Redemption of the bride in the style of the nineties


The nineties became a turning point in the life of a Russian person. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the breakdown of the Iron Curtain, foreign food, new music, hairstyle and clothing style leaked into the lives of ordinary people. The period after perestroika is characterized not only by great Western influence, but also by an increase in street crime. The ransom of a bride in the style of the 90s is a funny adventure full of bright colors, interesting contests, harsh bandits, funny old music.


The bride’s ransom in the style of the dashing 90s is usually organized by the bride’s beloved bridesmaids with a witness. For the post-Soviet people, this was a difficult but unusually bright period of life. To remember the past years and recreate the unique atmosphere of that time, the girls will have to work hard: you need to choose the appropriate clothes, prepare an interesting, original script, conduct several rehearsals with the ransom participants, arrange the entrance hall, apartment or house in the style of the 90s era.

Redemption requisite

The props that will be used during the buyback of the 90s are an important part of creating a unique mood for the event. Girls need to purchase, draw and prepare everything in advance. Necessary things for the redemption of the bride:

  1. 90s clothing style. The participants in the process should be like those people.


  • Female image. Girls who dressed according to the fashion of the 90s looked bright, original, and to this day inspire designers to create unique images. The female style of that time was bright short dresses or long stretched sweaters, T-shirts, T-shirts, colored skirts worn under leggings, as well as jeans and jackets. The hairstyle (lush, raised at the roots), bright cheerful makeup, suitable contrasting nail polish, stylish sneakers will help to complete the look..
  • Male image. Men of the 90s, like girls, followed fashion trends. After the appearance of a collection of western brand suits, where a red jacket was combined with gray trousers, everyone began to wear them, especially for the bandits of that time. Also, men can wear stretched jeans, a stylish leather jacket, and complement the style with a massive gold chain, sneakers, popular sports pants with two stripes.


  1. Pistols On the streets of the 90s, men who lead an not entirely legal way of life were in danger all the time, so weapons are one of the necessary things for the image of the leader of the local gang, which will be the bridegroom on the ransom.
  2. Boxing gloves (two pairs), bright underpants, headphones - this will be needed to test the future spouse.
  3. Biker jacket, glasses, fingerless leather gloves, gold chains, other 90s style accessories.
  4. Soluble powdered juices, sweets, sweets, chewing gum, which were popular during the 90s.


  1. Rope, chair, bandage for the mouth, a suitcase with money.
  2. Cassette recorder. This old thing will help to create a unique atmosphere of the last decade..


At this event, there are several main characters who will create a mood of fun buyback:

  • Market seller (her girlfriend or future mother-in-law can play her).
  • Boxer brother, father or friend of the bride.
  • Bandits (bridesmaids) who will conduct the ransom of one of the gang members.
  • Bandits groom with a witness.
  • A professional wedding photographer who will make memorable photos and videos.

Girls can also hire a leading actor: he, like a real pro, will tastefully arrange a unique performance - a 90s ransom.

Room decoration

To design a room according to the style of the end of the last century, different things will help:

  1. Food, drinks - a variety of soda, soft drinks, vodka, juices, as well as sandwiches with red caviar, olivier.


  1. The walls of the staircase will be covered with old newspapers, photobots of criminals, one of which will be the hero of the occasion.
  2. For the first ransom, where the groom chooses clothes, accessories, you need to equip a market counter.
  3. Other decorative elements - tape recorders, disk balls.

90s ransom scenario

The ransom of the bride of the 90s begins when the groom, heading for the narrowed staircase, sees a counter, behind which the saleswoman sits. The host examines the groom and asks:

-Good afternoon! What will you buy, young man? We have here all here leather moccasins, good, Turkish! Here, look, what a beautiful crocodile skin belt. We can find you jewelry chains, watches. Watches are good, just brought! Rollex. Well, what will you take? I see you are not a poor man, take a rolex!

The groom refuses, says he came to marry.

–So you are to the bride! Well, young man! I am ashamed in such a non-kosher outfit and to the bride. You need to pick up beautiful clothes to bring in a normal look, but how it does not know who. Now, look, what a great choice: pick yourself good things. The best are not cheap, but worth the money, believe me.

Narrower pays a ransom for a leather jacket, glasses, fingerless gloves and other accessories. When the hero of the occasion is transformed, the 90s saleswoman exclaims:

“That's what I understand!” Good, handsome! Real authority. Now you can go further, I will not be ashamed of you!

The groom and his retinue are approaching the porch, the door is hung with balloons, a bridesmaid in front of the door, dressed as a bandit of the 90s, has a gun in her hands. She notices the betrothed and says:

–Finally arrived for the bride! Yes, you look gorgeous. Let's see what you are in business! Look, the porch door is barricaded, there is no way to go through it. You have to take a gun and take down all these barricades!

If the groom bought a gun from the saleswoman, then he starts the ransom test, no, the bridesmaid says:

-Like this? Are you without a gun? Here is the news! There's a market nearby, go look yourself!

After the betrothed acquires a weapon, a ransom competition begins: he needs to knock down all the balls from the porch door. If there are balls, and the future spouse has already used up all the bullets, he buys an extra clip from the bridesmaid. Then the host says:

“You are a well-aimed shooter, the bride was lucky in our dangerous time, you’ll protect her well.” Let's go further, see what else awaits you on the way.

On the flight of stairs the boxer meets the groom.

“Groom, you showed your accuracy,” says the bridesmaid, “proved that you will become a good defender while you have weapons in your hands.” However, now you have to show physical strength, because in a critical situation the gun may not be. Take gloves and fight with our champion, take the fight for your love!

The future husband and boxer are jokingly fighting, then the bridesmaid shouts:

- Well done, come on, hit him in the face, he opened!

The hero of the occasion easily hits the opponent, he falls picturesquely. Bridesmaid:

-Wow! Now I see that you are able to defend the honor of a beautiful girl who is waiting for you. With such power, you need to think about a boxer career. I liked how you passed this test..


The groom and the presenter go further.

“Now we will find out how much you love our bride.” Our beloved friend is a real sweet tooth, so we decided to find out how well you, the groom, understand her tastes.

On a small table are various sweets of the 90s.

- Some of these goodies are very fond of the bride, who is waiting for you to bring them. Choose the ones you think she likes the most..

The betrothed chooses a small ransom for each mistake or use of the hint. Then the host and the future spouse get into the apartment, there will be no more tests. The girl leads the hero of the occasion to the room where he sees a tied bride sitting on a chair. Girlfriend

“You see, dear fiancé, you proved accuracy and strength and love for our beautiful bride, but you still have to pay the ransom, otherwise we won’t let her go.” Here is the suitcase, take it.

The bridesmaid passes the suitcase to the groom.

- To free your beloved, you will have to fill him with money and other gifts. Yes live!

While the future spouse with the witness fills the suitcase with sweets, wine, money, the presenter holds a toy gun pointing at the bride. When participants give the girl a suitcase, she says:

–– A heavy suitcase turned out! Congratulations, groom, she is yours. But look, don’t offend our girlfriend, we’ll return.

The presenter is hiding from the apartment, the future spouses meet, the ransom ends.

Process video

Watch a video of an interesting ransom of the 90s, where you can see some more original fun contests for a future event:

The ransom of the bride of the 90s is a fascinating performance that will appeal to both the heroes of the occasion and all the guests present. The organizers need to conduct responsible training, which will create the conditions for an ideal ransom of the bride.