Redemption bride in tax style


The ransom of the bride is a theatrical spectacle, in which the groom’s side takes part with friends, a witness, and the bride’s side - girlfriends, witnesses. A stylized ransom developed in one thematic key looks beautiful, intriguing. For newlyweds related to the tax office, a thematic ransom of the bride in the tax style is suitable.

Redemption bride in tax style


In order for the ransom of the bride to be interesting, you need to take care of the script in advance. The witness writes the script with the help of the bridesmaids. The more people you attract to write it, the more diverse, livelier it will turn out. It is important to correctly distribute roles and give out words to the participants. Also take care of the costumes for the characters. You can sew them at home from available means, and if this is not possible, then rent.

Redemption details

This scenario of bride redemption in the style of tax inspection does not imply a large amount of props, but you will need to purchase the most necessary:

  • Costume Verka Serduchka.
  • Bottle of vodka, glasses.
  • Costume of Elena the Beautiful.
  • Costume Vasilisa the Wise.
  • Book.
  • The key to the apartment of the bride.


Along with the groom and witnesses, the following roles should be selected from among the bridesmaids:

  • Verka Serdiuchka
  • Elena the beautiful
  • Vasilisa the Wise

Tax style buyback

Room decoration

The bride ransom action in the style of tax inspection takes place in the hallway of the bride’s apartment. It should be festively decorated with balloons, serpentine, rain, flower garlands, draped fabrics..

Tax style buyback

Tax buyback scenario

The groom meets friends at the entrance of the witness:

-Hello! Groom, why are you so smart? Do you want to get married? And I already decided on the bride?

The guy says that he has already chosen a future wife.


“Well, if so, then we won’t torment you with various trials, we’ll act like a real tax inspection - pay us a ransom, and take your darling, stomp with it to the registry office.

The groom pays as much as they said.

Redemption bride in tax style


–Traditionally wash our successful deal!

Verka Serduchka appears:

“Where is my fiancé?” Wow, how handsome! I agree to all the terms, take me!

He approaches the groom, throws himself on his neck:

–Make me rather marry!

He unlocks, does not want to take it.

Verka Serdiuchka:

- How is it not? Well, I’ve bobbed you so many times in a dream! While traveling in my SV, all my dreams were only about such a handsome man! I’ll make you such a soup, dumplings! Real jam! Spread the little gorilochki, and then (meaningful pause). Just look at me, what a garnish girl I am! (sticks out a bust). Do you know how much I was married? Already 10 times! No one has complained yet!


The groom continues to deny.

Verka Serduchka indignantly:

-Ah well! Then you’ll bite your elbows that you didn’t want such a beauty! There will be no discounts for you on the railway, you will walk on rails! I’ll choose a richer foreign tourist! And you will be responsible for moral damage before the court!

The witness advises the groom to buy off the obsessive aunt with vodka and money. Serduchka is angry, but takes the money. Shouting: Pay green! And a valuable gift come on!

Witness to the groom:

- Tell me, what girl do you want to marry? describer her!

The bride and groom lists the character traits of his beloved.


–This is, but it costs more.

The groom pays the indicated amount of money.

- Only here you can’t get off with money alone, show your feelings! Sing a love song, or tell a verse, and there the bride herself will come out!

Guy is singing.


Elena the Beautiful appears:

- Who is singing so wonderfully? Right the nightingale is poured! Is it really my narrow, clear hawk? I want him to sing like this all day, from morning to evening. Where is my darling?

Goes around all the guests, takes each hand and looks into the eyes.

The bride and groom again does not agree to such a bride, buys money to buy a music center.


“What a picky fiancé we have!” Well, there is one NZ. The girl is both beautiful and smart.

It turns out Vasilisa the Wise, on it is a kokoshnik, in the hands of a book:

- I just returned from a business trip, the king-priest sent to the thirtieth kingdom for a training course. He manages the tax office with us. I learned a lot of new and interesting things there. I look, our groom is also very smart. Guess the riddle. What is a TIN?

The groom is in charge.

- And what is your TIN? Not true, there is no such INN! For your ignorance, pay me a tax! Keep a smart book, read, you'll know.

He hands the book to the young man, but quickly takes it back. Outraged:

-Wow! I wanted for nothing! She costs 300 dollars! Yes, even VAT! Plus 5% sales tax!

- I wanted to marry him, but he was unreliable, his TIN does not remember. I will choose for myself a married person at the Academy of Management.



- We all liked you (the name of the groom) that he did not exchange his betrothed for such beauties. With a clear conscience, I hand you the keys to your beloved apartment, play a wedding! Wait, fulfill another wish. Shout to the bride that you love her, so that she can hear through the closed door.

Groom pass to the bride.

The process of buying the bride must take pictures and videos to leave a memory and after many years to be able to return again to these wonderful days. The professionalism of the photographer and videographer will play a role, you will receive an interesting film about the wedding, which will show future generations.