now I invite all of us to see a remake of the famous movie "How was it?", Which won the nomination "Best Romantic Short of the Year".

Guests are shown Love story.

Lottery drawing

The host says:

Ladies and Gentlemen! Prepare your entry tickets, we’ll draw a lottery on them!

A drum is brought into the hall. To determine the winning numbers, the smallest guest is invited to the wedding. The leader gives out winnings (gifts), focusing on gender, age and appearance of people:

  • These rubber products have a smooth surface and are comfortable and shaped. They are great for men. In addition, they preserve and protect the health of women (galoshes).
  • The best simulator used by Hollywood stars. Just a couple of minutes a day - and any model will envy your forms (jump rope).
  • The prize provided by the adult store is great for role-playing games with changing clothes (family underpants).
  • Symbol of family relations in Russia. It is with this subject that the wife meets her husband from the set of the film "With Friends in the Bath" (pan).

A dance break is announced, after which you can arrange a viewing of a humorous film, the plot of which is pre-invented by the guests and is composed of amateur shots of the bride and groom, their friends, acquaintances, etc..


You can hold such contests:

  • "The best dance to the film." The host says that the casting of the actors in the new film "Everybody Dance" is underway. The participants' task: to perform the most famous dances from the films: “Help me” tango, “Caucasian captive” twist, dance from the film “Pulp Fiction”, boogie-woogie from “Styles”.
  • "The best voice acting." The essence of the competition is for participants to voice shots from the Love story or joint young videos that are displayed on the big screen.
  • "Best Role in Silent Movie." The competition is held in the form of a casting among romantic couples, where a man needs to invite his lady on a date without words (only with gestures).
  • "The best pantomime movie." The task of the participants: to show without words, only using gestures and facial expressions, a scene from the film, so that guests can guess what kind of film.
  • "Guess who you are." Each participant glue a piece of paper on his forehead, on which is written the name of the actor. The task of the participants: asking the presenter questions, guess your character. In this case, the facilitator can answer only yes or no questions..
  • Next, the bride throws a bouquet, and the groom garter.

    You can also carry out the ceremony of lighting the hearth. Moms light candles that light a large candle for young people. The host says:

    Let this fire always burn in your family hearth. May it grow stronger and warm you. Carefully keep this symbolic candle as a sign of your eternal love and deep respect.

    Then a cake is placed in the hall, which can be made in the shape of a star or topped with an ordinary multi-tiered cake with an Oscar. After that, the facilitator says:

    Ladies and gentlemen! Our film festival has come to an end! Thank you for coming to us. And at the end of the evening, young and guests will enjoy a beautiful salute. I ask everyone to go out!

    Guests light candles, stand along the red carpet in the form of a living corridor, along which the newlyweds leave the hall. They are followed by guests, because there is a firework waiting for everyone on the street, after which it is possible to bookmark the stars of the newlyweds on the “Walk of Fame”.