Chicago Style Wedding Scenario


Themed weddings are gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. What style for a celebration to choose? If your couple has a hooligan disposition, then you will definitely like a Chicago-style wedding of the 30s. The portal presents you a fun scenario of a gangster wedding!

Chicago style wedding

Meeting young

The newlyweds come to the wedding restaurant, where they are met by guests, shower them not with petals, but with money (of course, not real). The bride and groom approach their parents. Moms hold a heart-shaped loaf with images of pistols, and dads hold a tray with mugs filled with champagne.

The host says:

Viva young! The Honorable Don _____ and dear Donna _____! Take these guns (i.e. loaf) and gunpowder (i.e. salt) as a gift in honor of uniting your family clans. And let your life be as frisky as these two colts, and as bright as the flame from this vigorous gunpowder! Break off a piece and salt a friend for the last time in your life!

The newlyweds break off a piece from the loaf, feed each other. And the leader continues:

I ask everyone to get a weapon and arrange in honor of the young gangster salute!

Guests take out toy pistols (crackers) and shoot at the sky.

The host says:

And now, dear head of the _____ family, I ask you to open a bottle of gangster champagne, pour young this divine drink. Many will be surprised why young people drink from mugs. Everything is very simple: all the great gangsters during Prohibition drank from dummies and cups, so as not to arouse suspicion among the police. And we do the same!

Champagne is poured into circles, the young drink a drink. The host continues:

Now break these circles for good luck! And the witnesses are more likely to cover your tracks - hide evidence so that the police do not find our gangster party.

Witnesses broom picking fragments from mugs in a cotton bag with the inscription "evidence".

The host continues:

And now, Hon. Don _____ and dear Donna _____, present us evidence of the legal reunion of the clans.

Young show host and guests a marriage certificate. The host says:

So, dear guests, I invite everyone to go to the hall where our "gangster party" or gangster party will be held.

On this festive evening, money and whiskey, jazz and cards, cigarette smoke and tireless passion will come first! You will find yourself in the heart of mafia clans. Today, a huge stir is planned around our young family, which now you have to congratulate! Cook denyuzhki, gentlemen mafiosi!

But to prevent clashes and shootings due to ascertaining the sequence, the order of presenting gifts will be determined by our gangster family using playing cards. _____ and _____ are removed one card from their deck, thereby defining a group of congratulations.

Newlyweds are taken out on a map, determining who will congratulate them. Giving gifts. The facilitator then says:

And now I ask you to take your places at the chic tables. Gangster party begins: here and now!

First feast

Guests take their places at the tables. And the leader continues:

Please, dare to fill your glasses and applause to greet the first toast!

Hon. Don _____!
Dear Donna _____!

Connecting hearts to each other
And legal marriage,
You live in a family circle,
Not letting troubles into your home.

Let the sun shine more often in life,
Bad weather bypass you
And do not fade your rings,
Love will not be replaced by sadness.

Let inspire and lead
Love call from year to year.
We wish you so many happy years,
How long will be "Bitter!"
Guests have a drink.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have a drink and a snack, because you will need a lot of energy, since the evening is just beginning.

Guests are given 5-8 minutes to satisfy their first hunger. The facilitator then says:

Ladies and gentlemen! I would like to introduce you to the structure of our wedding evening, codenamed «Gangster party». Today you have to:

  • say a toast to the young;
  • participate in special stylized test contests such as "Shuler", "Crime Couple", "Gangster Dance", etc .;
  • dance and chat with each other;
  • place bets on the first-born;
  • figure out who will marry next and get married.

For participating in contests, each of you will receive special cash notes (chips) that you can exchange with newlyweds for special prizes.

But since there are a lot of gangsters gathered here, I can not do without assistants, which will be witnesses. To perfectly match the concept of our holiday, I give them gang attributes: a hat and a tie with revolvers.

The presenter puts a hat with a veil on the witness, and a tie with images of dollars on the witness, and continues:

Since today we are organizing a gangster party, I propose to add a spicy touch to today's celebration. According to the traditions of gangsters, during a kiss, they should hide behind ... a hat. Let's try it? Bitterly!

The host gives the young hat. Guests shout: “Bitter!”, And the young kiss, hiding behind a hat. The host says:

Dear Sirs, I’m sure that the times of gangsters in many of you are associated with the word "mafia", which in Italian means "family". So let's fill the glasses and drink for the parents of our young.

A background song about parents sounds. Guests have a drink and a snack. And the leader gives the floor to the groom's parents:

I give the floor to Don’s parents _____.

The toast is delivered by the groom's parents. After which the leader says:

And of course, this will be the height of disrespect, you can even put a bullet in my forehead if I do not give the word _____ and _____ to Donna’s parents ____!

After the toast of the bride’s parents, the host announces the dance of the young:

Let’s look at the first dance of the young - the dance of passion and love!

Young people dance, a dance pause for 30-40 minutes is announced.

The second feast

Guests are invited to the tables, the host says:

Dear gangsters and their ladies! Having organized our gangster evening today, you and I were as if on a powder keg. The police can come here at any moment, because drinking alcohol is prohibited by law. But we don’t care - let's raise our glasses, and, of course, we drink for the young.

The guests have a drink, and the host continues:

Lord! And now an auction is announced! I have two things that once belonged to the bride and groom. You can buy them not for money, but for the kind words spoken to our new gangster family. So, I think the auction is open! Whoever says the most kind words to the newlyweds will win!

Lot number 1. Notebook of Don _____, which contains phone numbers that were once familiar to him by women. How many kind words are you ready to acquire this treasure?

Lot number 2. The next lot is a rolling pin - a common kitchen item, which, however, can be used as a means of protection and education of the husband. How many kind words will this lot be sold?

Lots are being “sold”. The owners of things are those guests who have said more good words to the newlyweds.

After the auction, the facilitator says:

Gangster gentlemen, we live in a time of turbulence, it is worth thinking about secrecy. I will give you a sheet of paper, and you, secretly from each other, write next to your name your nickname in gangster circles and pass the sheet to a neighbor. Try not to repeat!

A table of paper (table with last names and names of guests) is passed on to the tables, in which guests enter their nicknames opposite their last name. Having received the sheet, the facilitator says:

Gentlemen, we are serious gangsters! You need to check all code names. For example: _____. Who do you think this is? The clan of the bride answers!

The host reads someone's nickname from the groom's family, and someone from the bride's family must guess. The one who guessed is given a prize. If guests cannot guess, then clues can be given. For example, say _____ has black hair and a light suit.

Then a dance break for 30-40 minutes is announced, followed by toasts from the relatives of the bride and groom. The host also says his toast:

We live on the run,
We rush time often,
But I can’t say,
What is all in vain.

Let's not rush life,
Appreciate the beautiful moments,
At the same time live, love, create
It will be easier for you, no doubt.

I suggest raising glasses for the best moments in the life of our charming married couple!

Guests have a drink. And the leader says:

Now let's check how modern gangsters are strong, agile and smart. Let's have a couple of contests!

"Stylish gangster tie"

Participants: guests (two guys and six girls).
Props: Ties.

The host says:

As you know, a real gangster should be elegantly dressed. Nothing, perhaps, decorates a man like a fashionable tie!

Two guys and six girls are invited to the gym, which are divided into two teams: 3 girls + 1 guy. The essence of the competition is that the first girl takes a tie, runs up to a guy and ties a tie to him, kisses, unties the tie and runs back, passes the second participant, she performs the same actions, the third - similarly, at the end shouting:

My dear you look a million!

Whose team will complete the task first, she won.

"Money down the drain"

Participants: guests.
Props: banknotes.

Guests stand in line, each participant is given a bill. Their task: to blow the bill as hard as possible so that it flies further than the others.




Participants: guests.
Props: cards.

Participants are given 15 cards, which they must hide as securely as possible in their clothes so that competitors do not find it. After that, the leader announces the essence of the competition: you need to find a specific card on yourself: the Queen of Hearts, the Queen of Spades, etc. The winner is the one who quickly finds the right option.

Next is given the floor to friends and colleagues. A musical pause is announced. If the budget allows, you can invite artists who will perform parodies of Don Corleone and other famous characters of Chicago in the 30s.

After that, guests can show the Love story, filmed in a gangster style, and spend a couple more competitions.


Participants: guests.
Props: felt-tip pens, sheets of paper according to the size of a banknote.

Participants are divided into two teams and put in a row one after another. Each team is given a felt-tip pen and a leaflet. The essence of the competition: participants must transfer a sheet of paper from one participant to another, completing one of the elements of the banknote: serial number, face value, etc. The team whose bill will at least slightly resemble the original wins.

"Crime couple"

Participants: guests.
Props: handcuffs, a bottle of whiskey or tea, wrapping paper, ribbon.

The host says:

We have a Chicago party! And at such a party can not do without handcuffs? Couples are invited to participate in the next contest, we leave, do not be shy.

The essence of the competition is that participants in pairs are handcuffed to each other (the left hand of one participant to the right hand of the other). They are given a bottle of whiskey (tea), wrapping paper and a ribbon. The participants' task: to wrap a bottle in paper and tie a ribbon with a bow, and then give a gift to the heroes of the occasion. Whoever does it faster - he won.

"Counting the loot"

Participants: guests.
Props: 3 liter jar with money.

In advance, a 3-liter jar is filled with money. The total amount of money is recorded so as not to be forgotten. 4-5 participants are called to participate.

The presenter shows the participants a 3-liter jar and says:

A gang of gangsters robbed a bank, now you need to count the loot. However, you can’t take money out of the can! Who can determine by eye how many rubles gangsters will get?

The bank is given for 1 minute to each participant for counting. The winner is the one who calls the closest number.


Gangster Dance "

Participants: guests.
Props: accessories for gangsters: hats, black glasses, pistols, cigars, etc..

The host invites you to participate in the contest, who wants to share in pairs "m + f". And says:

Today, John Travolta and Uma Thurman were supposed to come to us to perform their famous gangster dance. But they were arrested. Let’s choose their deputies! How many of you will dance the best gangster dance?

Gangsters are handed out to couples. They put on them and dance to the music from the movie Pulp Fiction. Presenter with a witness shows them a master class.

Third feast

After the competition, guests sit at the table, make toasts. And then the facilitator announces:

And now let's determine which of the girls in the near future will face the same happiness as our bride. We ask all unmarried beauties to go to the center of the hall.

You can hold such an unusual version of the old rite. Let the bride’s gun be in the hands of the bride and a few ribbons. One of the ribbons will be tied to the gun. The bride holds a gun and ribbons in her hands raised above her head. Unmarried girls come up and choose for themselves one tape, form a circle around the bride. After the team lead girls pull the tape on themselves. The one with the ribbon tied to the gun will marry the next. They and says the next toast.

The facilitator further says:

And now we find out which of our gangsters will marry soon. We invite you to go to the center of the hall for all single men. Don ____, take off the garter.

Removing the garter can be beaten: let the groom, trying to take off the garter, inadvertently find a gun that will fall to the floor.

Groom throws a garter. The winner is the one who makes the toast.

Fundraising for the first-born

The host says:

Now let's bet who in the young clan appears first: boy or girl. A bet on a boy can be placed with a witness, on a girl - with a witness. So, let's begin! Whoever puts the biggest bid correctly will receive a gift from the newlyweds..

Witnesses go to guests with a list, writing down the amount. At the end - counting money, determining the sex of the first-born and winner of bets.

Or, raising money for the first-born can be done as follows. Organize a separate betting room in the banquet hall, where they will accept bets on a boy and a girl. And guests will be given chips that can be exchanged for a gift from the newlyweds or photos with them!

Bride stealing

During the celebration, you can steal the bride in such an interesting way..

Let a policeman come into the hall and say:

I beg your attention, gentlemen!
I'm the chief cop in all of Chicago,
Guarding peace and order, as always,
I know everything, and in the course of every step here.

Today, an urgent signal,
A photobot compiled and wanted.
Among the guests I learned with accuracy
Criminal, a threat to society.

Half-face smile, eyes shine with fire,
Vigor in the movements, and peace in the soul.
But most importantly, she is congratulated today.,
The sign is clear, because there is no other such.

All the mafiosi call her «the bride»
She is known in gangster circles..
And behind the bars she will find a place,
The criminal is almost in my hands.

Well then, the signs all coincided exactly,
And the basis for the arrest is -
I will put handcuffs on her urgently,
She will have to go to jail for a long time..

Looks like a bride, handcuffs her and is going to lead out of the hall. What the witness or facilitator says:

Maybe we can somehow agree?

The policeman answers:

Yeah who do you hold me for?
I am the most incorruptible here in the entire area.
I will not drop the honor of coins ...
Although ... there is not a word about the voluntary contribution in the law.

Then the leader (witness) says:

Dear Mafiosi! This arrogant policeman has arrested our beautiful bride and wants to take her to jail. In order to free her, we will have to arrange a bribe. For this, the groom is ready to sell anything. We buy, do not be shy.

Friends of the groom sell magnets to the guests, calendars with photos of the newlyweds, etc. You can pay with both money and chips received for participating in competitions.

When a policeman is given a bribe, he says:

Ready to close all eyes
And stop your business!

The bride’s abduction can also be organized as an attack by one of the hostile clans. To do this, 2-3 daredevils, dressed in costumes and masks, run into the hall and take the bride hostage. And the groom with the witness must prepare a ransom.

Next, a wedding cake is brought into the hall. Newlyweds cut it and give a thank you speech.