Interview bride style


Traditionally, before the wedding ceremony, the groom redeems his beloved. The ransom used to be a necessity, an essential element of matchmaking, but now this event is purely symbolic. Modern wedding fashion provides for the organization of themed celebrations in different styles, so a ransom in the style of an interview is a great way for the groom and the bride to have fun together with their friends. How to arrange such an event?

Interview bride style


Carefully prepare for the event to avoid incidents, force majeure. The style of the interview is not so complicated, besides it is close to the newlyweds, who at least once got a job. Think over the script, assign roles, and then begin to learn your words. Do not forget to prepare the necessary props, find a suitable room for the process, then in addition to the wedding you will be happy to remember the bride’s ransom!

Redemption requisite

The following items are indispensable:

  • Costumes (official style) - pencil skirts, strict plain blouses, high-heeled shoes for women; snow-white shirts, polished shoes for men.
  • Inscription sign «Human Resources Department».
  • Large notebook.
  • Radio controlled toy car.
  • Chupa Chups.

Interview bride style


Interviews for the position of the future husband can be the bridesmaids. The style of the event is business, rigorous. The main role - the head of the personnel department - should be given to a witness who will cope with this important matter, because she must keep the entire event under control. The remaining girlfriends will be involved in the ransom as secretary.

Room decoration

The action is preferably carried out at home at the bride. One room was given to the hero of the occasion, arrange the other according to the office style: in the middle there is a large desk, next to the boss's chair, on the table are papers, a stapler, pens, pencils. Also do not forget to put a sign «Human Resources Department», invite the secretary. In a word, show the workflow so that the applicant does not have doubts about the reality of what’s happening.

Interview bride style

Interview-style ransom scenario

The secretary meets the groom on the doorstep of the apartment, tells him:

- Welcome to the company «Cool brides», (Name of the groom). Follow me, I will take you to our boss’s office.

After that, the secretary leads the groom with a witness to the head of the personnel department (KOK) to determine the suitability of the position. There is a witness to the upcoming wedding. ZOK:

- Greetings! Heard pretending to be a bridegroom? I can offer some really good vacancies (opens a large notebook and shows vacancies): husband of Baba Yaga, Mermaid Ariel or (Name of the bride). Ready to give a brief description of all three brides. Baba Yaga is an old dry woman, Mermaid Ariel is moody, tailed, and also smells of fish. Anna (the name of the bride) is a written beauty, a wonderful hostess, wise beyond her years. What vacancy do you choose?

Interview bride style

The future husband calls the name of his beloved, after which the most interesting begins. Secretary:

- Since there are many applicants, we must check your personal qualities, make sure that you are suitable for this work. We warn that for incorrectly completed tasks, you will be forced to pay a fine for the development of our company. You are ready?

After the groom responds with consent, the first test begins for him. ZOK:

- We accept employees exclusively with excellent memory. Let's check how well you remember important dates from life? Answer the following questions:

  1. Bride's date of birth?
  2. Mobile Phone Number (Bride Name)?
  3. Number of the apartment in which you are located?
  4. Date you met with (Bride Name)?
  5. Sweetheart age?


For each incorrect answer, a fine is imposed, the amount of which is determined by the witness along with her friends. Secretary:

- Working in any position in our company requires the presence of ingenuity, as well as a remarkable mind, so we need to check how well you, a young man, cope with unexpected tasks. For each letter in the bride’s name, come up with a compliment for her.

After successfully completing this quest, prepare a lollipop. ZOK:

- Congratulations, so far you meet all the criteria of a candidate for the position of the future husband of our bride you are interested in. We are interested in another skill - can you sing? To occupy a position, we are looking for a person with creative skills. Please get an impromptu microphone, sing us some song!

Interview bride style

The groom is trying to sing a song to the friendly applause of all the ransom participants. After that, he needs to complete the final task of the entire event. Secretary:

- Among other things, for the desired position, you will need the ability to drive a car. We need to make sure how well you handle the car. Park our vehicles in the parking lot as accurately as possible, without damaging other cars. For each damaged car - fine.

The groom is led to an improvised parking of toy cars, handed the control panel from the machine. When he successfully completes the task, the witness, along with her bridesmaids, congratulate him on his enrollment in the staff of the company. ZOK:

- Congratulations, (Name of the groom), you meet all our requirements! This means that you are appointed to the vacant position of the bridegroom of our bride. I ask you to start your duties - take the bride to the registry office to fill out the order for appointment to this position.

Process video

Watch this video and get a lot of ideas for a successful ransom:

Ransom is an integral fun part of a wedding. It will give a celebration a highlight, fill the holiday with positive emotions and a good mood. Relate to the preparation of the ransom with responsibility - and all participants in the event will remember him for many years after the wedding!