Redemption of the bride in the style of gangsters


The ransom of the bride is a fun, interesting performance that the bridesmaids are preparing for the main hero of the occasion. To make the event unforgettable, you need to select the original script. Redemption of the bride in the style of gangsters is a modern way to unusually hold an event. To create an unusual atmosphere of the last century since the advent of gangsters, mafia groups, the organizer should take care of the preparation long before the celebration.


Preparing to buy a bride can take a lot of time, as you will have to think through many little things to make such an event look natural and beautiful. You need to take care of the props, costumes, finding an interesting scenario, distributing roles between participants, rehearsals, the style of decoration of the room or street where the ransom of the desired bride in the style of gangsters will take place. Be sure to hire a professional who will make memorable photos and videos.

Redemption details

In the ransom, which is designed to recreate the atmosphere of the reign of the gangsters, details play a huge role. Here is the basic props that will be needed for the perfect gangster ransom of the bride:

Redemption of the bride in the style of gangsters

  1. Clothing. It is best if the guests, participants of the ransom, as well as the heroes of the occasion will be dressed according to the style of the 20s of the last century. For this reason, the ransom is perfect for celebrating a retro wedding..
  • Feminine style. The fashion of the twenties is dresses of a straight cut, graceful natural fabrics, flying skirts. Accessories that emphasize a similar image - gloves, feather boas, stockings. The ideal style of hairstyle is cold waves, but any collected hair decorated with bandages with feathers and veils will also work. The mouthpiece may become an additional accessory..
  • Men's style. The costume of the beginning of the last century among gangsters is a two or a three. Smooth shiny fabrics were used, dark colors (brown, blue) and light (gray). Negligence was unacceptable. Well, if the groom’s suit is custom-made, he should sit perfectly. Shoes must be perfectly polished.
  1. Pistols This attribute was a necessary part of the image of a gangster, because how else to protect yourself and your clan? To create a completely realistic imitation of a mafia group, give preference to a better model of the Colt or Tommy Gan. However, many are not shy about using regular toy guns.

Gangster style ransom

  1. Another small props, emphasizing the style of the gangster on the ransom - cigars for men, elegant canes.
  2. Retro car. This option is suitable for those who have finances - then it will turn out to rent an old car, for example, Lincoln or Cadillac. If you don’t follow the topic clearly, a chic limousine of another brand is also suitable..
  3. Suitable musical accompaniment: soft, deep sounds of saxophone, tunes of Broadway performances.
  4. Competitive requisites - cards, targets, safes.
  5. Alcohol in stylized bottles, suitcases filled with hundreds of artificial notes.


The main characters are gangsters from neighboring groups. One of them is from the groom, whom everyone will call Don (Name), and the other from the bride. During the ransom, they need to agree on how and on what terms the bride will switch to another «the family». If finances allow, the organizer can invite musicians who will accompany the entire ransom process.

Room decoration

You can create an original style of room decoration (courtyard of an apartment building, entrance, apartment) with the help of various antiques that you can get - carved furniture, old telephones, musical instruments. In order not to bother to recreate an exact or similar situation, the ransom should be transferred to the territory of a casino or an already stylized bar.

Gangster style ransom

Gangster Redemption Scenario

The groom and the witness and friends drive the bride to the house, at the entrance, the girlfriends of the future wife, dressed as gangsters who are sitting at the card table and sipping whiskey from tea cups, are waiting for him. The bridesmaid, the first to notice the groom, says:

- Hello, Don (Name of the groom). Have you forgotten where your gang’s territory is? Something far away you and your doggies have moved away from the marked possessions. You know that our patron does not approve of this. Could you name the reason for your arrival??

The future husband replies that he came to pick up the bride.

- The bride? And she is in the know.?

He replies that yes. Another bridesmaid:

“So where did she spend the nights!” This liar assured us that she was not plotting anything, she said that we could trust her!

“Calm down, Kate.” You know that love knows no bounds, right? We can afford the loss of one gangster, but we can not afford to take it to where the bride has no future. Right, the groom? You can provide our beauty?

The betrothed responds positively, then the first test of the ransom of the bride of the gangsters begins:

- Good. Our girl is used to living in luxury, wearing only the most expensive clothes, eating the most delicious food. Prove that you will succeed in becoming a worthy wealthy husband: for this you will build a house before our eyes. So be it - I allow your faithful retinue to help. Building materials in front of you.

Redemption of the bride in the style of gangsters

Bridesmaid gets designer Lego.

- Oh, I almost forgot! You need to do this in a certain amount of time. You have five minutes.

The future spouse, along with friends, undergoes a ransom bride test, if they do not have time to finish, the host says:

- Come on, groom, do not disappoint me - the house needs to be completed. I know, construction work is sometimes delayed, but you have to buy extra time.

The groom pays the ransom, the participants finish building the house.

- Great job! I am sure, girls, this man will be able to provide the bride with housing. Let's move on to the next question. Our bride is an active lady who loves that everything revolves around her. Are you really smart for our beauty? Before you are two bowls - pour water from one to another, using any object.

On the table are glasses, spoons, a sieve.

- This will have to be done on time. Get started!

If the groom is in time, then he proceeds to the next gangster bride ransom competition, if not, the bride’s girlfriend says:

- What a pity. However, you have a chance to impress us with your wealth.

Narrower pays the ransom.

- We see that you have a lot of money, but will there be enough for all the bride’s whims? Now we will check it. Water in this glass should pour over the edges - fill it with money.

The prospective spouse must throw a lot of coins so that water flows over the edge.

“Your condition is admirable!” - says one girl.

“And envy,” another girlfriend picks up..

- But there is one problem. Despite the fact that you have many positive qualities, there is a barrier that is difficult to overcome. According to legend, our two gangster groups have cursed - an alliance between us is impossible. To remove the curse, you need to break this thread, but it cannot be touched or cut. What will you do?

The future spouse must guess to set fire to the thread, pays a ransom for the hint.

- Amazing! The curse is lifted. How many years have we been waiting for someone who can unite our families again. There is no doubt that you are suitable for the bride - however, a few more tests await you. Do you agree to fight on?

The groom agrees. The bridesmaid says:

- Our bride in childhood was a real tomboy - already then she went with a gun and threatened the boys of the neighboring yard! You knew that? How did you not know? Interesting. Now we will find out how well you are familiar with the past of the bride. We will tell you some facts, answer «I believe» or «I do not believe». For every miss you have to pay a ransom.

Bridesmaids tell the facts of the biography of the bride, the hero of the occasion answers correctly or pays. The presenter says:

“You know your beloved well!” It is commendable. My husband still doesn’t know that those blood stains on the carpet are my work.!

The bridesmaids are laughing. Presenter:

- Well, laughed, and that's enough. We are delaying what is about to happen. For you, the groom, there remains the last test that will finally allow you to reunite with the beautiful bride. Ready?

The future spouse responds positively.

“Your bride loves using good perfumes.” I’m sure you spent many nights together breathing in each other’s fragrance ... Although, what am I talking about ... So: from a few neckerchiefs, choose the one that belongs to your lover. Then no one else will convince us that you are ideally suited to each other.

The groom sniffs each scarf, chooses. If mistaken, pays a ransom for the next attempt. When she finds the right smell, the host says:

- Congratulations, you passed all the tests honestly! Your cleverness, dedication and love for our friend leaves no doubt. It's time for your beloved to reunite, so we will leave you.

The bridesmaids leave, the groom meets the lover, the ransom ends.

Process video

If the bridesmaids do not feel confident in their abilities when organizing the event, they can use someone else's help. Watch the ransom of the bride, which is carried out with the help of two talented leaders: 

Gangster ransom is an original way to entertain guests. For the event to succeed, the organizers need to prepare for it in advance, determine the style, find unusual funny contests that the participants will remember for a long time. An interestingly beaten ransom will be a great start to the wedding day and will allow the bride and groom inspired to go to the registry office.