Redemption of the bride in the style of a programmer


To make the modern ransom unique, the bridesmaids need to choose an original script that will appeal to those present and will suit the heroes of the occasion. A ransom in the style of a programmer is a fun event in which the groom has to go through trials, participate in contests, complete several tasks to achieve his beloved. This buyback style is perfect for men associated with the computer industry, gamers or just lovers of high technology.


To perfectly prepare the event that will make the beginning of the wedding day fun, understand the topic in detail. If among girlfriends there are programmers who know the corresponding slang, writing a suitable script will be easier. A great idea is to use the theme of a computer game for the ransom. You will have to prepare for the event in advance, the girls must learn the text, and then spend several rehearsals.

Redemption of the bride in the style of a programmer

The ransom of the programmer should not tire the hero of the occasion: he will have a day full of events, so the maximum duration is 40 minutes. Toastmaster may take on part of the ransom organization.

Redemption details

To make what is happening atmospheric, to support the topic will help the appropriate props. Examples of things that may be needed during a buyback programmer:

  • The style of clothing for programmer foreclosures is free, but stylish glasses and a business outfit will help strengthen the effect of pronouncing terminological phrases..
  • Artificial castle, cards with questions. The castle’s decoration is made of cardboard, it decorates the room where the bride is located, for example, a room, an entrance door to the apartment. On the cards are written the questions and the correct answers to which bring the groom closer to his beloved.

Programmer-style buyback

  • Large foam keyboard layout, darts for playing darts. With this attribute, the groom must hit the darts with the letters on the keyboard that make up the bride’s name.
  • 20 balloons. For competition on the speed of inflation of balls.
  • Drawings-keys (there should be as many as there are steps) with written good and bad characteristics: joy, quarrels, love, understanding, resentment.
  • A few cards with questions about the bride: «What is her favorite movie?», «Hobby?», «What cuisine does a prefered one prefer?», «Where was your first date?».


The protagonists of the ransom bride programmer:

  • Home presenter, as well as her assistants.
  • Computer virus - guest from the bride.
  • Brave groom with his retinue, passing contests.
  • A photographer who takes memorable photos.

Redemption of the bride in the style of a programmer

Room decoration

The style of the room should be themed computer. Girls can draw posters on which codes of computer programs will be written, make caricatures, depict a programmer behind a screen with a mouse and keyboard. Sound effects recorded on the phone that accompany a person sitting at a computer can create an additional effect - the topic of turning Windows on and off, catching a virus by Kaspersky and so on..

Programmer-style buyback scenario

The programmer’s ransom begins as follows: the future spouse drives up to her lover’s house with the witness and friends, he is met by a worried girlfriend:

“Finally you have arrived!” I was completely avoided, worried!

The groom asks what happened.

“Oh, what happened!” Your beloved was captured by an evil sorcerer who calls himself Computer Virus, he has prepared traps and tests, but we do not understand computers! Only a programmer is able to understand the language of his programs. You can?

The prospective spouse answers in the affirmative.

-Well, thank God! I really thought that we would not get her out of the clutches of this villain ... To open the door you need to unravel these letters! I'm sure it's some kind of cipher!

Leaflets with abbreviations hang on the porch door.

“Groom, there is a small hint that he said: you need to decode the abbreviations with your promises to your future life.” Only then crack the code.

Redemption of the bride in the style of a programmer

The groom will have to unravel the abbreviations DC - to give flowers, MZSP - to wash the dishes, KS - to buy a fur coat. The values ​​may vary if the groom’s option for testing the ransom programmer is more interesting. When the future spouse names all the abbreviations, the witness says:

-Hooray! Did you hear the click? The lock has unlocked! Good conquers evil!

The presenter and the future spouse pass to the porch territory, where the second program for the bride redemption of the programmer is waiting for the matron. There awaits the minion of the sorcerer:

“Congratulations, groom, you managed to crack the code.” Now let's check your accuracy, which may be needed during the battle with the sorcerer ... If you get to him.

The witness points to a large keyboard layout hanging on the wall:

“In order to pass this test, you need to get into the letters that make up the name of your lover.” Take ammunition.

Presenter holds out darts to the hero of triumph.

“And one more thing: for every new shell you will have to pay a ransom!” Until you hit all the letters, you will not pass.

The future spouse passes the test of redemption of the programmer, if the bride has double letters in her name, the host says:

—You done well, praise, but get on the letters that are repeated in her name one more time!

Redemption of the bride in the style of a programmer

The culprit of the triumph continues the ransom test until it falls into all the letters. Then the minion’s minion says:

“Well, you are a worthy shooter!” I'm afraid the sorcerer cannot handle it. Let not judge me what I put on you.

Narrowed and witness go to the next programmer foreclosure test. On the flight of stairs is a strong guest from the bride. Girlfriend says:

—This is the brother of Computer Virus! He is not so strong, but it can cause a lot of difficulties, but I know a way to win!

The witness takes out of the bag twenty balloons 10 red and 10 green. Greens gives the groom.

“To go further, you have to defeat him by force!” You two need to inflate 10 balls. The one who makes it faster will win.

Participants take the balls. The groom puffs them faster than the opponent, moves on without problems, if not, pays for the Computer virus brother to side with the future spouse and skip on. The bridesmaid says:


—And you’re great at this guy! One less enemy. There is one serious problem that only you can solve ... When the sorcerer got into the program, he knocked down all the positive settings of family life! It’s scary to imagine what’s happening right now in the bride’s head ... You see these keys on the stairs?

The groom nods affirmatively.

“You have to reprogram everything back so that your life with the bride is happy!” I am sure that this scoundrel will not be able to influence the new version of the program with the same weapons! Step on only those keys that match your ideal idea of ​​living together.

The future spouse passes this test of redemption of the programmer. Girlfriend

“Phew, the worst is over!” One last test left.

Together with the bridesmaid, the hero of the occasion enters the apartment, where the sorcerer, who imprisoned the girl, is waiting. He notices the groom and says:

“Well, whoever came! I did not expect you. It seemed to me that my people and set traps would reduce your agility ... Well. We will work with what we have! Tell me why are you here?

The future spouse replies that she wants to pick up her lover.

“The bride, ha!” Do you really love her? So we spent some wonderful hours together, she told me only bad things about you, believe?


The hero of the occasion responds negatively.

“It’s right that you do not believe. It seems your faith is not so easy to break. Good. I feel like I lost the battle and could not destroy the program that you wrote together. However, I can still hinder you. While here, I read the bride’s thoughts, and now I want to ask you some questions about her. Each correct answer will allow you to take a step closer to her.

The groom passes the last test, with each step approaching the room. For every mistake the sorcerer pays money. When the future spouse is right at the door, the sorcerer says:

- Such love is not easy to infect with a virus and break! Your loyalty to each other taught me a lot....


- This is what?

- For example, do not meddle in such a strong relationship. Well, I wish you happiness, and I'll go try to hit a simpler program...

The upset sorcerer leaves, the heroes of the occasion meet, the ransom bride of the programmer ends.

Process video

Watch the video, which will be a great platform for ransom of a computer game:

An ransom in an interesting style is a fun event that will help make the day even more festive. The key to an ideal conduct is the careful preparation of all the elements: thinking over the script, decorating the premises, creating contests.