Redemption of the bride in folk style


Previously, a man, in order to marry his beloved, had to redeem her from his parents. This tradition has survived to this day, only now friends, close people of the bride accept the ransom. They come up with fiancé, as well as friends, of funny contests, with the help of which the contender for the girl’s heart proves her love. Now it’s fashionable to organize thematic events, which include the ransom of the bride in a folk style. How to make such a ransom?


For the ransom to be successful, carefully prepare for it. Take care of acquiring the right props for the celebration. Decorate the room according to Russian folk traditions. Bridesmaids should distribute roles among themselves and learn words from the script. Organize video and photography so that after the wedding you will remember the fun moments of the event.

Ransom in folk style

Redemption details

To organize the ransom, you will need the following items:

  1. Darts.
  2. Toy sword.
  3. A poster with children's photos of all the girlfriends, among which should be a photo of the bride.
  4. Glass of water.


Bridesmaids, witnesses, the groom and their friends take part in the ransom. The production must involve at least three girls. If there are more bridesmaids, separate the words accordingly. Participants in the ransom dress according to the folk style: men - harem pants and shirts, girls - flared skirts and corsets. Distribute roles among you, learn words and start the performance!

Ransom in a folk style bride

Room decoration

The ransom event takes place at the entrance of the house where the bride lives. On the way to the apartment, the groom must fulfill tasks, desires. The staircase must be decorated in accordance with the Russian style. A good version of the decor is an artificial web hanging around it, pots on poles placed on the staircases. The poster must be aged using scissors and a lighter. Decorate the entrance with twigs, rushnyks, wildflowers. You can also hang a poster that says «Hello, good fellow!»


Scenario redemption of the bride in the Russian folk style

To make it interesting and original, the ransom must be diversified with fun contests. It is necessary to distribute roles and learn words in advance. Then the event will be held without force majeure.

The ransom begins with the arrival of the future spouse of the girl. It is advisable that the groom come on horseback. Friends are in a horse-drawn cart. Traditional Russian costumes on men will create the right atmosphere. As soon as the cart approached the door, the action begins:

Girlfriend 1:

- Dear guests, gentlemen, what have you forgotten in our land?


- Arrived for the bride!

Girlfriend 2:

- We have a girl alone, a written beauty. The white-faced girl, slim, beautiful, young. The eye cannot be taken away from her! But in order to get such a treasure, you have to prove to us, well done, that you really are her narrowed one. For this you will perform our tasks!

The groom agrees, and the girls charge the first fee from him. To do this, you need a glass half filled with water:

Girlfriend 3:

- Just do not give up the girl. We wish you to show us your heroic generosity with the help of a special rite. To do this, throw here (gives the glass) so many gold coins so that water begins to pour over the edge.

scenario bride ransom folk style

After the groom performs the task, the procession enters the porch. At the entrance there is a poster with children's photos of the bridesmaids and the girl herself.

Girlfriend 1:

- I see, well done you are generous, but are you smart? Now check your inventiveness! It is for you «Enchanted Mirror» (serving the groom a poster with a photo). Well guess where is yours (name of the bride)?

For each mistake, a fine is imposed, which is set by the girls themselves. With a subsequent error, the size of the fine increases. After completing this task, go to the following:

Girlfriend 2:

“Well, well done, our clever man, he guessed our riddle.” But is it clever? We learn this with the help of fiery spears that need to hit the target (gives the groom darts). Can you?


A man must hit the target. For every miss you have to pay.

Girlfriend 3:

“You showed us the dexterity, generosity and wit of a hero.” And now there was a chance to show you your strong power. The Serpent-Gorynych locked our damsel in the room, and left the key for himself. To get to him, you need to kill the villain. Do you have a holy sword?

The groom answers in the negative, then the girls sell him a toy sword. Further «well done» lead up the stairs to the construction of basins, rags, bowls, under which the key to the apartment should lie. The guy destroys the building with his sword and takes out the key. After that, the groom is allowed to unlock the door.

Girlfriend 1:

- Well done is not simple, but a skilled craftsman! You passed all the tests, you found the red girl. Now feel free to take her to the registry office!

Process video

An interesting and unusual ransom of the bride in the Russian folk style will bring a lot of pleasure to all participants of the event. Take care of all the details in advance, and you will remember for a long time about this event with a smile on your face!

This video will help you better understand the features of the ransom: