Redemption of the bride in the style of bandits


From childhood, people watch films about the families of the Italian mafia, gangs of stylish gangsters who do not live by the rules, and their fascinating life. Many would like to try to play the roles of these bandits, to feel the atmosphere of the beginning of the last century, when crime flourished, and everything was allowed. A ransom in the style of bandits is an original way to hold an event that will help participants in the process feel the mood of those years, feel like real gangsters.


To organize an interesting, gangster ransom of the bride, girlfriends will have to work hard in preparation. Of great importance is writing a unique redemption scenario, coming up with contests, trials, games designed for the future spouse, learning the text and conducting rehearsals. Also, girlfriends will need to take care not only of the competitive props, but also of the style of the room: after all, the interior is of great importance in creating the atmosphere.

Redemption of the bride in the style of bandits

Girlfriends with financial capabilities will like the option of inviting a professional host of the host, who will charge the guests present with a positive, and make the groom with a witness sweat during the ransom of bandits.

Redemption details

Props play an important role in the ransom bride of bandits. The girlfriends with the witness can prepare some of the things on their own (for example, draw posters), and some will have to be bought in the store. Examples of necessary props for the redemption of the bride of bandits:

  1. Clothing of bandits of the last century is perfect for a retro wedding. This will allow the participants of the celebration not to change clothes only for ransom. Below are ideas for female and male images:
  • Feminine style. The 20s became a time of change, the girls changed fluffy dresses with a corset to comfortable cases. The bandit girl should be decorated with gloves, neutral-colored shoes, a headband or a veil hat. Regarding hairstyles, cold waves or a bundle will do. It will be possible to complete the stylish look with feathers, rhinestones, garters on the leg, long mouthpieces with cigarettes. Makeup fits bright - pale glowing skin, deep dark lips, accentuated eyes.

Redemption of the bride in the style of bandits

  • Men's style. The bandit of the beginning of the last century is the embodiment of style. A neat, perfectly ironed suit of neutral gray, blue, polished leather shoes, a vest, an exquisite hat. Sometimes a gangster costume could be made using fabric with a shallow vertical strip. Add a thick cigar to the image of a man - an indispensable attribute of the 20s bandit.
  1. Pistols The underworld does not allow bandits to go without weapons, so pistols are one of the main parts of the bride’s ransom image. Stylish little revolvers are suitable for girls, men will look good with a Tommy Gun submachine gun.

Redemption of the bride in the style of bandits

  1. Alcohol. At the time of the prosperity of American bandits, a prohibition was passed prohibiting alcoholic beverages. On the territory of the venue should be tea sets filled with whiskey.
  2. Darts, darts, signs with inscriptions. This kit will be needed for the ransom competition, where the groom must get the dart into that section of the dart that matches his reason for marriage.

Redemption of the bride in the style of bandits

  1. Lego . Refers to a fun foreclosure contest.
  2. Two pots filled with water, teaspoons, glasses, a sieve. For the ransom competition, where the narrowed is to use water to transfer water from one bowl to another.
  3. A glass with a little water. The future spouse will have to prove that he has significant funds, and fill a glass with coins so that the water overflows.
  4. A poster with a painted alphabet. The girls will point to the letter, and the witness will praise the virtues of Don Groom.
  5. Frozen keys. To enter the mother-in-law’s house, the betrothed will have to find a way to melt the ice and get the keys.


Examples of actors in the redemption of a bride in a gangster style:

Bandit-style ransom

  • Don Groom and his faithful retinue - a witness with friends.
  • Donja Mother-in-law with bridesmaids.
  • Donja Bride - the coveted prey for the hero of the occasion.
  • A photographer who takes original photos and videos of the process.

Room decoration

The interior is one of the easiest ways to convey the atmosphere. The style of decorating the ransom bandit room includes an unusual attribute: old telephones, card tables, poker chips, cards, and other decorative elements of the 20s. The room itself should resemble an illegal casino. It will be ideal to complement the space with good music that will create the appropriate mood - great jazz, Broadway works, foxtrots, tango melodies.

Bandit-style ransom

If finances allow, the organizers can rent an already equipped room, which is focused on holding events of the spirit of the 20s.

Bandit-style ransom scenario

The future spouse, together with the witness and retinue, drives up to her lover's house, where the ransom bride ransom begins. There, bridegrooms are waiting for the groom, dressed according to the style of Chicago of the 20s. The girls immediately notice the groom, one of them says:

“Look, Don (Name of the groom) in person!” What do we owe such an honor to? If you and your father drew up a new ceasefire plan that satisfies only your needs, if you please turn around and go your own way, we have already passed this. So what have arrived?

The groom replies that he is going to take the bride out of here. Another girlfriend says:

- Our girl? This is ridiculous! How do you think you are going to arrange this?

“Wait, Mary ... We have not yet listened to all the conditions.” Indeed, for sure this gorgeously dressed groom will want to offer us something in return?

Bridesmaids hint at a ransom, the future spouse gives them gifts: alcohol, sweets, money.

- Not bad ... We love donations, but we love the bride more, so before you pick up the baby from us, you will have to go through several tests. They will prove that you are worthy of her. Or they will not prove.

Thug mysteriously smiles.

Tell me about yourself. All that we know is your noble birth and the successful deeds that you conducted on the West Coast. Whatever is so simple, we will limit you in time.

Witness takes out a match from a box.

- As long as the fire burns, talk about yourself. We are all interested to know what the contender for the love of a beautiful bride is really.


Groom passes a ransom ransom test, talking about himself.

“How interesting ... Sounds like you're good.” However, now we want to know your friends' opinion about you. Well, witness, tell me everything you know about the groom. Imagine that you are under oath, so speak the truth!

The witness also passes the test.

“Congratulations, groom, your friends love you as much as you love yourself.” So you are worthy, at least, of my respect, if not the bride. But let's go further. My sources reported to me that you are a marksman of what that story in the port is worth ... However, I want to make sure of this myself. You know, often bandits take away the fame of some six-guy.

With a nod, the witness points to the darts hanging on the wall..

–Take a weapon (a girl holds out darts to her future spouse). You have three attempts to prove to us: the reason that you call the bride to marry love, and not the whim of your dad, who is counting on a truce. To do this, you need to get to the center of the target. If you don’t get us another truth will be revealed.

Each darts zone means reasons: the godfather forced, the clan advised, for love .

- Well, shoot, you have three attempts.

The prospective spouse participates in this ransom bride ransom competition. If misses three times pays money.


- Yes, you are apt one. It's nice to watch it with my own eyes, I believe that you will protect the bride well.

The witness takes out a box and pours out on the surface of a table or floor covered with a carpet, many details of the Lego constructor. He speaks:

–Our bride got used to a chic life: expensive cars, gourmet restaurants. An important condition that must be met in order to receive it is to show us where the bride will live. They say: with sweet paradise and in a hut, but I do not agree with this. With the help of these details you have to build a house that will become your haven, only it will have to be done in time. So be it: I allow your good friends to help with the construction.

When the groom handles the ransom ransom test, he proceeds to the next, if not, the witness says:

- I see the construction was delayed. I recommend you to buy some more of my time without a roof over your head, our beauty will not sleep.

Groom with retinue finishes the ransom competition. Presenter:

–It is good that you are not afraid to work with your hands. It just so happened: the profession in which we are involved can result in unexpected consequences, we will have to change the circle of activity. Now I will ask you to show your ingenuity. Look here.

The witness points to the table, where there are two semicircular bowls (in one water), a sieve, wineglasses and spoons.

“I need to find out if you have the necessary ingenuity to solve even the most unexpected problems.” By brute force it is possible to defeat the enemy, but it is impossible to agree on a good percentage for the supply of smuggled whiskey - you will have to show intellectual abilities. Think of how to quickly transfer water from one bowl to another using these objects (meaning: glasses, spoons, sieve).


The future spouse is undergoing a ransom test, the host says:

“You did well, but I have one more water test for you.” Our bride easily spends money, she is used to not deny herself anything. But will your finances be enough to provide all her whims? Now let's check: a third of this glass is filled with water.

The bridesmaid takes out a glass.

- Put the money inside. If you have enough money to pour water from a glass, I believe: the bride will not live in need.

The culprit of the triumph with the witness pass the ransom test.

“Well, you have enough money, the groom, you also have accuracy, ingenuity at the level, and you love our bride.” However: like any girl, she wants not only love, but also her expression. Now we will see how well you can handle this..

The bridesmaid points to the alphabet hanging on the wall, takes a pointer:

“I will show you the letter, which you must quickly come up with a compliment to your beloved.” Confused - pay. Three times I allow a witness to help you.

The future spouse and witness participate in the foreclosure competition, after which the presenter says:

- Yes, the baby will not remain without kind words. Okay! I think we’ve already seen a lot, though, girls?

Other presenters nod.

“Groom, you got to the door where the bride awaits you.” My entire clan and I bless your marriage. Last task left.


The bridesmaid brings the key frozen in a piece of ice.

“I hope that the heat of your love will melt the key and it will open the door separating the lovers.” Good luck!

The presenters leave, the groom and the witness find ways to melt the key, open the door, future spouses meet, the ransom bride ransom ends.

Process video

Watch a fascinating video, which clearly shows the ransom of the bride in a gangster style:

The ransom of the bride in the original gangster style is a performance that will be remembered by all participants for a long time. To create a unique event, the bridesmaids should carefully prepare, take into account all the little things, pay attention to details.