Redemption of the bride in the border style


The modern bride ransom is a unique presentation created with the help of the bridesmaids to decorate the beginning of the wedding day. Every girl who organizes such an event for her best friend wants it to be original. Redemption in the border style is a fascinating performance, filled with all kinds of contests for military training, interesting strength games, dexterity that will help the groom prove that he is worthy of a beautiful bride.


Girlfriends who decide to start preparing an unusual frontier ransom of the bride will have to try. The first thing to be done is to create a unique script with funny, funny, interesting contests, tasks, and riddles for the groom. Do not also forget about the military style of conversation of future ransom participants. In order to realize this scenario well, girls should learn the text in advance, conduct several dress rehearsals before the day of the ceremony.

In addition to the script, you will need to think about the design of the premises, props. If it’s hard for girls to independently organize the ransom, they can hire a professional host, the host, who will make the start of the holiday unique.

Redemption details

The bride’s ransom does not pass without preparing the requisite necessary for competitions and creating a thematic border atmosphere. Examples of things you might need during a borderline event:

Redemption of the bride in the border style

  • Clothing. The clothing style of the leading contestants during the competitions is a military uniform. It can be a full-fledged border suit, a rented one, camouflage jumpsuit, high heavy boots, shoulder straps, a cap, a military cap.
  • A table at the entrance, on it is a plate with an inscription «Border post», border guard general, shepherd dog or small breed that the military will call the shepherd.

Redemption of the bride in the border style

  • Medical gown, round sheets to cover the eye, balls, darts, sticky notes with numbers.
  • Foam bricks.

Redemption of the bride in the border style

  • Paper-cut flowers, traces, other elements located on steps, stairwell walls.
  • Plates where wife’s relatives are recorded.
  • Leaf with a playful oath. Girlfriends can show imagination, inventing an oath for the future spouse.

Redemption of the bride in the border style


Depending on the competitions, supplemented or invented by the organizers (the bride and her friends), the list of participants in the border style of redemption may vary:

  • Border guard general meeting the groom.
  • Leading border guards.
  • Medical Doctor.
  • Soldiers in preparation - the groom with a witness .
  • A photographer who will take a lot of memorable photos, videos.

Room decoration

To decorate the ransom bride’s premises will turn out according to the border theme. Girls will need to create a checkpoint, they can draw themed posters, drawings, playful cartoons of a military style. Weapons and camouflage fabrics can be hung on the walls. The doctor’s office, where the medical examination takes place, should be decorated with a medical theme: posters for checking eyesight, drawings with the rules for washing hands, which are often found in the hospital.

Redemption of the bride in the border style

Border style buyback scenario

The bridegroom drives up to her lover's house, the ransom of the bride begins. When the groom approaches the porch, he sees a chair, a table and a sign «Border point». At the back of the table, on the porch, a painted poster: «The door to family life». At the table sits the bridesmaid in border uniform, strictly examines the groom:

- Well, stand! Who granted this to us? Where?

The hero of the occasion replies that he has come to the beautiful bride.

- I see, you can see right away. However! Present a pass to cross the border. Let's get here.

Suzhenny replies that there is no pass.

- How not? Where are you going without a pass? I will not miss it just like that.

A witness comes to the rescue, who palms the groom a piece of paper with a felt-tip pen, suggesting that a pass must be drawn. Narrowed draws, hands a piece of paper to the border guard:

- This is another matter! Only here nothing is said about the medical certificate. Passed a medical examination before receiving?

The future spouse answers negatively.

- Eh, you yourself create problems! You’ll have to go to the doctor to check your legal capacity. We do not need patients in the family service! Here is the direction, go to the next office. Good luck!

Border style buyback

The groom and his entourage enter the porch and fall on the next test of the bride’s border ransom - a physical examination. The bridesmaid, dressed as a doctor, joyfully meets the bridegroom:

- Who granted us, what a brave fellow! Hello Hello! There is a direction?

The hero of the occasion gives direction.

–Ah, family life! Yes, many people want to go there. Well, I look, you are a healthy, handsome man, this test will pass without difficulty. In addition, I see from a worried person that you are in a hurry: in this matter I will help. You know, I have experience in speeding up the physical examination process, if you understand what I mean.

The bridesmaid winks, hinting at a bribe. Suzhenny gives a doctor.

-Good! We will combine one examination with another so as not to delay you much. First, check your vision. Take a close look at the balls that are hanging nearby. See? Fine! Already good! And now I will give you hit detectors.

The presenter gives the future spouse darts.

–And now close our eyes with our special tool, we’ll shoot!

A round sheet of groom covers one eye.

“Well then, our narrowed one, shoot!” The fate of your medical certificate depends on this shot..

The groom shoots, if misses, pays a ransom for the next attempt. When the dart reaches the target, a note falls out of the ball.

–And here is the second examination! See how fast? This will be a test of memory and intelligence. The note contains a figure that relates to the bride. To be able to go further, you need to tell what the number means. If you can’t do it, I will tell you. But this is for a fee.

Redemption of the bride in the border style

The bridesmaid calls the numbers, the groom answers. When this bride ransom test is completed, the doctor says:

- Congratulations, patient, you are absolutely healthy! Keep a reference, and boldly follow the family path. Happily!

The groom takes the certificate, follows the third test of the ransom of the bride - physical training. Leading, disguised as military men, greeted the fiancé:

–Ryadovoy, media and irna!

The future spouse becomes quiet.

–Olno! We have already been informed of your arrival. I see that you received a medical certificate confirming the ability to carry out family service, so before the appointment we will conduct several tests.

The first test is physical fitness, because without the proper ability it’s not possible to carry the bride in her arms for a long time when her legs are tired!

–And the weight of grocery store packages often reaches exorbitant levels!

–We begin: before you are bricks that will have to be broken into many stone fragments. But not alone, but with a witness!

Bridesmaids give foam bricks to men, but the girls do not say that the groom must complete the task faster so as not to pay the ransom. If the witness copes faster, one of the girls says:

- That's how it is! Maybe we are betraying our bride for the wrong guy? Groom, pay the ransom so we forget about the results!

If the groom copes faster, then:

–Your strength is beyond doubt! Congratulations And now, when you have proven your strength, you will have to prove your dexterity, because mines are often found on a difficult family path!

On the way you will find a staircase where many mines are laid. Our sapper, who explored this road earlier, left marks - traces that are safe to follow. The peculiarity of mines is that they react only to the beloved bride. Now figure out how to cover this distance.!


The prospective spouse should guess to ask the witness to carry some sections where the marks are on the walls or ceiling. If everything works out, the participants do not pay the ransom. Leading say:

“Well, you have a good team, young man!” Such friends need to be protected. You are close to the beautiful bride. The last test remained: everyone who enters the family service should be ranked. This is an oral exam that will test your preparation. Let's start?

The groom nods. Bridesmaids call relatives of the wife, and the bridegroom must say how they will be called after the wedding (mother - mother-in-law, father - father-in-law, brother - brother-in-law). Pays for a hint. After passing this test of the bride’s border ransom, the future spouse gets into the apartment where he is met by the general.

- Well, the groom! Despite the ordeals, you have reached the goal. I and our entire border guard are proud of you. To become a family service soldier, you need to take an oath. But be careful: after this there will be no turning back. Are you ready for that?

The hero of the occasion says he's ready.

- We didn’t doubt you! Here is the text of the oath. Read.

The future husband reads the oath aloud, written by the bridesmaids or the bride herself. When he finishes, the general says:

“From now on, you are a soldier who must love and protect his beloved from all adversities.” We wish you a happy journey and easy service to each other. Free!

The groom opens the door of the room where the bride is waiting, the ransom ends.

Process video

Watch an interesting video of the ransom of the bride, in which the military detachment of special forces participates:

The ransom of the bride in the original style is an event that will not leave anyone indifferent, will be remembered for a long time by all participants in the process. The girlfriends will need to seriously engage in organizing, think through all the details so that the border buyout goes perfectly.