Redemption of the bride in the style of the store


The task of the bridesmaids with the witness during the wedding day is to organize an original ransom, which will be remembered for a long time by the guests present and the main characters of the celebration. Buyback in the style of the store the opportunity to hold the event fun and unusual. The groom is waiting for interesting contests with prizes, fascinating thematic tasks, intricate puzzles, which at the end of the ransom will lead to a lover.


Preparing a ransom Flower shop will be easy. First, bridesmaids need to think through thematic contests in which the groom will participate during the event, then purchase the appropriate props and decorate the venue. In order for everything to go perfectly, the organizers should take care of several preliminary rehearsals of the store ransom: they will have the opportunity for participants to learn a text and fully demonstrate acting.

Suitable ransom duration of up to forty minutes, girls should not stretch the event too much.


Redemption details

To implement the scenario below, you will need props. Mandatory items for the repurchase of a flower shop:

  • Tray.
  • Flower pots.
  • The key to the room of the bride.
  • Artificial flowers.
  • Several types of perfumes, including the perfume of the bride.
  • Badges for store representatives Director, Consultant .


The main characters of the store-style bride ransom:

  • Director flower shop witness.
  • Sales consultants bridesmaids.
  • Searchers of the rarest flower groom with his retinue.
  • Rare flower bride.
  • Photographer who will take photos and videos of the event.


Room decoration

Decorate the ransom venue The flower shop will turn out different types of flowers with garlands, bouquets, other compositions, living plants. Before entering the porch should be hanging a plate Flowers or Flower shop, painted by the bridesmaids. The walls of the room of the girl can be hung with posters with painted roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, add artificial flowers to the decor.

Buyout scenario in flower shop style

The ransom begins as follows: the groom drives up to the bride’s house and sees the sign Flower shop, in front of her are a witness (director) and a bridesmaid (sales assistant). When the betrothed approaches the girls, the store director says:


- Hello, dear customer! What flowers have you come to our store for? .. We have great options for every taste and wallet, look what amazing English roses! Yes, dear, what to do? Suitable for true connoisseurs. So, in the morning there was a new arrival to the department: we received fresh Dutch tulips, nowhere else to find such! And our field bouquets of cornflowers, chamomiles, such a miracle that you don’t take your eyes off. We offer only the best! What will you take?

The groom replies that he came for his beloved, then the director throws his hands up and exclaims:

“What didn’t you say right away!” Yes, we have such a flower, not a girl, but a real princess. However, such a treasure is not for lovers, but for real professional connoisseurs of the world of flora. Her dear mother, your future mother-in-law, has forbidden us to marry her to anyone, so present a membership card to the florist community.


The hero of the occasion says that he doesn’t have such a ticket.

“Ah, no ... Well, then I can’t help you. We have everything strictly.

Here comes the sales assistant:

- Yes, strictly, only after all, a place has recently been freed up and we just lack one participant, though?

The director strictly looks at the girl:

- That's right ... Well, good. We agree to make you a member of the club if you, dear groom, pass the appropriate exam.

Narrowed agrees. The director reads the questions, warning that the future husband will pay money for each incorrect answer. Questions may be:

  • What rare plant brings luck? (Four-leaf clover)
  • What are they divining about love? (Chamomile)
  • What flower gave the name of a delicious candy? (Iris)
  • In what field did the girl Ellie wander from the tale of the Wizard of the Emerald City? (Poppy)
  • What kind of flowers look angelic but born with claws? (Roses)


When a prospective spouse guesses or pays instead of an answer, the director says:

–Congratulations, you passed the exam and are officially accepted into the community of flower growers! However, the future wife is worth fighting for, so there are a few more tests to go. There are nine steps on this flight of stairs. Climbing them, call the bride beautiful words, the main thing is that it is connected with plants. For each missed step you will have to pay a fine...

Examples of groom's answers: rose, forget-me-not, reed.

The following sales assistant meets the deceased:

- I see that you completed the previous task thanks to your imagination ... Now we will check whether the artist is hiding in the narrowed. Here is the tray (the host holds out the tray to the future spouse). You need to draw a beautiful flower on it, but there are no colors ... Perhaps there is something in your pockets?..


The task of the groom to lay out a flower on a tray with money. The sales assistant nods approvingly:

–A guy draws well, what our flower needs!

On the next floor, the hero of the occasion is met by another leader:

- Everything is wonderful with the imagination of our fiancé, artistic abilities are also at a high level, now we will determine the sense of smell of the future husband. Here are three beautiful flowers (a consultant hands out artificial plants to a man) that not only look divine, but also melt unprecedented power ... You need to understand which one belongs to your lover.

By smell, a man determines what smell belongs to the bride, if he does not guess the next attempt, he will have to buy it. After the test, the betrothed is allowed into the apartment.

–Congratulations, you are the most worthy candidate possible. Only one thing: negligent sellers dropped the key to the room of their sweetheart to the bottom of the flower pot, but they forgot which one. You’ll have to buy them in turn until you find the right one...


The future spouse buys a pot, sooner or later finds a key, but girlfriends block his path:

–You, but we are also good flowers, only no one will buy us yet ... We need to give us fertilizers, water and feed us.

Narrowed gives girlfriends fertilizer bottles of wine, sweets, money. However, the tests do not end here. The hero of the occasion opens the door, the bride is standing on a chair, her eyes are closed. One of the sales consultants is whisperingly ingratiated to him:

“This is it, our precious flower, it hasn’t blossomed yet, it needs a sunny kiss, only without the touch of hands, this plant is too fragile!

The groom must guess to ask friends with a witness to raise him to be at the level of the bride’s lips. After the kiss took place, the ransom ends, the future newlyweds go to marry.

Process video

See the original, ridiculous economic ransom, where the groom is offered to buy a future spouse:

Redemption of the bride in an unusual style. Flower shop is an interesting event that will leave a pleasant impression on all participants. It does not require large financial investments and serious props, but it gives a lot of positive emotions.