How nice to meet the groom without a ransom


According to ancient tradition, the future husband and wife should spend the night before the wedding separately. There are many possible scenarios of the classic ceremony of buying the bride by the groom, in which the future spouse needs to perform different tasks, and the witness must offer money for the bride. Modern newlyweds are increasingly refusing such events, considering the ransom obsolete and meaningless. What is the best way to meet a groom without a ransom? There are many ways to organize a beautiful, original meeting of young people..

How to arrange a meeting of the bride and groom without ransom?

Redemption - an optional wedding ritual

The second stage of the wedding story comes after the bride’s fees and is to meet the groom. Having abandoned the traditional ransom rituals, it is necessary to come up with a worthy alternative. You should not solemnly meet the groom at the entrance of an apartment building especially if the corridor does not look too well-groomed. There is a possibility that among the wedding photos there will be unpleasant pictures of the groom and guests against the background of ugly walls.

You should stock up on several bottles of champagne, sweets, fruits, elegant tartlets in advance. Organize a small buffet table. Delicate flower petals laid out from the threshold of the house to the bride’s room will become a spectacular decoration of the apartment, help to meet the groom, showing him the way to his beloved. A curtain or drapery draped over the face will give the moment of meeting romance and showiness. The original version - the groom in the image of a romantic lover sings a serenade for her beloved under the window of her room.

Traditionally, when the groom meets his beloved, he presents her with a bouquet of flowers, for example, delicate roses, gives a pleasant compliment, after which, throwing back the curtain, gives her lover a light kiss. The bride should think in advance about what to say to her chosen one at a meeting. At such an incredibly moving and exciting moment, it’s difficult to remain collected, not to get confused, so it will be useful to carefully think through your speech.

How to arrange a meeting for the bride’s parents?

Meeting the groom with bread is an old tradition

The bride's parents and her friends will help meet the groom on the wedding day. The tradition of meeting the daughter's future husband with bread and salt goes back deep into history, but is preserved by many couples to this day. If you have no desire to organize any traditional rituals, arrange with your parents that they meet the groom, offering him a glass of champagne, saying a solemn speech. Parents speak the following words at the buffet table before sending the newlyweds to a photo shoot or to the registry office.

Happy mom and dad, as a rule, say how glad they are that their daughter found a worthy husband, they wish young people advice and love, a long and happy family life, strong love, respect for each other, more kids. After the wishes of the parents, relatives and friends say their first congratulations. Traditionally, parents say words of blessing at the doorstep of the house. If you wish, just ask mom and dad to say good wishes not at the buffet table, but at the door of the apartment.

Scenarios meeting bride and groom without ransom

Absence of a ransom in a wedding program will free up time

Meeting the groom is an incredibly moving and exciting moment, the organization of which requires a responsible approach. Newlyweds experience a real storm of emotions when they first see each other in holiday dresses. Let the young people spend some time after the meeting together. They will be able to share their impressions, as well as tune in before continuing the wedding. The photographer will take a few frames of the meeting to preserve a significant moment in memory.

After the bride meets the groom, the young will go for a walk or to the registry office. The absence of a ransom in the wedding program allows you to allocate a little more time for a pre-holiday buffet or photo shoot in nature using original attributes: balloons, flowers, cardboard hearts and other accessories. Newlyweds do not need to rush to do everything. Rejection of the ransom ceremony frees up a considerable period of time.

Meeting of young people at the door of the registry office

Meeting of young people at the registry office - a European approach

Those young couples who do not want to arrange a ransom and pre-holiday clutter at home, organize a meeting at the registry office. This is a classic European approach to the wedding program. The bride and groom, bypassing the ransom, separately come to the wedding palace, meet each other immediately before the registration procedure. To make the moment of the meeting more effective, hire two identical cars for the young in advance, arrange for them to arrive at the registry office at the same time..

Rent a hotel room

Romantic meeting of the groom in a hotel room

Some young modern couples rent a beautiful hotel room the night before the wedding. If you follow the traditions, then the future wife spends the night in the room, and the groom comes to pick her up only in the morning. Another option is to spend the night on the eve of the celebration together. The sutra of the newlyweds will arrange a romantic dinner, a hairdresser, makeup artist, photographer will drive up to the hotel. After gathering young photographer organizes a small photo shoot for lovers.

Romantic date

A romantic date before the wedding - a great alternative to foreclosure

A romantic date is another interesting scenario for meeting the groom without a ransom. For example, in the morning to the groom, a small child in an angel costume will bring a letter from her lover. The message will be an invitation to a romantic date in some interesting, unusual or significant place for lovers. A park, conservatory, cafe or even a hotel room are great places for a pre-wedding date. A photographer is invited to the meeting, which captures the amazing moment of the meeting of lovers before the wedding.

Video: an original alternative to traditional ransom

Below is an incredibly moving and exciting video that captures an interesting alternative to the traditional battered custom of ransom. The wedding video tells a stunningly romantic story. An invitation by the bride of the groom to a romantic date just before the wedding is an interesting and original way of meeting lovers.