Grandma-style bride ransom


The modern bride ransom is, above all, an original performance designed to cheer up the heroes of the occasion and the guests present before the official part of the celebration. Every organizer planning such a holiday wants everything to be fun and unique. Redemption of the bride in the style of grandmothers is a humorous event where the groom will be forced to take trials, participate in funny contests, and most importantly, the grandmothers at the entrance who are familiar to everyone will be leading.


Preparing this event is relatively simple. Bridesmaids with a witness should come up with contests, games for the groom, and then include them in the script. For the bride ransom to go perfectly, all participants will have to learn the text well and conduct several rehearsals in advance. Do not forget about the typical conversation for neighbors' grandmothers - in order to amuse those present, you will have to carefully select thematic words.

Grandma-style bride ransom

Everything will go well if the girlfriends are thoroughly prepared for.

Redemption requisite

For every interesting ransom, you need a props that will help create an additional atmosphere, as well as things necessary during contests / puzzles. Examples of props for the redemption of grandmothers see below:

  • Clothing. To create a grandmother's style, we will need several main things: the first and most important thing is a head scarf, colorful, bright, with shiny threads. A large stretched sweater or jacket with buttons, a long skirt to the middle of the ankle, loafers. Grandma-girlfriends can complement the style of other accessories with large beads, rings, a wand.

Grandma style ransom

  • Gopnik clothing Adidas two-strip pants, sweatshirt, cap-duck, sports sneakers or pointed shoes; tongs, lipstick, cream, tonale, etc.
  • Cards with true or false facts about a sweetheart.
  • Suit of the groom, decorated car, bouquet, props necessary for testing «Fake groom».
  • Long rope.

Grandma-style bride ransom

  • A rope with many knots tied up by a bride.
  • Chair, sheet, bonnet, baby nipple.
  • Balloon.

Grandma-style bride ransom


The main characters during the ransom from the grandmother:

  • Grannies - Bridesmaids.
  • Gopnik, who meet the narrowed in the entrance.
  • Narrowed, as well as a witness with guests.
  • Team of bride guests for a tug of war competition.
  • Photographer who will take action on photo and video.

Room decoration

It is possible to arrange a ransom venue in different ways, for example, put proactive signs everywhere «No smoking!», «Do not litter!», «Do not go!», «Keep quiet!», «Do not spoil the shops!», under each write a fine of 1000 rubles. Girls can decorate the porch with independently painted themed posters, newspapers, and arrange board games everywhere. In the form of prizes for good results at competitions, seeds that grandmothers love so much.


Grandmother-style buyback scenario

When the groom drives up to his beloved’s house, he sees a strange picture: in front of the entrance there is a car decorated with flowers and ribbons, and next to the car there is a man in a suit, with a bouquet, a boutonniere - this begins the ransom of the grandmother’s bride. The bridegroom gets out of the car, and the other groom is loudly interested in the number of the bride’s apartment with the grandmothers who are sitting on the bench. Grandmothers answer:

- My dear, so are you to (Name of the bride) of ours? Wow, the girl grew so fast! Just yesterday I ran here, remember, Irene Ivanna?

–How to forget! So naughty, active, and now look!

“We will tell you the number, but how could you not learn something?” Oh (paying attention to the groom), and who is this with us? Who are you, my dear? Also, well, to the bride?

Suzhenny replies that he came just to the bride.

“Well, how is that, Mary Petrovna, to have two grooms to the same bride?” Is this fashion so young now? Are you both going to get married?

Fake Groom:

“No, only one of us!” And it will be me.

The real betrothed denies, then the grandmothers again intervene:

“Ohhhhhh, this is news!” You know, we know this mischief from childhood, so I think we can resolve your difficult dispute. Let's test! The real groom probably knows much more about her lover, so we will ask you a few questions about the facts from her biography.

- Well thought out, Irene Ivanna! Whoever gives more answers, we will skip: marry ours (Name of the bride).

Grandmothers ask grooms questions about the bride, the fake groom does not give a single answer, only gets out, the real one answers correctly at least more than once (do not ask too complicated questions). When grandmothers understand who is truly narrow-minded, they say:

-All clear! We have identified a true bridegroom worthy of marrying this wonderful girl! So the march is from here, rogue (turning to the fake groom)! Look what you’re planning, to deceive us and to take our bride!

The impostor runs away, the second grandmother throws a stone after him:

–Run-run, so that you trample the soles!

- So is this a girl waiting for you? Well, you can’t command the Heart, I’m sure that our girl in a good person will not be mistaken. However! As those who saw the bride grow, we cannot remain aloof. Convince us that you are the one she needs.


- That's right, Mary Petrovna. You will have to pass a few tests. Here is a girl, our real beauty. You’ll wear it in your arms?

The groom replies that he will.

- Good. And show us on the witness how you will wear!

Suzhenny raises a witness.

“Do you have strength, but is it strong?” Irin Ivanna, pull the rope!

Grandma brings a rope, followed by several male guests from the bride.

- To prove our strength, we will conduct an old Russian competition - tug of war! If you are strong and you will defeat the other team, we will skip without problems, but no, so who knows, we can agree.

If the future spouse wins with the team, proceeds to the next test, no - pays grandmothers.

- Well, Irene Ivanna, say, hero?

- What a hero, Mary Petrovna! Worthy of our bride!

- The first test you passed, then we will test your imagination. The girl is tender, like a flower, and in order for the flower to be healthy, you need to water it, fertilize it!

Grandmothers and the groom go into the porch, take a long rope with a dozen knots.

- So a beautiful girl must be fertilized with beautiful, affectionate words. Beloved herself knotted the knots on the rope, and you have to untie them, my dear.

- But that's not all! When you unleash, you must speak kind words without stopping. As you untie the knot a notch you can rise. And you will forget the word, so we will tell you for a fee.

The betrothed performs the test, the grandmothers go up the stairs with him, they are met by an unpleasant company of gopniks, who immediately begins to pester the groom:


- Oh, who is it here with us? There is no smoking?

- Hear, Vasek, this is not to (Name of the bride) by chance?


- To her, to her that you are attached, youth!

Gopnik, addressing the hero of the occasion:

“So your bride owes us a lot, so let's figure it out.” Salvage is?


“Well, stop this conversation!” Vasya, Dim, what do you want to bring us to the grave?!


- Well, Irene Ivanna, I'm sorry. Well, let’s give the kid an opportunity to redeem the debt in another way: here’s those women’s bag - put your hand in without looking, tell me what the item is.

The future spouse tries to guess things, if not guesses - pays.

- Ha ha ha, that’s what I understand. Come on in, man!

Grandmothers with the hero of the occasion go further, in front of the bride’s apartment there is a chair on which lies a large sheet, a children's bonnet, a nipple. Granny:

- My dear, we see that you will be a good husband strong, affectionate! Now show me and Mary Petrovna that you will also be a good father, swaddle a witness, lull him to sleep, lullaby!

Married, as he knows, performs the task. Another grandmother says:

- Look! Jack of all trades our master! What a fabulous bride grabbed, and?

Leading together with the participants enter the apartment.

- And now the last test. Take a balloon and throw it away! The farther away the more steps you take.

- For the remaining money you will give us. And what? The pension is now small, you have to pay for the light. Well give it up!

The future husband throws the ball, takes steps, pays money for each next to the bride's room. Buyback ends.

Process video

See the bride’s hilarious ransom, which will help you get interesting ideas for contests, trials for the bridegroom during the ransom from grandmothers:

Redemption of the bride in the original style of grandmothers is a unique event that will amuse the guests, and most importantly, make the heroes of the occasion smile. To make the beginning of the wedding day interesting, carefully prepare the script, the room, check the knowledge of the roles by the participants.