Redemption of the bride in a fishing style


Each couple wants the whole wedding celebration, including the bride’s ransom, to be original, fun and unusual. The bride’s ransom in a fishing style is a performance inspired by the tales of A.S. Pushkin about the goldfish. The bridegroom is waiting for unusual trials, exciting contests, fun games that will help him catch a sweetheart (bride) in his network, fulfilling all his cherished wishes. This type of ransom is good for men who are fond of fishing..


To prepare such a ransom, the bridesmaids will have to show imagination, coming up with all kinds of tests for the future spouse. Girls can also adapt classic foreclosure contests to the fishing style of the event. The performance will be perfect if the girlfriends with the witness begin to think through and write the script, learn the roles in advance. It will be good to conduct several preliminary rehearsals, think over the style of the design of the room, buy or make props yourself.

If the girls have enough money, they can hire a professional host to help make the ransom part of an unforgettable wedding celebration. But if the company has an active participant, ready to take on the role of a leading buyout, it will be even more interesting.

Redemption details

The atmosphere of the bride’s ransom largely depends on the props used during the competitions, the clothes of those present are also of great importance. Examples of things you might need when buying back:

Redemption of the bride in a fishing style

  • Clothing. Girls who will be leaders can wear fisherman-style costumes or choose some look from the above tale. It can be an old woman with a broken trough, and also a fairy princess of unearthly beauty. In both female and male versions, Neptune is also suitable - the god of the sea who does not want to immediately give his resident into the hands of a fisherman.

Organizers can create the style of costumes on their own, and then create them from improvised means or buy them in special costume stores. The groom will need a fishing suit - a hat, rubber boots, a large old jacket. When the groom appears in the yard, he is dressed up so that he looks like a fisherman, and then they offer the first test of strength. Suzhenny to pick up his mother-in-law - the queen of the underwater kingdom, the mother of a goldfish.

Photo: bride fishing ransom

  • Thin rope. The rope will be needed when the girlfriends will conduct another test on the strength of the narrowed: the future spouse will have to break the rope, a witness can help. To simplify the task, good girlfriends can make inconspicuous incisions. If the groom fails, he pays a ransom.
  • A selection of funny music, name cards. When the power test ends, girlfriends say: «You proved you are strong. Now prove that, like a real fisherman, you know how to keep warm in any weather. Choose a card and dance!». At random, the groom takes a card with the song, the girlfriends turn it on, the groom, along with the witness and friends, starts dancing.
  • A beautiful hand-drawn labyrinth with three exits to an evil old woman with a trough, a beautiful princess and a goldfish, fulfilling wishes. The betrothed must show that he is well oriented in the area, having reached the bride through the maze. To complicate the task, girlfriends can draw hooks, flowers, bubbles that meet on the way: each time passing through them, a man will have to name a compliment to his beloved.

Fishing style ransom

  • Darts, darts. To show that the future spouse is agile, he must throw a fishing rod - to hit the center marks of a dart hanging on the wall with a dart.
  • Water pool, magnetic fishing rod, toy coins with a magnet or fish. To show that the future family will always live in prosperity and satiety, the hero of the occasion will have to work hard and catch as many fish or coins as possible over time. After the test, girlfriends consider the catch. If they are satisfied with the number - they let the groom go further, if not - he pays the ransom.
  • Long ribbons of different colors, several volunteers from guests. This is the last test that the hero of the occasion passes already in the apartment, in front of the door, behind which the bride is waiting. A few tapes are stretched through a narrow click, the narrowed one will have to choose one, it should be a tape tied to her beloved wrist. Each time, making a mistake, the groom pays a ransom in order to release the caught fish back.

Redemption of the bride in a fishing style


The main and possible characters of the bride fishing ransom:

  • Bridesmaids dressed as mermaids, princesses, old women with a trough.
  • King Poseidon - the bride's father can play him.
  • Princess of the sea - future mother-in-law.
  • Fishermen - groom, witness, friends of the betrothed.
  • Goldfish - Bride.
  • A photographer who captures everything in photo and video shooting.

Room decoration

When arranging a fishing ransom style, the organizers can show imagination: everything connected with a beautiful marine theme is suitable - all kinds of shells, arranged nets, which show off starfish, posters, photographs of the deep sea, painted underwater creatures, wooden helms of ships. Marine style involves decoration with blue, dark green, white, like foam waves, flowers. This ransom is perfect for a themed nautical wedding..

Redemption of the bride in a fishing style

Fishery-style buyback scenario

The bride’s fishing ransom begins when the bridegroom and the witness drive up to the house of the hero of the occasion. A surprise awaits them there - the ransom presenters (bridesmaids) dressed in costumes of sea creatures. When the narrowed one comes closer, one of the girlfriends notices him and says:

- What a handsome man in our sea kingdom, look all! Tell me why you came, man?

The groom replies that he came for the bride.

- Have you heard about the bride ?! Behind our goldfish! Many who tried to catch this beautiful girl, but so far no one has succeeded. What better are you, groom? Faster, bolder, more agile do you handle a fishing rod? Aren't you greedy? After all, our bride is not simple, she fulfills any desires! But only a generous person can receive such a reward..

Bridegroom pays bridesmaid a small ransom.

- Yes, I see, you are not greedy! However, in addition to generosity, you must show your other qualities. For starters, take a look at yourself, how are you dressed? Does this look like a man who hunts for the most coveted marine prey - our goldfish? You need to dress up, otherwise you will not be able to catch the bride!

Bridesmaids dress the groom in a fishing style: huge rubber boots, jacket, hat - this is the right outfit.

Redemption of the bride in a fishing style

“Now, another thing is that we can let you go out to the blue sea!” But as a fisherman you must have unprecedented power to conquer the deep sea. Water is not only quiet, sometimes it starts to storm there. Prove to us that you are strong, raise the queen of the deep sea, yes higher!

The groom lifts the queen of the deep sea - the mother of the bride. The presenter goes on to the next fishing ransom test:

- Yes, you are strong! But that's not all! You must be able not only to lift weights in order to carry your beloved in your arms with dignity, but also to break off grievances, family conflicts, which can often happen in life together. Here is a strong rope for you.

Bridesmaids hands the groom a thin rope.

- To pass this test, you need to break the rope with your hands! You cannot use additional help!

The leaders of this ransom tender cut a little rope to break it was real, but not too easy. When the groom manages, the bridesmaid says:

- You have truly heroic abilities! I am sure that family storms will not be scary for you. What about frost resistance? Groom, afraid of the cold?

The groom replies that he is not afraid.

- And your friends are fishermen afraid of the cold?

Witness with guests of the groom respond negatively.

“Well, you speak convincingly, but now we will know for sure whether this is so!” Far from the coast, in the middle of the endless sea, cold can occur, to which the organism of an ordinary person is not adapted, but fishermen know how to warm up in any weather. Traveling for our bride requires this skill..

Bridesmaid holds out future cards several cards shirts up.

- To convince us of its frost resistance, choose a musical accompaniment. When the choice is made, we will turn on the music and see how you keep warm!

Photo: fishing-style ransom

In this test of fishing ransom, the hero of the occasion will have to dance with friends. When the competition is over, the facilitator says:

- Yes, in the midst of the vast expanses of the sea you will not disappear from the cold! Do not forget that you should similarly warm your beloved bride when the nights are cold. In addition to strength and frost resistance, the fisherman must possess another important, I would even say the most important skill - the ability to navigate the terrain!

The future spouse is led to a maze poster.

“This poster depicts a labyrinth that you must go through to get to the goldfish!” During the trip you will come across symbols - flowers, bubbles, mushrooms. Do not get lost! As soon as you pass by, say the sweet word of your beloved.

The bridegroom passes this test of the bride’s fishing ransom, the host says with satisfaction:

- Congratulations, you did everything right! I hope your journey further will be as easy as in this maze.

The bride will bring the future spouse to the darts hanging on the wall:

“Now show us how accurate you are.” Harpooning large fish is a difficult task that only an attentive shooter can handle. Hit the bullseye, but you don’t get it - pay!

If the culprit falls, then it follows, if not, he pays the ransom. Presenter:

“There is the penultimate test, which will prove that you will become a good husband.” Like any family head, you have to feed offspring and a beautiful wife. This test will show that you can handle a fishing rod and become a great breadwinner for a future family!

The groom is led to the place of the penultimate test of fishing ransom of the bride - a large pool. On the surface of the water, fish with a magnet swim, the future spouse is given a fishing rod with a magnetized hook .


- Look how many fish are swimming there! In a short time you need to catch them, the more the better. This will show how full your family will be..

The bridesmaid makes time, the groom is fishing, time is running out. If the hero of the occasion caught more than five fish, he goes on, if not, the girlfriend says:

- Well, the groom, ashamed! How are you going to feed the bride? Okay, if you fish badly, then at least buy a fish and you will be full!

The hero of the day pays the ransom, the last competition of the fishing ransom remains.

“Well, bridegroom, your lonely journey has come to an end.” You are about to meet your fate. You see, several tapes can be seen from behind the door? These are the fish that got on the net. Pull the tape, whom you choose - and marry that!

The future spouse pulls the tape. If he does not guess, he pays a ransom to let the fish go back. When he pulls on the correct ribbon, the bride’s fishing ransom ends, the heroes of the occasion meet.

Process video

See another original scenario for a marine ransom bride:

The ransom of the bride in the original fishing style is a beautiful performance that will captivate all the participants, as well as the heroes of the occasion, their guests. The organizers have to work hard to create an original mood of the event, but the result is worth the effort.