Valentine's Day Wedding Scenario


February 14, the whole world celebrates an amazing holiday - Valentine's Day, which can be taken as the basis of a wedding celebration, gentle and romantic. It is believed that the weddings played on this day are patronized by the protector of all lovers - St. Valentine himself. If you decide to organize your celebration on February 14, then you should definitely use the script from the portal So, let's begin!

Valentine's day style wedding

Guests enter the wedding hall. The assistant presenter - fairy Valentine - distributes the guests a wedding evening program. When all the guests enter the hall, the host says:

"Good evening, dear guests! Today we are here to congratulate two amazing people on their wedding day. Today we will witness the birth of a new family on such an amazing and beautiful holiday - Valentine's Day. So let their union be the same hot and passionate, tender and romantic, like today's holiday. Let us greet our young with thunderous applause! "

Mendelssohn’s march sounds, newlyweds enter the hall. All guests are greeted with applause..

"Dear guests! Today is an unusual day - the day of the union of two loving hearts. Today, February 14, this amazing couple takes a step into their new life, filled with love and joy. As you may have guessed, the celebration will be held under the sign of Valentine's Day. So let's we’ll start this amazing holiday with romance, so that every day the newlyweds become a holiday of love.

The host invites guests to congratulate the newlyweds, calling in turn the parents of the bride and groom, their relatives and friends. The bride as a token of gratitude distributes to the guests souvenirs - valentines with funny wishes and predictions in the style of Valentine's Day

Guests are seated at the tables. Fairy Valentine helps guests find their places at the tables. To do this, each guest plate is pre-decorated with a personalized Valentine card, on which are written the name of the guest.

The host gives the first toast to the newlyweds. After the guests drank and had a bite, the host introduces the guests to each other in the form of a poetic dating game:

Today everyone will sing more ____.
Everyone will dance more ____.
Everyone will scream louder «Bitterly!» ____.
Today ____ will give ____ one hundred rubles.
____ give joy ____ your TV.
Now ____ will lend money to everyone. No recoil.
The most beautiful today ____.
The most shy today ____.
After the wedding he will leave on foot ____.
The car will leave ____.
Tomorrow invites everyone to her ____.
With a box of beer will come tomorrow ____.
Dried fish is taken to bring ____.
And ____ and ____ from 5 in the morning will cook the ear.
For the health of all drinks ____.
For the health of the newlyweds and everyone already drank seven times ____.

The host gives the floor to the parents of the bride and groom. And then he hands the newlyweds a folder with the Order of Loving Hearts and says:

“Dear _____ and _____! I and all those present in the hall would like this day to remain in your memory for life. In this beautiful folder we will give you your first family heirloom - the Order of Loving Hearts, which will become a historical document. A couple of years will pass , you open this folder and remember your first day of your life together ".

The host gives the floor to grandparents:

“Dear newlyweds and guests! The key to family happiness and harmony in the family is a parental blessing. But an even rarer and happier blessing is a farewell to grandparents. I propose raising glasses for the health and longevity of the grandparents of the newlyweds and giving them a word to congratulate just married! "

Grandparents make toasts.

A comic game is held on the knowledge of the newlyweds.

"Tili-tili-dough, the bride and groom"

Participants: guests.

Props: None.

Guests sitting at the table are asked questions about the newlyweds:

  • When did the newlyweds meet?
  • Where did the newlyweds meet?
  • Do newlyweds have brothers and sisters, etc..

Who answers correctly to more questions, he won. The host gives the winner the invitation to the newlyweds' golden wedding.

Then the word is given to witnesses.

After a toast of witnesses, the host announces that the newlyweds will present their first dance to the guests. At the end of the dance, all guests are invited to the dance floor, where they hear hearts on which are written the male and female names of famous lovers: Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolda, Odysseus and Penelope, etc. Guests look for their couples and dance a slow dance. The pair that is faster than the rest receives the Order of Dancing Hearts.

Guests sit at the tables. And the host holds an interesting congratulation game:

“Dear guests! Today _____ and _____ have heard many warm and heartfelt congratulations from you. But these were individual wishes from each of you. Now let’s leave the young people a collective congratulation from all those present.

The basis of this congratulation I have already compiled (a). You need to help me - come up with 14 adjectives with which we will complement our congratulations. I ask you to call you a variety of adjectives that come to your head. The more original they are, the more interesting our congratulations will be. So, let's begin. And I will record ".

Guests are called adjectives, presenter writes. And then inserts adjectives into the empty spaces of the prepared congratulations:

Congratulations to _____ newlyweds from the most _____ guests!
Today, on the day of marriage, you are the most _____ people on earth, and we are the most _____ guests at your place!
We want to wish your _____ house be filled with joy and smiles, you can always hear laughter and kisses.
For happiness, it is necessary that the husband had _____ work, and the wife _____ mood, that the husband gave his wife _____ gifts, and the wife showed _____ caring for her husband.
We wish you to have _____ relations with your father-in-law and father-in-law and _____ relations with your mother-in-law and mother-in-law.
Let _____ news and _____ surprises always be waiting for you when you arrive at your _____.

The word is given to friends and colleagues. The host then plays the game..

"Invite me on a date"

Participants: guests.

Props: paper in the form of hearts with phrases.

Guests are divided into pairs "m + f". Men should invite their soul mate on a date without words, only with gestures. Each man is given a piece of paper indicating the place and time of the meeting. For example, an evening dinner in a cafe, a morning walk through the woods, daytime boating, etc. Which couple guesses the place and time of a date faster is the winner.

A dance block and competitions are held.

"Broken heart"

Participants: guests.

Props: hearts, cut into pieces.

Pre-large drawn hearts are cut into pieces. The bride and groom are gaining two teams. Each team must as soon as possible collect a heart from pieces.

Hold love

Participants: guests.

Props: heart-shaped balloons.

Guests are split in pairs. They are given balls in the form of hearts, which they must hold in the air only by breathing. Winners awarded the Order of the Breath of Love.

Guests sit at the table. The host offers to carry out the ceremony of lighting the family hearth:

“At all times, people had a special relationship with fire. After all, fire is a symbol of life, hearth and comfort in the house. I will ask those who gave life to the newlyweds, their mothers to light two candles as a symbol of a long life together _____ and _____. Let's from these candles and light the family hearth of the newlyweds ".

While mothers pass the family hearth to the newlyweds, the host reads the poem:

You are given a hearth.
Now and forever
Let it burn like the light in your eyes,
Like a heart in a man.

You show your hands,
manage to do everything so,
To many miles around
Your hearth was glorious.

Manage to kindle a big fire
On a small flame
And bake big bread bake
On a little flour.

From the hearth - all life has gone
From the depths of time.
Light and heat source,
Let it not go out!

Witnesses distribute sparklers to guests, light them. Newlyweds are dancing a slow dance. The host says:

May this wonderful evening
Holiday candles are lit,
As a symbol of eternity, warmth, love.
Burn, fire of good, burn!

The bride throws a bouquet to unmarried girls, and the groom throws a garter to unmarried guys.

A wedding cake is brought into the hall, which the newlyweds divide into parts according to the number of guests. After the cake is cut, the bride and groom say thanks to the guests.