Redemption of the bride in the style of a travel agency


The original modern bride ransom is a fascinating performance, which, as a rule, is organized by a witness with her friends or specially hired people. Unique ideas, unusual solutions, interesting scenarios are replacing the classic. Redemption of the bride in the style of a travel agency - an event that will long be remembered by the heroes of the occasion and the guests present, will leave a lot of positive impressions, will allow the newlyweds to have a fun start the wedding day.


Redemption of the bride travel agency does not require large cash investments and a lot of free time of the participants, but the correct props will definitely be needed. The main stages of preparation are thinking through and creating a scenario according to which the event will take place, distribution of roles, rehearsals with participants, preparation of props for contests, games, tasks for the groom. Special attention should be paid to the style of the room, which is designed to create an atmosphere of travel..

Redemption of the bride in the style of a travel agency

To prepare a bride ransom in the style of a fun travel agency does not seem too complicated. If desired, all the stages of preparation are fun, humor gives pleasure to the bridesmaids, and the lover herself is in anticipation of the pleasure of the process, which distracts her from the pre-wedding excitement. Such a ransom will provide all those present with an interesting pastime before a trip to the registry office.

Redemption details in the style of a travel agency

Bridesmaids can buy the appropriate details for the ransom, or do most of them yourself. This will help girls to feel the festive atmosphere long before the start of the celebration. Examples of details:

  1. Clothing. Costumes that will be needed when implementing the buyback scenario:
  • Travel agency representative. The style of the girlfriend who will play the representative of the travel agency is a business suit or office dress, neat shoes, a badge, where her name and the name of the company will be written. To emphasize a strict outfit, a girl can add a tie. Or vice versa - it’s permissible for a girlfriend to make the style bright, fun, put on a boa or leia, who will hint at a fun overseas vacation, put on a pirate hat.

Redemption of the bride in the style of a travel agency

  • Customs officer. If you manage to get a real uniform - excellent, if not - you should limit yourself to a strict business style, and sew paper epaulets on your jacket. If a girl plays a customs officer, playful false mustaches, a cap will suit her image.
  1. Ticket. He will be needed when the groom is at the entrance, where the representative of the travel agency will offer him to choose a route and buy a ticket. A ticket for the route to the bride is cheaper than the others, but involves other expenses during the trip.
  2. Cards with the names of countries and capitals. Such a requisite will be needed for the next competition: the groom will have to name the capital first for each country that he is shown, and then vice versa - determine the country by capital.
  3. Ten matchboxes, a long rope, a chair and a rug under it. This requisite is needed for a test during the ransom, which will test the ingenuity of the fiancé - for a certain time he will need to craft beads from boxes without matches for his lover, and then collect all the matches in boxes in a minute.
  4. Cloak, a bouquet. Props for testing the ransom of the bride, where the groom will need to wear a cloak, using only the hand in which there is no bouquet. In order not to risk the beauty of flowers, girlfriends can buy an additional bouquet.
  5. Balloons, dart. In front of the door where the bride is expecting a future spouse, the girlfriends should place several balls, each of which will have a note - one of them with the name of her lover. The groom must intuitively guess the right one and throw a dart.



Actors for redemption:

  • Travel agency representative. A girl can be one or more - depending on the desire and scale of the script.
  • The customs officer who will fill out the customs declaration of the property imported by the future spouse. It will be alcohol, sweets, money. The groom will have to pay customs duty to be allowed to cross the border.
  • Accompanying photographer who will take photos and videos of the process of traveling to family life.

Room decoration in a tourist style

Redemption of the bride in the style of a travel agency

Decorating is important in accordance with the style of the event. Maps, routes should be hung on the walls of the porch, apartments — their girlfriends can draw on their own if they wish. Before entering the entrance there will be a sign on which the name of the travel agency is written. Several variations of the name: «Second half», «There is no turning back», «Endless road» other. This bride ransom is good because it does not require much attention to the style of the room.

Travel agency buyback scenario

The bride’s ransom begins with the bridegroom approaching her lover’s house. In front of the house is a table with a sign «Travel agency «Endless road» - the main requisite indicating what will happen. At the table sits a bridesmaid, dressed in a formal suit, the lapel of which is decorated with a badge of a travel agency employee. When the groom comes to the table, the employee of the travel agency perks up:

- Hello Young man! I see that you are not alone, but with friends (the host examines the witness, other guests from the groom). By the way your clothes look, it’s clear that they came to me for a reason: for the bride. You know, sometimes people come here to look through leaflets, it’s not serious ... But you, I see, have prepared a bouquet. Well, I’ll get right to the point - we have a lot of brides, all different, on different routes. There are warm countries, there are snow resorts, islands ... Which bride do you want? Where from?


The betrothed replies that he is looking for a single bride (calls her name). Leading foreclosure:

- Well, we have one ... I must say, gentlemen, you have serious requests, a trip to this route is inexpensive, but the route is dangerous, unexpected expenses may lie in wait for you on it. Please make a down payment for the ticket, pay insurance...

The groom and the witness give the girl money, alcohol, sweets, other gifts prepared for the ransom of the bride.

- Wish you luck! Follow on - to Customs.

At an impromptu customs house, a fiancé with retinue expects the first serious waste - payment of customs duties. The customs officer greets the ransom guests:

- Hello, young people! Please pay customs duty ... Prohibited substances, no weapons? Fine. The main thing is that there should be other values ​​- money, for example, jewelry ... Is there? It's fine. You know that they don’t take this ticket without money?

The fiancé pays a fee, but the next test awaits the future spouse.

“And now, dear guest, you have to pass an intelligence test.” Unfortunately, you won’t be able to go through customs without this exam - the girls from those regions of smart guys are too fond of. Typically, the test lasts several hours, but I see that you are a smart man, and this is clear from the look, so we will try to speed up the process. Let’s say this: I will call the country, you are the capital, and then we will agree on points

Redemption in the style of a travel agency

The groom either correctly names the capitals of all countries or pays a ransom.

- Congratulations, you passed the tests! Move on.

After the narrowed one crosses the border, another employee of the travel agency meets the hero of the occasion:

- My colleague told about your situation, says that you are a serious man, but she has some doubts ... She asked me to figure it out, to do some tests. You do not mind? Well, even if against, there is no way out.

After a pause, the girl holds the following competition buyback bride of a travel agency:

“There is a chair in front of you, a rope and matchboxes on the chair.” Make a necklace out of this for your beloved bride, but soon!

The groom must pull out the matches with the box, leaving the top panel, string the panels on a rope.

- Perfectly! How talented, how beautiful, the bride will be pleased. Now untie the rope and put the boxes without matches back in.

Narrowed up.

- Your persistence and resourcefulness inspire respect! And now the most important thing: in a minute, collect all the matches in boxes. You can use the help of friends.

If the hero of the occasion with his retinue comes out, the host passes without money, if not, they pay the ransom.

- No one has yet so quickly dealt with this test, it seems that my colleague got excited when she asked me to check you ... However, we will continue. Inventiveness is an important quality that should be manifested in any situation. For example, a cloak (a girl shows a cloak). And here is a bouquet (with artificial hands showing artificial flowers). Without releasing the bouquet, you need to put on a cloak, buttoning all the buttons. You cannot use a busy hand.

tourist ransom bride

The culprit of the triumph passes this ransom test.

- Well! Great dexterity. But look at this cloak, it doesn’t suit you at all, as in this form to your beloved? Take off your nightmarish robe and hold the bouquet for now.

The fiancée has to undress, fulfilling the conditions of the competition - not to let the bouquet out of his hands. The host continues:

- Our heroes have almost reached their cherished goal, and now it is necessary to show our strength, which is so appreciated by girls. Let this item not be as heavy as the iron core, which the Olympians throw, but it will not fly far (the girl gives the future spouse a balloon). The farther you fly, the closer you get to the last test, and proximity to it is important.

The hero of the occasion throws the ball, it goes as much as it flew.

- The last test is also associated with a balloon, but you don’t have to throw an object ... on the contrary, you need to get into it. See: three balls hanging on the door? A note with the name of a lover is inside one of them. You need to guess and get on the first try, but if not ... Somehow we will agree.

Suzhenny throws darts until he pops a ball with a note.

- Congratulations, young man! You have passed all the tests, shown intelligence, ingenuity, dexterity, strength, accuracy - each girl will want to get you herself, but I see that you are confident in your choice. This bride was tired of waiting, not one of the travelers who wanted to get her location got to her, this honor went to you. I solemnly authorize you to open the doors to meet your beloved and go with her along the endless road of love!

The groom opens the door, the future spouses meet, the ransom ends.

Process video

Watch the video where a modern bride buyback in the style of an airline is implemented - a lot of competitions, trials will help you find ideas for an original tourist buyback:

A tourist ransom of the bride is a beautiful, interesting way to spend the beginning of a solemn day. To ensure that the main heroes of the occasion are satisfied, the organizers of the holiday have to prepare well: pre-purchase the requisites, arrange the premises, and most importantly, hold a fun event in a good mood.