Redemption bride in the style of Gopnik


Each couple strives to make their day of celebration unique. To stand out, many newlyweds are ready to create original situations, use incredible scenarios. One of them is a ransom in the style of the gopniks. To organize an event, you need to have a high degree of self-irony, only brave girls will go to prepare such an unusual ransom. To make the start of the wedding day perfect, girlfriends need to do thorough preparation long before the celebration.


To prepare such an event is simple - many people know who the gopniks are, how they look, and the distinguishing features of this group of people. The only thing that can make it difficult for intelligent girlfriends is the slang language of the gopniks, which will definitely have to be used when writing the script. Then the girls should find the appropriate slang on the Internet, choose the most harmless words, and then include them in the text.

Redemption bride in the style of Gopnik

Before conducting the ransom, participants will need to learn the script, and then do a few rehearsals so that they do not laugh during the event. The style of conversation itself will certainly provoke explosions of laughter. For the rest, preparing a bride’s ransom in a street style is simple, for this you only need to use stereotypes known to everyone.

Redemption details

After contests are thought up, you need to do the selection of props, relating not only to the tests for the groom, but also to clothes, the style of the room. An example of things needed to carry out:

  1. Clothing. To make the presenters look convincing, they need to be properly dressed:
  • Feminine style. Girlfriends should be prepared to disfigure themselves a little. Fishnet tights, short denim skirts, bright colorful t-shirts decorated with cheap rhinestones, a sports jacket that does not combine with all this. The makeup style will be unusual for girls: eyebrows summed up with a black pencil, lush long eyelashes, bright lips, excessively contrasting blush, shiny shadows. The fewer colors match, the better it is for the look..

Redemption bride in the style of Gopnik

  • Men's style. It is also not difficult for men to find suitable clothes; everything that is necessary for the style of a gopnik is easy to find in cheap bazaars that sell fakes. The main elements of clothing are sweatpants with two stripes and a sweatshirt. Men can also wear a leather jacket, sneakers or pointy shoes. A cap-duck, a baseball cap should flaunt on the head of the stronger sex.

Redemption bride in the style of Gopnik

  1. A cigarette behind the ear is a must «a clear kid», as representatives of this group of people call themselves.
  2. Sunflower seeds. Do not forget about the constant desire of gopniks to eat seeds, the shell of which must be thrown under your feet.
  3. Beer bottles and plastic cups. This requisite will be needed for the competition «Glass of beer».

Redemption bride in the style of Gopnik

  1. Erotic pictures of girls or children's photos of the bride.
  2. Guitar or telephone.
  3. Cards with questions about the bride.
  4. Three bags or glasses with seeds.

Redemption bride in the style of Gopnik

  1. Cards with riddles.


The main actors of the ransom in the Gopnik style:

  • Groom with his team - witness and friends.
  • Clear boys and girls who marry the bride.
  • The photographer who will take the ransom process in the photo, video.

Room decoration

To create a unique atmosphere, girlfriends will need to take care of the appropriate design style. If the bride lives in an ordinary five-story building, or a high-rise building with cracked paint on the porch, this is what you need. It’s possible to decorate the apartment with wall-mounted carpets, let there be two-liter bottles of beer, plastic cups, packs of cigarettes, olivier, sandwiches with sausage on the table, and girlfriends can completely fill up the huge bowl with seeds - this will amuse the guests.

Gopnik style ransom

Gopnik-style buyback scenario

The ransom scenario can develop as follows: the bridegroom drives up to her lover's house, where there are gopniks who want to squeeze the mobile from the groom. When the gopniks find out for whom the young man came, contests, games, trials begin, which are designed to help the future spouse show their true intentions, financial viability. After the evidence of love is collected, the bridegroom meets the bride and the couple goes to the registry office.

The ransom bride ransom begins when the future spouse drives up to her lover's house. There, the groom notices strangely dressed girlfriends who are sitting on a bench and snapping seeds, throwing the shell under their feet. The area is decorated with beer bottles. When the hero of the occasion comes closer, one of the girls notices him:

–Opa, and who are you with us??

The host gets up, swaying, approaching the groom:

- Do you have a call? How not? You are rude to me?

The groom refuses.

“Hey, what area are you so beautiful from?

The future husband replies that he came for the bride.

- No, you saw him behind the bride! Someone you're not too pretty, not dressed in concepts. Our clear friend does not need such. To get started, dress so that he looks like a normal kid, but the way you stand.

Girlfriends give the groom a three-striped jacket over the suit, put a cap on their head.

- Well, finally, at least it’s not disgusting to look. So you say, came for the bride.

Gopnik style ransom

The presenter takes out several photos from the pocket of her sports jacket that the groom cannot see.

“We have something for your bride.” The small one is good, but already managed to do things in life: there is compromising material that you need to buy from us. Not that, hear, not say hello to her, print, the whole area will see these photos.

The hero of the day buys dirt on the bride, which may turn out to be funny children's photos.

“I see that you love the little one, you don’t want her life to go wrong.” Ready to fight for her?

The groom replies that he is ready.

- Well, well, I believe, but you have to answer for the bazaar. Let's go to.

The witness leads the future spouse to the first test ransom bride Gopnik.

- The guys and I normally hung together yesterday, there was a little beer left at the bottom of this glass. Our little one should live like a princess, I realized?

The prospective spouse answers in the affirmative.

- Now let's see how you understand. Pour enough butterflies here so that the beer reaches the brim, or you won’t prove your security.

The hero of the occasion passes this test of the ransom of the Gopniks.

- No, you’re a major, kid! You live normally, things are going downhill. Your little one will not hurt. Come on what's on the list.

One of the bridesmaids gives the presenter a telephone.

- It seems you are from a normal region, but somehow you can’t believe it to the end. We are all creative people here, therefore we also listen to concepts by muzlo. We have one task for you and your team. (Turning to the witness with the guests of the groom) You too, guys, do not fail.


Gopniks give the participants tasks - lyrics.

- I have here on the mobile just a minus sign. I’ll turn on the track, and you will sing along. Test your knowledge of good Mouzon.

The bridesmaid includes a melody from a mobile, the participants of the ransom of the gopnik pass the test.

- Well, that’s it, brother, you have melted my heart, understand? I still can’t move away.

Leading mock wipes tears.

- No, okay, we're done with snot. For the next task you will have to work a little, strain your memory.

Witness takes out a questionnaire.

- The boys and I talked a bit and realized that we can only let the small bride go after we realize that you know her like the back of your hand. Right now, a couple of questions will be. The first one is: how old is the bride?

The future spouse is responsible.

- And what is the size of the legs of the small?

The hero of the occasion gives an answer again.

- And which of these cheeks is her best friend??

The witness points to the girls who are participating in the ransom. For every wrong answer, the future spouse pays babosy .

“I look, everything is clear with your memory, brother.” Well, we are already close to meeting your little one. In general, we are simple guys, but with intelligence, everything is in order and we can’t allow you to go stupid next to our girlfriend. We will ask you some more general educational questions. Babos will pay for the wrong market.


The groom passes a test where facilitators ask questions about wedding traditions..

- Yes, your intelligence is at the level of respect, brother. And your brigade is just as smart?

Witness passes the same ransom test with fiancé friends.

- Well, that's it, no questions, boys. Last left.

The last test of the ransom of the Gopniks is already in the apartment, in front of the door, where the bride is waiting for the bridegroom. The presenter puts before the future spouse several glasses with seeds:

- In one of these glasses is a key that will open the door. Guess which one.

The hero of the occasion passes the test, if he does not guess, he immediately pays the ransom for the next attempt. When the groom receives the key, the host says:

- Well, boy, you and the team exceeded our expectations. I didn’t think that there was someone worthy of our girlfriend. We wish you little happiness, and so that everything is clear. Be!

The bridesmaids leave, the heroes of the occasion meet, the ransom of the gopniks ends.

Process video

Watch the video report about the unique wedding of the gopniks and the surroundings of the event:

The modern ransom of the bride is a great occasion to let your imagination run wild. Feel free to use fresh, unusual ideas that will bring future spouses with guests a joyful mood.