Ransom bride in travel style


An integral part of the wedding is the ransom of the bride. The thematic abduction is always original, unforgettable, fun. Spend a similar process in a certain scenario, giving yourself a lot of positive, unforgettable emotions. A travel-style bride redemption is a romantic adventure and a great alternative to a standard outstanding wedding.


Traveling is an inexhaustible topic. It will be easy to find a lot of original contests for buying a bride in the style of an exciting trip. Stages of preparation:

  • Come up with role text.
  • Identify actors.
  • Rehearse text.
  • Choose style details.
  • Place the ransom venue with the appropriate attributes.

The script should be interesting as well as tireless for the groom and the bride. Redemption - up to 50 minutes. During this time, do no more than three to four tests..

Ransom bride in travel style

Redemption details

To get the bride ransom in the travel style, use the appropriate thematic attributes:

  • Stylistic pirate costumes designed for bridesmaids.
  • Costumes for sailors - for young friends of the same style.
  • Suitcase.

Ransom in travel style

  • the globe.
  • World map for clues.
  • Circle from darts for testing about feelings.
  • Cards with inscriptions: «love», «like», «adore», «I can not live without my beloved», «getting married».
  • Casket with a letter.
  • Casket Key.
  • Letter of the bride.


The main characters of the ransom bride:

  • Pirates - Bridesmaids.
  • Assistant to the main pirate (brother or sister of the newlyweds).
  • Groom, witness - sailors, adventurers.
  • Photographer who takes the whole process.
  • If desired, a guide who can guide everyone through «the paths» an amazing trip. This role will be played by a qualified toastmaster.

Room decoration

Use the attributes as close as possible to the theme of the room. Start by building your driveway floor. Tie the stairs with ropes or decorate with nautical knots. Decorate the area in front of the door to the apartment with balls or stylish compositions from them. Attach a do-it-yourself poster to the door with the inscription: «Fascinating, you, travel!». Decorate the wedding car in a similar style..

Ransom bride in travel style

Travel-style buyback scenario

According to the scenario, start from the moment when the bridegroom with the witness climbs the stairs. Near the front door two friends of the hero of the occasion will already be standing:

- Your bride is not in the registry office - flew to where it is warm! Such a travel lover! Well, find your beloved, our friend? Let's go show what you are capable of for the sake of our queen!

The young one goes in the indicated direction, one girlfriend takes out a large suitcase with all the thematic attributes.

- Well done, our fiance is not afraid of difficulties on the way to his happiness! Well, let's start the test. What is your favorite country of your soulmate? Do you know? Will you guess?

Photo: ransom bride in travel style

Girlfriend pirate gives «protagonist» globe and asks to designate one country. Then, if he doesn’t guess, they give him a world map with hints. Three states have already been marked on the map, where they could go «escaped» bride. The future husband guesses the country, then receives a circle from the darts. By hanging the target on the wall, the one who plays the role of assistant to the chief pirate attaches cards with inscriptions to it.

“Drop the darts until you determine the most correct feeling that you have for our bride!” But look, try to get the first time, just like your beloved hit the cupid with an arrow right in your heart! Choose one single goal!

The groom gets the first or second time, and after that is rewarded with the key to the box.

Pirate Witness:

–You proved yourself as a real fighter who can find all kinds of ways to his beloved! Take this key as a symbol of your strong love!


The protagonist of the ransom opens the box with the key and finds the letter in the envelope, sees his name on it. Next reads the message. It clearly indicates the place of expectation of the beloved - this is another room in the apartment where all the actions take place. The groom bursts in there, the newlyweds meet.

Process video

Watch the video, which clearly shows how the ransom in the style of a pirate journey occurs:

The abduction of the bride at the wedding is a responsible process, and the mood of all participants in the ransom and wedding celebration depends on how interesting it will be. Script buyback «travel» will be an original, unforgettable adventure for the young. All guests will remember such a holiday for a long time..