Ransom bride shoes


The beginning of any Slavic wedding, whether it is a traditional registration in a registry office or a solemn exit ceremony, becomes a ransom. This part of the holiday is prepared by the witness and bridesmaids. Girls understand that «are selling» beloved girlfriend, so the groom must try to get his beloved. The second test for the young and his friends is the ransom of the newlywed's shoe. It is better to carry it out in a fun way: to prepare for the young complex obstacles, overcoming which he will be able to show his strength, mind, ingenuity.

The tradition of foreclosure shoes bride

Even in Ancient Russia there was a tradition of bridesmaids taking a shoe from a bride. If the shoes were suitable in size, the friend kept the shoe for herself and could demand a ransom from the groom. So the young one passed the test, because independent and prosperous men will never beg to return the shoe for free. On the contrary, they will make every effort to return the shoes to the bride - such an important detail of the wedding image. And as a reward, the groom offered the witness not only money, but also other pleasant gifts, such as sweets, flowers, fruits.

The modern custom of foreclosure has changed somewhat and has become more like a fun competition than bidding. When the holiday is in full swing, the host announces time for dancing, but suddenly the bride discovers the slipper is missing. The girl will not be able to dance in this form, so the loss must be quickly found. At this time, thieves are announced (often it is the bride’s girlfriend or the groom’s witness with friends) who ask for a ransom for the shoe. «Criminals» may require currency, but more often they offer to complete several tasks for the young.

Ransom bride shoes

Bride slipper redemption scenario

Guests and young people gathered in the banquet hall, have already managed to drink and eat. Having fun at competitions, dances, the young discover that someone has stolen the bride’s shoe. What to do, where to look for the loss? We must soon return the newlywed such an important thing. The task of saving the shoe rests with the young, male friends and the witness.

Toastmaster's announcement of shoe theft


- Guests, guests, what’s going on?

At our holiday, a thief showed up!

The most expensive took -

Shameless stole the bride’s slipper!

To return the young lost shoes, we ask you to go to the center of the two most courageous men - the groom and the witness.

You were strictly ordered to watch the bride!

What can you do?!

Such a mistake will not be forgiven,

And the difficulty of the tasks, alas, will not be knocked off!

Don’t offer us money;.


- Dear groom, we want to know what family life awaits you. Before you are three cups of water:

  1. In one salt - drink from it, then life will be bitter.
  2. The second water is acidic, you choose it, you and your wife will sag for no reason.
  3. The third water is sweet, guess which one - the marriage will be happy.

- Choose a cup rather and drink. And by your face we will understand what life awaits you and the bride.

Redemption of the newlywed shoe


- The choice was difficult, you need to give the groom a little rest and reward courage with a pleasant test. To barefoot bride did not freeze, the young must warm her with kisses! You need as many kisses as the size of the missing shoe. Each time the groom must kiss in a new place.


“So dishonest that all the laurels go to the bride!” Surely the other women in the audience also want kisses! If the young one wants to buy the bride’s shoe, he must come up with something.


“Indeed, it is unfair.” Witness, all hope for you. There are many ladies in the hall who need attention. You need to have time to kiss the assembled women on the cheeks while the groom will push up from the floor. Remember the speed, do not let the young one spend all the remaining forces on this test.

When the competition is over, the host invites the groom for a new task:

- The newly made husband was not able to buy the bride’s shoe. While the young one does not have the opportunity to dance, you will have one to swell. And for dancing you can call friends. Climb onto a chair so you can be seen better, and show what you can do.

The witness picks up a plate and asks the witness:

- What is it?

He answers:

- Plate.


- Wrong, this is the target.

After which the girl puts a plate five meters from the young, brings a witness to her, puts his index finger in the center and says:

- You, my dear friend, need to go around the plate several times with music and our applause, without taking your finger from its center. There should be as many turns as the wedding date (or how many months young together).

After the man completes the task, the witness gives him the allegedly slipper of the bride (and in fact the front one) and asks to crawl under the table and put it on the newlywed's leg. Believe me, the test for the bride and groom will be difficult, because with a dizzy head it is so simple not to perform it. And what a disappointment awaits a man when the shoe does not fit the bride in size.


- We will no longer torment the young, we need to return the shoe. But first, let the groom agree on the price of the ransom with the girlfriends of the bride (bidding is held in free form).


- Well, the groom, yours took,

Here is the bride shoe.

Go soon to the young,

Shoe it and calm.

Wedding shoe buyout scenario

Tests for the groom and his team

The redemption of a wedding shoe should not be delayed; a 15-minute program is enough. Thinking through tasks and competitions, it should be understood how much the groom or friend is ready to fulfill them. It’s better not to scoff at the guests so as not to spoil the holiday with someone’s bad mood. We recommend that you pay attention to contests that will not cause inconvenience and everyone will like it:

  1. The bridegroom is handed an apple in which a large number of matches are stuck, one of them should be short. The young must draw matches and each time call the bride with an affectionate word until a short.
  2. To buy a shoe, a young one has to get to the bride along a path of different colors. White and red paper daisies are laid out on the floor. I stepped on the red - say a pleasant word about the bride, on the white - with what word will you scold your beloved. And do not want to reproach, then pay.
  3. As a ransom, ask the witness and friends to place in three vessels what rings, rustles and pours.
  4. The young man is given a half-filled glass and asked to show how great his love for the bride is, with the help of coins that he should throw there. If the water goes over the edge, then love is boundless.
  5. The male team, led by a witness, is given large cards with letters. Guys must attach cards to those parts of the body that begin with the indicated letters, and most importantly - to keep the props. The winner is the one who manages to place more cards on the body.

The bride puts on a shoe

Contests for the bride and her bridesmaids

Sponges. On a large sheet of paper, the bride and her friends leave vivid prints of kisses. To redeem a bride, the bride and groom must guess which lip print belongs to her lover. To complicate the task, you can write under each option the amount of the fine that the groom will pay in an unsuccessful attempt.

Fisherman. A bride and several girlfriends are hiding behind a screen. Each finger is tied a ribbon or thread, the ends of which show the groom. When the bride and groom pulls the ribbon, that girl comes out to him, to whose finger a ribbon is tied. The host invites the groom to marry the lady who has appeared, or pay a fine. The competition runs until the bride is guessed.

Find the shoe. Having overcome all the trials, the bridesmaids offer the bride and groom the last task. Among the large number of shoe boxes, the groom must find the one in which the treasured shoe is located. For each incorrectly guessed box, a man must pay a ransom to his girlfriends.

A man drinks from a bride’s shoe

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Do not chase patterns when planning to buy a shoe for a bride. Let the contest be held in an original style. Perhaps the upcoming event has a specific theme, then the ransom can be arranged in the same style. For example, a successful decision would be to buy a shoe based on the beloved fairy tale «Cinderella», whose heroine also lost her shoes. Moreover, the husband can play the role of a prince, the host will transform into a fairy, and the witnesses will be the gloomy daughters of the stepmother. Experiment with the competition script, try to make the ransom truly original.