Redemption of the bride in the style of the film


What does a wedding usually start with? With the fact that the groom, along with the witness and closest friends, comes for the bride. But she will not be given back without a ransom. The more interesting the ransom of the bride will be organized, the better the mood will be for the guests. For lovers of old Soviet cinema, a bride’s ransom in the style of the film, created based on well-known films: Diamond Hand, Ivan Vasilievich changes his profession, the Caucasian captive, Operation Y and other Shurik’s adventures, is suitable.

Redemption of the bride in the style of the film


The main point of organizing the bride buyback will be writing a script and selecting the necessary props. The task of the witness, along with the bridesmaids, is to carefully consider contests and trials. There should be a lot of them, but not too many. The entire redemption procedure takes from twenty minutes to an hour, do not drag it out longer, the bride and groom are expected in the registry office.

Redemption of the bride in the style of the film

Redemption details

In order for the ransom of the bride to become a bright, impressive spectacle, it is necessary to get as close as possible to the atmosphere of the films taken as a basis. It will help to do the right props, outfits for the main performers of roles:

  • Restaurant table with disposable dishes, food.
  • Bottle of vodka filled with water.
  • Champagne bottle.
  • Weeping Willow and Time Machine.
  • Costumes of Tsar Ivan the Terrible, two Dzhigits, two policemen.
  • Cloak.
  • Clothing of oriental dancers (2 costumes).
  • Real live chicken.
  • Working tape recorder.
  • Playing cards.
  • Transistors.
  • Burqa.

Redemption of the bride in the style of the film


Roles between redemption actors are distributed in advance. Contractors must clearly understand the sequence of the competitions and the task set for them.

The main characters of the festive performance:

  • Leading.
  • The groom.
  • Witness.
  • Semen Semenovich Gorbunkov.
  • Witness.
  • Huckster.
  • Tsar Ivan the Terrible.
  • Girl wearing a burqa.
  • Two horsemen.
  • Two police officers.
  • Girl lida.

Room decoration

Room decoration plays a huge role in the process of buying a bride in the style of a film. The room should:

  • To be beautiful, solemn, brightly, festively decorated.
  • Outwardly correspond to the era when the film was shot.

To begin with, you should arrange an improvised summer restaurant near the bride’s house with a sign Weeping Willow, equip it with a table, chairs. On the table to put food, champagne, glasses. Nearby is an old tape recorder, music is playing - a popular song about hares..


Later, the action will move to the elevator, on the door of which the Time Machine sign hangs and continues on the landing, festively decorated with balloons, confetti, paper flowers, as shown in the photo.

Redemption of the bride in the style of the film

The final venue for the ransom of the bride is the girl’s apartment. It also needs to be properly decorated with balloons, ribbons, garlands, serpentine.


Movie-style buyback scenario

Every bride wants to prove that she is worth a lot, so that her beloved boyfriend will be tortured a little during the ransom, and he showed himself to be a real man worthy of her love. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the writing of the ransom scenario responsibly, to think through everything to the smallest detail, to foresee possible surprises. Make it together with the bridesmaids, let the future mother-in-law join in this matter, then the responsibility will be divided into all. Use quotes from popular, beloved films.

The version of the bride redemption scenario that we have provided is simple and accessible for everyone to remember. Improvisations are allowed that make the ransom process fun, perky. You can use it in full or in part by selecting individual storylines..

The groom and his company drive up to the bride's house. There, a huckster casually approaches them.


- There are no cigarettes?

After that leaves.


- Hello, honest company! Have you come for the bride? They drove for a long time, the bride had already changed her mind about getting married.

The groom and the boys persistently insist on picking up the bride.


- Do not even argue with me! You late! But the chef (i.e. the bride) gives you one last chance. You will perform a secret operation called «Operation Ransom or other adventures». Do you agree? Then we will take you to the Weeping Willow restaurant, where it will begin.

All come to a restaurant imitated right next to the house. Semen Semenovich Gorbunkov sits at a set table, listens to a song about rabbits from the movie Diamond Hand .


- Semyon Semenovich, do you have a conscience? It's a shame, like, only morning!

Witness introduces Gorbunkov to the groom.


- Good afternoon, young man! Are you looking for someone? And let's have a drink, I have a toast for getting to know!

Fills glasses, everyone drinks for an acquaintance.



- Listen, but I didn’t recognize you right away! Why are you shaving your mustache, durik?

He asks the witness:

- Why did Volodka shave his mustache?

The witness is responding.


- Sorry, missed it. Why are you so smart today? I’ve decided to marry? Why do you need it? We will check now!

There are dishes on the table; inscriptions are attached to the invisible side of it: «Love like crazy», «You must Fedya, you must!», «I demand a continuation of the banquet», «Komsomol, sportswoman and just a beauty», «The girl has her own apartment».

The groom should name the correct option («Love like crazy»), then turn the dishes over and read. If you have not guessed, pays a fine.

Gorbunkov pretends to be completely drunk:

- Well, I'm tired with you, I'm really hungry! Let's have 150 more and have a bite. Witness game!

Redemption of the bride in the movie

The witness is bewildered, does not know where to get the game. Then a huckster comes to the company, opens his cloak and says quietly:

- I need a chicken?

The groom with a witness, having haggled with a huckster, buys a chicken and gives it to Semyon Semenovich. He answers:

- Thank you guys! And you, the groom, I wish you family well-being. As you will be with us in Kolyma - you are welcome!


- And we move on. Now I will show you the attraction of this house. One of our residents created a time machine. Let's try it.

All come up to the elevator. The groom with a witness and a videographer takes the elevator several floors higher. The rest go up the stairs. The elevator door opens, they see Tsar Ivan the Terrible. King:

- Demons! Demons!

Photo: Redemption of the bride in the style of the film

The groom makes excuses that they are not demons. Conversation begins.


- Oh, how hard it is for me! Well, be honest, just don't lie to me, you're not a demon?

The groom answers something to him. All the other guests fit here. The king shakes hands with everyone:

- Good afternoon! Very nice - king.


- There is a small problem. Our time machine has transistors gone bad. Here is how Ivan Vasilievich ended up here. You just need to find new transistors to send the king in his time.

A huckster appears and whispers to the groom:

- Transistors are needed?


- Something vague doubts torment me. Shpak lost the tape recorder, the ambassador’s medallion.


- What are you hinting at, the royal face?

After the auction, the bridegroom with the witness buys transistors and passes it to the witness.

The king hands him a bottle of vodka and glasses:

- Lepota, aniseed vodka! Come on, pour it, drink for your noblewoman!


The groom pours, gives the king a glass. He is wary:

- Drink it first from my cup!

The groom drinks from a glass of the king.

Two policemen are suitable:

- Your documents? Did you know that drinking alcohol is prohibited in a public place?


The groom argues with them, proves that they are at a wedding.

Police officers:

- Good. Then please answer some questions..

Police officers ask the groom questions:

- In which apartment does the bride live?

- Does the bride have a car, what color?

- What school did she graduate from??

- What dress did the bride put on for prom??

If the answers are incorrect, the groom pays a ransom.


- Well, everything is clear. We must take this groom for fifteen days. Come with us.

Rise to the floor above.

- So, comrades alcoholics, parasites! Would you like to work? There are several objects for you..


- Announce, please, the entire list!


- Cleaning the territory - two people. Wine factory - nothing. Construction, there you go! You will build a house for a young family!


The groom is given playing cards, together with friends he must build a large house of cards in three minutes. If successfully built, they are passed on. And if the house is overwhelmed, they pay a ransom.

Everyone comes to the bride’s apartment. There, at the entrance, a girl Lida meets them and tells the groom:

- Hello! Tell me, did it happen to you that you enter the apartment for the first time, and you have the feeling that you were already here? Everything is familiar - furniture, smells. Prove that you are exactly the person you impersonate, then I will let you go further.


The bridegroom is blindfolded and allowed to feel different objects, he must guess them. For the wrong answers, he pays a ransom.

Girl Lida:

- And now the control two questions.

- What do you have in common with the girl from this apartment? (Love)

- What are you creating today? (Family)

Lida lets everyone into the bride’s apartment.

In the room sits a girl in a burqa, next to her are two horsemen.



- Meet our fiance!

The first dzhigit shakes his hand, but quickly pulls it away from the pain.

The second dzhigit repeats the gesture of Y. Nikulin from the film «Caucasian captive».

Girl in a burqa:

- Listen, the groom! Your bride was stolen. A large ransom is required for it - 20 sheep and a new refrigerator. If you don’t give a ransom, then marry me! These are my brothers, they do not speak Russian, but everyone understands.

Dzhigits nod. One of them says:

- Bakramara, kursak!


- You brought gifts for your sister?

Groom gives the girl candy and champagne.

Second Dzhigit:

- Bambarbia, kergudu!


“If you don't want to marry me, he will kill you.” Joke!

“You liked me.” I have to help you. I love music. My favorite song will play now, and you and the witness will have to dance for me.

The groom and the witness dress up in oriental costumes, include a song «If I were a Sultan». The girl, singing along, dancing with them.


After this test, the groom is allowed into the room to the bride. Buyback ends.

They say there is no limit to perfection. There is no limit to your imagination when drawing up your own version of the script.