Bride redemption in the style of film screening


Each bridesmaid who organizes the wedding ransom strives to make the event original, interesting and fun: for this, she needs an unusual scenario. The ransom in the style of film screening is a unique event that will allow the start of the solemn day to be exciting for all participants and spectators. At this ransom, the groom through contests, trials, tasks will have to get the main role of his life - to become a loving husband.


The preparation of such an event is a laborious but exciting process that will give a fun start to a long wedding day. The organizers of the event have to think through a scenario that will help girls navigate the ransom, come up with several competitions, choose the appropriate props, decorate the place where everything will take place. To make the holiday perfect, it’s imperative to learn the text well and conduct preliminary rehearsals.

The duration of a good ransom, which does not tire the bridegroom with a witness - 20-40 minutes, you need to take this into account when drawing up the script. In the presence of finances, girls can hire a host, who will remove part of the worries from the shoulders of the organizers - professionally conduct redemption.

Redemption details

Not one ransom is complete without the necessary props, because it helps to create a suitable thematic atmosphere. Examples of things you will need during an event:

Bride redemption in the style of film screening

  • Clothing. The style of the costumes of the leading girls is comfortable shirts, t-shirts, large gold chains can decorate the neck, and the cap will complement the image. Also an accessory can be passes hanging on the neck in the movie studio, which the organizers can draw on their own.
  • Boundary tape label «No entry allowed», the list will accept a pass. When the groom drives up to his beloved’s house, he sees the following picture: the territory of the bride’s entrance is fenced, there is a sign, and a guard is nearby. Suzhenny comes up to him, asks how to get inside - the security guard replies that this is the territory of the film test, if he is not on the list, then he will not miss.

The host will read out the list and accept the hero of the occasion, which he must depict, for example, «loves to eat» - shows how he eats, «snoring in a dream» - starts snoring picturesquely. According to the results of the competition receives a pass or gives a bribe.

  • The text of the pop song recorded on the phone phonogram. At the first flight of stairs the groom awaits the initial stage of the competition. To appear on the cinema screen, you need not only to have good acting skills, but also to sing great. To the future spouse, the script writer gives out the text that needs to be performed in the style of rap, includes music. The more romantic, sweeter the song - the funnier the test will turn out.

Bride redemption in the style of film screening

  • List of riddles. Each person involved in the filming knows that external data alone is not enough - an actor who meets with people every day and often gives interviews should be smart. A fiancé will have to guess a few puzzles in order to move on, and for every mistake he needs to pay off with money.
  • Traces of paper cut out. Moving on, the hero of the occasion is faced with the following task: he needs to pass a flight of stairs only along the cut tracks, without touching the railings, steps, walls, but the tracks are only on the first two steps. The betrothed must guess to ask the witness to carry him.
  • A list with the number of words equal to the steps. To pass this test, you need to be able to get out of even the most incredible situations. Married to offer a beautiful declaration of love, using the words from the list. Each word used is the right to go up a notch. Example words: «Socks», «Horrible», «Brown», «Hay» etc.
  • Cards with three words. This test will require the help of a witness - a minute is given for the groom to guess the word that the faithful friend is trying to show with gestures. The first two words can be easy, the last can be difficult. for instance, «a cup», «a jacket», «red».


  • A few questions written on paper. The last competition is an interview. Before getting the opportunity to show off in front of the camera, the future spouse passes an interview, answering questions about the wedding, bride and love. After the betrothed answered correctly or paid off the persistent girlfriends, the ransom ends.


The main actors involved:

  • The guard who will meet the hero of the occasion.
  • Director - first host.
  • Screenwriter - Second Lead.
  • Movie actors - groom, witness, guests from the side of the narrowed.
  • Photographer taking memorable photos.

Room decoration for movie screening


To give thematic ransom realistic, you should choose the appropriate style of space design. Organizing girls can print photos of famous Hollywood actors, find big movie posters. It will also be possible to decorate the space with black and white mock-ups of cameras, old frame tapes of a film camera. Printed pictures with the names of old movie studios will help to complement the style of design: «Soyuzmultfilm», «Mosfilm» etc.

Movie screenback buyback scenario

The groom and the witness drive up to the bride’s house, where the redemption of the film test begins. There is a table in front of the entrance, on it is a sign - «No admittance allowed». A guard is sitting at the table. Noticing the groom, he says:

- Good afternoon, young people! Why did you come so beautiful?

The groom replies that he came for the bride.

- For the bride! Ho ho She is acting in films now. Called the picture «Family life». Let's get a passport, check your name.

The future spouse shows a passport.

- Your name is not in the list of actors, but the bride left a list of accepts, by which I recognize her betrothed. Now let's check ... So, it says here: he loves to eat. You like to eat, right? Show how you do it.

Movie screening buyback

The groom passes the test, shows how he eats.

- Yeah, as if you really love! And it says here that you snore in a dream, is it so?

The future spouse shows snoring.

- Ha ha! It’s funny. The bride did not spare you. The last is - it is written, you are an excellent dancer. Demonstrate. I’ll turn on a song...

The guard from the phone turns on the melody, the groom is dancing.

- Well! (Applauds.) Excellent data, just for these film screenings. Take a pass, come in.

Suzhenny passed the first test, enters the porch, where he is met by the screenwriter.

- Are you on a screen test for «Family life»? Great, one more! No one has been found yet. They’ve come so much to try, you know, but still. Our serious, beautiful bride, therefore, consists of several stages. The first test is a musical ear. An actor must possess it ... at least a little.

The girlfriend gives the future spouse a piece on which the text of the romantic song.

- Here, your task. Now I’ll turn on the track ... You need to perform this song, perform as it should, dear. There is only one condition - you need to read it in rap style. Why are you so messing up? Get started!

The leading girlfriend includes a backing track for a rap song, the groom passes this test.

Bride redemption in the style of film screening

“And you have a good voice!” But our company is serious, we are not engaged anyway. All our actor workers know their worth, have good intelligence. I sometimes look at these poor things, who cannot utter a word in a banal interview, it’s becoming a pity!

Girlfriend takes out a leaf.

- I have a few puzzles here that will have to be solved in order to proceed to the next contest. Ready?

The groom responds positively and passes the test, answering various puzzles. If he doesn’t guess, he pays for the scriptwriter's hint.

- Perfectly! Your mental abilities suit me. It's nice to see these serious young people.

The host leads the hero of the occasion to the flight of steps, which is strewn with traces - they are on the first two steps, walls, and ceiling. Girlfriend says:

- Sometimes a good actor should not reinvent the wheel, trying to find original ways to solve problems - just go in the footsteps of a successful person who has achieved a lot. These traces were left by one such person who should become an example for you. You can walk up the stairs, following only these footprints.

The groom must pass the test, guessing to ask the witness to carry him.

- Great idea! You are right, the groom, that you asked for the help of a friend. To break into show business, you need to have loyal friends who will open the right doors, support ... Bear.

Bride redemption in the style of film screening

Girlfriend shows the next flight of stairs.

- A real actor is able to get out of even the most incredible situations. Here, for example, a list of words that are in no way related may even seem ridiculous. But you do not laugh, carefully read the list.

The groom is reading.

- The task of this competition is to make a touching declaration of love, using all the words. Each named word gives you the right to go up one notch. Get started!

The future spouse passes the test of redemption of the bride film test, the scriptwriter says:

- Great job, well done. Do not get lost during a difficult situation - when shooting our film it will come in handy.

The girlfriend addresses the witness:

“You proved that you are a great friend!” Now it depends on you whether the groom will host the next competition. In my ear, I will tell you a word that you need to portray with gestures. Remember, the better you show - the greater the chances of a contracted actor to become an actor of this film!

Spouse and witness pass the bride redemption contest film test. When the groom guesses the last word, the scriptwriter says:

“Well, I did everything I could.” I believe that we have done an excellent job, which will be appreciated. You have to go through an interview with the director who will ask some interesting questions..

Suzhenny is waiting for the last test - a meeting with the director. Presenter:

- Good afternoon! I heard that all contests went well. I will ask you some questions. Do not worry, answer calmly, I do not bite.

Movie screening buyback

The director asks questions related to the biography of the bride, wonders if the groom knows wedding traditions, etc. For every mistake the hero of the day pays a ransom.

- Congratulations! You are officially the protagonist of our film. Go to the main character, get ready for the shoot!

The future spouse meets the bride, the redemption of film screening ends.

Process video

Look at the interesting and funny ransom of the bride, where several unusual ideas for contests that can be adapted to the ransom are implemented:

The ransom of the bride is a unique event that will make the start of the holiday fun, will allow the newlyweds to happily go into family life. For everything to go perfectly, the organizers need to take care of the thorough preparation of the event.