Wedding Scenario - Improvise!


The portal presents to you a scenario of a wedding celebration with interesting contests and a beautiful ceremony to convey a family hearth. We hope you enjoy the script and take it into service.

The wedding action opens with a meeting of the bride and groom. The host begins to organize invited guests - to orient them when to hand flowers to the newlyweds, and when - gifts, how best to meet the young, how to strew the path of confetti and petals, when shouting: "Bitter!".


After meeting the young with bread and salt, we invite everyone to the hall. And in this order - young, witnesses, their parents, and only then all the others.

The feast opens the opening address of the wedding host:

Dear newlyweds! In this hall today, your closest people have gathered who have witnessed the birth of a new family. Today, your relationship has moved to a new level, and now you are husband and wife. Bring your love and devotion through the years so that after decades you will hear the word "bitterly" with the same embarrassment and joy!

While the guests get acquainted with the appetizers, the host can entertain guests with a comic check of the newlyweds for the title of spouse. The host says:

Dear guests, I suggest you check how responsibly the bride and groom approached the choice of their second half. Let's start with the bride! Let's find out if she will be a good wife and mother.

The host gives the bride a toy doll, a diaper, socks and a hat. In one minute, she should put on the baby. When the bride copes with the task, the leader gives the groom a technical passport for the bride with the following text:

Bride ______ (name). Types of exploitation: mistress, beloved wife, mother and grandmother. Can be used for financial accounting, parenting, cooking. Figure: awesome. Health: excellent. Character: perfect. The bride must be kept carefully, protected from stress, not to use brute masculine power. Goods are not subject to return and exchange..

The host says:

We made sure that our bridegroom got really the best bride. Does it fit such a unique female model? Let's check the groom now!

As you know, the word




derived from the word




. Therefore, I propose to the groom to prove that his head is larger, i.e. he will be the main in the family.

The host gives the groom a large number of different hats. In 1 minute the groom should put on as many hats as possible, directly one on top of the other.

As soon as the groom completes the task, the host reads the groom's passport:

Groom ______ (name). Types of exploitation: husband, earner of money, father and grandfather. Weight and height: medium. Appetite: excellent. Health: not bad, but the nervous system is not iron. Store in a warm place, feed well, do not play on the nerves. Faults corrected by affection and kisses.

The host hands the groom's passport to the bride and says:

Having made sure that our bride and groom will become perfect spouses, I want to officially read out the order to create a family.

The text of the order may be as follows:

Today _____ (date) at ________ (time) a marriage was registered between _____ and _____. The Ministry of Marriage and Family decides: to recognize eligible ____ citizen (name of the groom) for family life; henceforth, he receives the title of spouse; citizen ____ (bride's name) is now considered a married woman.

Responsibilities of a newly-made family: increase the number of its members, come to parents at least once a month, respect the older generation and pamper the younger. This order comes into force after its announcement.

Gives the young folder with the order. The guests raise their glasses for a new family, and the host says:

The order contains another important point, which obliges all present guests to present gifts to the young. Let us proceed to this honorable mission.

Giving gifts and congratulations to the young. Guests sit at their tables..

Now the word can be given to parents or immediate family. While guests are sitting at the tables, the host can cheer them up with an unusual weather forecast:

Dear guests, while you are having a drink and a snack, I would like to (a) tell you the forecast of our wedding celebration. Today is expected:

  • Air temperature - about 40 ° C, the air is filled with family happiness;
  • Predicted wedding hurricane with a shower of champagne;
  • At night, fog in my head, morning clearing possible.

The fourth toast is usually given by witnesses. Incidentally, they can also be offered a task - to check, say, their dexterity.

It is time for the first wedding dance. The host says:

For you, _____ and _____, a beautiful melody of love sounds. And we invite you to perform your first wedding dance.

A wedding dance

At the end of the dance, guests enter the dance floor. A dance break is announced, after which guests sit down again at the tables. And the leader says:

Let's check our young people how ready they are for family life. We’ll conduct a couple of tests that will show us how newlyweds get along with each other.

The following contests can be used as tests for newlyweds:

"Dress the baby"

Participants: newlyweds.

Props: dolls, bonnets, sliders.

The task of the newlyweds is to dress the doll: tie a bonnet on his head and put on sliders. To do this, they should only one on their hand, and with their free hands hold each other's ears.

"Without words"

Participants: newlyweds.

Props: None.

The newlyweds only with facial expressions and gestures should tell about the most significant event that happened in their life before the wedding. Guests must guess what the newlyweds mean..

After the competition, the host invites the newlyweds to find out who they will be born first. You can do this in the form of a standard fundraiser, or you can have a fun fortune-telling game for honeymooners. On a tray, children’s toys are laid out in advance: girls’s (dolls, knitting needles, jewelry) and boys’s (cars, pistols, ships).

They blindfold the bridegroom (bride) and offer to randomly take something from the tray. In this subject they will find out who will be born first.

The facilitator gives the floor to friends and colleagues, and then says:

At all times, people treated fire with special honor. Fire symbolizes the hearth, comfort in the house. Therefore, I will offer those who gave life to our newlyweds - mothers - light two candles and transfer the warmth of the hearth to our young spouses.

Sounds beautiful music. Witnesses give mothers of the bride and groom two beautiful candles. Mothers light candles and together light the candles of young.

The host at this time says:

Dear _____ and _____, we wish you all your life to burn the fire of your love in your hearts, warming you with the most severe frosts and filling your soul with strength.

Family hearth

Guests sit at the tables. The word is given to friends and colleagues. And then the facilitator says:

Let's find out which of the invited beauties of the next will marry. And the bride will help us with this.!

The bride throws a bouquet to unmarried girls. The groom and unmarried guys go into the hall. The groom takes off the garter from the legs of the bride and throws it to the guys.

Then the wedding cake is cut and distributed to guests. The host accompanies the removal of the cake with a poem:

Comes to an end this wedding night,
Toasts are told, and "Bitter!" thunders,
Candles are already lit in the family hearth,
And the night is approaching for the spouses of two.
But I want to finish the evening with sweetness -
May love be sweet for years!
I ask everyone to pay attention - all in the fireworks
A wedding cake, gentlemen!

The newlyweds make a thank-you speech and leave the hall. You can accompany the newlyweds along the corridor of burning candles that the guests will hold in their hands. At this time, the facilitator says:

Let so many happy stars illuminate your life path. Let the same number of lights come on in the homes of your relatives and friends who are always ready to help you. Let your love burn just as brightly for many, many years, and never fade away!