Ransom bride in retro style


When preparations for the wedding are in full swing, the head is spinning: what would be so interesting to come up with for a ransom, in what form should it be held, what is needed for this? All newlyweds strive for their holiday of love to be unusual, memorable for dear guests and not like everyone else. For example, buying a bride in retro style is a very unusual idea, allowing your imagination to unfold. Come up with beautiful retro outfits of those times of any tradition, interesting contests for bride redemption - amuse dear guests and splendidly hold a wedding retro celebration.


Any thematic idea of ​​a wedding requires careful preparations, the necessary equipment, the choice of outfits, characters, clearance, car, etc. Retro-style also has many variations of the ransom and the celebration itself. The wedding organizers think over all this in advance: a script is written, a specific topic is specified (whether it’s a gangster style, or the era of the style of the 60s, or even the time of kings with magnificent receptions), which competitions will be redeemed, to identify responsible people among the guests.

Gangster style outfit and accessories

Redemption requisite

When the bride and groom decided on the topic, the next step is to think about the details of the ransom in retro style. The bride selects the necessary accessories for wedding dresses and her dress, the groom acquires the necessary equipment.

  • To choose retro costumes and accessories for the bride and groom and guests, use thematic products: in antique shops, flea markets, rent something to create the necessary style.
  • Think retro style of music that will accompany different foreclosures.
  • For decor, take old things from your grandmother, some antiques, so that it is not a pity at the same time (with a large number of guests, confusion is created, and these things are always lost).
  • Think about what a retro motorcade will look like, and starting from this, decorate it (if it’s a medieval era, then a horse and carriage team, if it’s a gangster style, then you should rent a retro car, now it’s not a problem in wedding agencies).

Retro wedding car

  • The groom must take care of the decor of transport. Decorate the motorcade in accordance with the style (decorate a retro car with lace, black and white ribbons, phonograph records, colorful balls, if this is a team, then pick up feather brushes, frills, dress the coachman, or do not decorate the carriage at all, as this decoration by itself).
  • Ostrich feathers, pearl beads, furs will look good in retro style during the redemption of a young bride, in which guests will be dressed up;
  • The future husband must prepare the money in advance: change small bills, i.e. make more quantitative paper money.


Think of the characters who will personify the chosen era and the retro style of the wedding. Make a reservation in advance with some guests who support this idea, maybe they will come up with something from themselves, or you will distribute the roles yourself.

  • If this is a dude style, then play a scene between two lovers who are prosecuted and cannot marry, but their beloved numerous friends come to their aid. Brightly dress your guests involved in the ransom, dress yourself in retro outfits too.

Guests of the bride in retro style dresses.

  • Similarly, as an option, beat the story of Romeo and Juliet. Let the bridegroom-Romeo sing romances to the bride-Juliet, under the balcony, friends get to the bride, steal and take out the bridegroom, girlfriends must arrange all kinds of competitive obstacles.
  • The ransom of the bride in the ballroom style is unthinkable without the tsar, the tsarina, Natasha Rostova, Bolkonsky, pages, servants, gentlemen with sabers (a twisted mustache, a pince-nez in the eye, etc.). Agree among themselves whom the guests will play, schedule an approximate speech and decide on the way.
  • The gangster ransom of the bride should imply the heroes of the mafioso, Don Carleone, for example, his friends, gangsters, thieves, killers, in which dress up the guests (paint a black mustache).

Room decoration

  • A retro style ransom theme will be a great idea to decorate with a lot of colorful balls, bright ribbons, flying serpentine, confetti and all this accompanied by loud foxtrot music.
  • Decorate the porch with various portraits of the time, if these are gangsters. For example, a portrait of a newlywed with the inscription «Wanted», all sorts of traces, fingerprints, hang bullets, simulating a shootout, with pistols of those times and portraits of the heads of your clans (parents).

Gangster style room decor idea.

  • To decorate the ballroom theme of magnificent reception, use massive crystal chandeliers, golden candelabra, curtains on windows, walls, doors, pour champagne into glasses and carry it on trays.
  • If this is the story of Romeo and Juliet, then pay special attention to the balcony, which you should decorate with heavy curtains, lots of fresh flowers, long hanging vines of green leaves.

Retro ransom scenario

For any wedding action, you need a scenario where all the actions of the groom, participants of the ransom in retro style on both sides, their speech, where the bride will be located, are step-by-step painted. For example, the ransom of the retro style is the wedding of the boyar and the boyar. The action will take place in the winter. As a tuple, sleighs with a team of three horses are used. Entrance decor, details, as for redemption on the theme of the royal ball (see above).

  • The first action. Arrival of the groom at the bride's house.

Wedding procession of the groom in retro style

  1. On the beautiful sleigh, the boyar drives up three horses. Guests are waiting, crowding at the entrance to the house.
  2. The witness and the other girlfriends meet the groom on the doorstep with the words: «Hello boyar, do you keep far?»
  3. «My path is far, but with the main goal: to find my beloved, beauty, noblewoman (she names the bride’s name and shows her photo)», - the groom answers. If you give the correct answers to my questions, you will go through a circle of trials, I will tell you where to look for your noblewoman (name of the bride).
  • The second action. The mind and mind of the groom.

A friend asks questions to the groom, starting from the lungs, ending with more complex ones. In the process, if the answer is incorrect, the groom buys money. The first questions are traditionally asked about the dates of birthdays: bride, future mother-in-law, father-in-law. In advance, a drawing in the form of the sun with encrypted prompt numbers that the groom can use should be prepared.

Guests in the style of the wedding of the boyar and the boyar

  • The third action. Test for feelings for the bride.
  1. The friend shows the pre-recorded video to the groom, in which there is no sound, and the bride says something. The newlywed must guess by the lips what his lover is saying.
  2. The next competition is to name the maximum positive qualities of the bride while the match is burning. But almost at the end of the girl they cunningly warn the groom that the words should begin on each letter of the bride’s name.
  3. Complete the contests with a mini-game: guess the kiss of your beloved, printed among other girls with painted lips on paper.
  4. Let the groom shout loudly, approaching the steps with the name of his boyar, and how much he loves her. When his ideas on the variety of expressed feelings end - let him pay money.

Redemption of the bride in the process of intellectual competition

  • The fourth action. Agility and reaction of the groom.

A huge number of balls are thrown at guests from above, in one is the key to the door where the bride sits. Guests begin tossing balls with each other. The groom must be agile, win every ball, find one you need. The competition is held on time. If he doesn’t have time, then he must pay off with money..

  • The fifth action. A meeting.

Having passed all the circles of trials, the groom receives encouragement and the friend gives the shoes that need to be put on the bride’s legs. Boyarin shoes the noblewoman, takes him out onto the street, after which all the guests sit down in motorcades and traditionally go to the registry office to gain a new status as husband and wife.

Newlyweds go to the registry office on a retro motorcade

Process video

There may be one ransom style, and the wedding concept is slightly different. All this is created in order to get away from the battered monotonous competitions used literally at every wedding. The main thing is that all guests should have fun and interesting, so that the video does not make them yawn while watching, because this is a memory for many years for newlyweds.

Look as an example, a finished video of the bride’s ransom in retro style, so that it is easier for you to direct your imagination, draw something for yourself and use some moments in the design, outfits of the guests: