Redemption of the bride in the style of a teacher


The school time has passed, you have to learn much more serious lessons, but it is so nice to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of educational everyday life, unlearned assignments, strict teachers, fair grades for knowledge, funny short changes. Redemption of a bride in the style of a teacher is a way to return many years ago. Such an event will allow the groom to feel like a schoolboy again, who has to pass the most important exams of his life - they will give him the right to marry his girlfriend.


Bridesmaids are to prepare the ransom, who will surely become the main organizers of the event before the celebration, but they will have to show a little imagination and effort. The main stages of preparation - writing an interesting script that you need to learn with all the participants in the bride buyback, preparing costumes, selecting props, contests, creating a style for the premises or the street where the buyback will take place, according to the school theme.

Redemption details

The ransom of the bride in the style of a strict teacher implies a recreation of the school atmosphere. Costumes and other details will contribute to this:

  1. The style of clothing for the event may be different - it all depends on the roles.
  • Pupil. Some bridesmaids should wear those things that were worn during school time - high socks, ballet shoes, black dress-sundresses or skirts, white blouses. The style of the schoolgirl will be complemented by huge beautiful bows, braids or ponytails, as well as funny backpacks.


  • Teacher The image of the teacher is a strict form of clothing: a straight skirt, blouse, jacket or pantsuit, neatly collected hair. In order to maximize the teacher’s style, the girl’s hand in her hand will have a long pointer, a thick folder with tasks.
  • Men are unlikely to change clothes, because the formal style of a beautiful suit is permissible for classes. Make the image more «school» cribs sticking out of pockets, as well as backpacks on one shoulder will help.
  1. A diary. The groom will need this school accessory during the ransom, where strict teachers will give marks for completing assignments and the right answers to questions.
  2. For the first competition you will need a variety of school supplies - compasses, pencil, eraser and others. Before going to the exams, from the list of different things the groom will have to choose those that belong to the school time.
  3. A bandage, a large sheet of paper, as well as paints, pencils or felt-tip pens will be needed for the second competition - a drawing exam, where the bridegroom, on the instructions of the teacher, with her eyes closed, will have to make a portrait of her lover.


  1. Cards with questions about the future spouse are needed for a history lesson. The teacher will ask questions related to facts from the biography, memorable dates, even the birthday of the mother of the bride, the future mother-in-law of the groom.
  2. A large poster on which the bride is painted and her internal organs are identified. With the help of a pointer, the groom will have to tell the teacher about why each of these organs (heart - for love, brain - for good ideas, etc.).
  3. Printout of the lyrics that the groom will have to perform at the music exam. Lyrics can be a playful remake of a popular song.
  4. Certificates and flowers for presenting to the bride and groom: for successful exams in family life.


The main characters of the ransom bride in a school style:


  • Pupils. The ransom begins with them: girlfriends dressed as schoolgirls meet the groom, who arrives at the entrance by car, and gives him a diary. Further they can accompany the narrowed.
  • Teachers. Dressed according to the canons of business style, the bridesmaids will test the knowledge of the future spouse in their lessons - this is a teacher of music, history, drawing, biology. Every «the audience» teachers (porch floor, apartment room) can be decorated accordingly.
  • Director The role of the director can be taken by the witness or mother of the bride - after completing the exams, she will present the future husband and wife with letters of honor on the line of honor.
  • Pupils - the groom with a witness.
  • Photographer who will capture the process in the photo and video shooting.


Room decoration

Girlfriends can arrange a room for redemption with things that accompany the student every day while studying, slightly modifying them: this is a funny lesson schedule («Candy Eating», «Mushrooming»), a playful wall newspaper where important school news will be described, a board of honor (on which photographs of the bridesmaids themselves can hang), a school desk (if you can get one). For entourage, the organizers can create a home version of the buffet, where there will be pies, school pizzas, rolls.


Teacher-style buyback scenario

Redemption of the bride begins when the groom pulls up to the porch. The friend is met by the girlfriend of a lover dressed as schoolgirls and they say:

- Well, here you are! You overslept again. Exams will begin soon, and still need to collect a portfolio! Let's go soon, the bell just rang, it's okay if we’ll be late for a couple of minutes.

Another host, the bridesmaid, enters:

- Oh, I almost forgot! Here is your diary.

The girls give the culprit a diary that will accompany him on the exams of the ransom of the bride. The girls take the matrimonial by the hand and, for starters, lead to the table, on which there are many items.


“You forgot your things here yesterday, everything got messed up.” You will have to determine what you will need during the exams..

The groom takes from the table those things that are necessary during school: pens, notebooks, compasses, which then girlfriends put in a briefcase and put on his shoulders. If the bridegroom forgets something, the schoolgirls-bridesmaids offer a hint for money, if everyone chooses correctly, they say:

“You finally managed!” We are already late, we ran soon.

The girls lead the bridegroom to the first test of the ransom of the bride, where he will have to pass a drawing exam. The teacher meets the groom:

- Hello, young man, you are late, the exam has already begun. You will have to answer first! Here is a sheet of paper and felt-tip pens. I heard that you are a good artist, and you are in love with a girl from class B ... To show your abilities, draw her portrait. Try well!

Schoolgirls-bridesmaids blindfold the future spouse, he is trying to draw a portrait of her lover. According to the results, the teacher says:

“Well, not bad, though I know you can do better!” I can’t say that it’s five ... I don’t even know what grade you put...

The teacher hints at some gift - the groom pays a small ransom or treats the teacher with sweets.

- You know, even though the portrait came out not too good, but you have been active all year. I put five for past achievements and in the hope of future achievements! Let's get a diary.

After the mark is set, the students with the narrowed go to take the next exam - math. The strict teacher impatiently looks at the come:

- Have come, finally! I do not want to hear your excuses, let's get right to the point. I will call you numbers, and you will say that these numbers mean.

Girlfriends suggest that these numbers are associated with the bride. For example, 23 is age, 37 is leg size, 60 is waist circumference. For each mistake, the narrowed one pays a small amount. After the exam, the teacher says:

“Although you were late, young man, you did just fine.” I put it perfectly. Go take the story, time is running out!


The next test to buy a bride is to pass a history exam. History teacher:

- Good afternoon, come in, get comfortable. The examination will be conducted orally: I will ask you questions and hope to get the right answer. Every wrong - minus half a point.

The teacher asks things related to the biography of the bride - birthday, mom's birthday, others. The correct answers are suggested by classmates for a small ransom. When the exam ends, the teacher says:

- I am proud of your knowledge of the subject! You have a direct path to the Faculty of History. Hurry up, the next exam will begin soon.

The narrowed one moves forward, he is met by a biology teacher:

- My favorite student! Especially for you, I have prepared a difficult, but interesting task. Before you are shown the internal organs of a person, moreover - a girl, moreover - a beautiful bride. To pass my exam, I’ll have to tell you what each of these organs means for the life of her love. Here's a pointer, get started.

The groom improvises, pays a ransom for a hitch.

- Well! I put a solid five. Few can boast such a deep knowledge of the subject. Well, go now, go soon, hurry to the last exam.

The last exam for the future spouse is music. The teacher meets the matrimonial:

- Good afternoon, how wonderful it is to see you, dear students! You know that music heals the soul, helps to calm sadness, cheers you up ... Now we will have a pleasant, fun exam. Before you is the lyrics. To the music that I will include, you need to perform it (referring not only to the groom, but to the witness and friends). Come on, all together!


«pupils» all together they try to sing a love song proposed by the teacher. It can be a famous melody, to which a funny text was invented. The teacher cries picturesquely:

- So touching ... you have melted my heart ... For a long time no one's voice has so deeply dropped into my soul ... Let’s diary already!

Crying, the teacher puts the top five. After all the exams, the groom stays in front of the bride’s room, where the director meets him:

- I see, young man, you have passed all the exams perfectly, have become the real pride of our school. I sincerely congratulate you, I wish you new discoveries, useful life lessons, simple exams on the way! From our school I am solemnly handing you a certificate of family life, with which the road to happiness is open to you.

The director gives the groom a drawn certificate, the bridegroom meets the bride, the ransom ends.

Process video

Watch the video «School of Life», which shows the entire process of buying a bride in this style, and other ideas for competitions:

Redemption of the bride is an interesting event that will delight the main characters of the celebration and guests. Take an original approach to creating a festive script to create a unique ransom that will be remembered for a long time by those present. Responsible preparation, good mood leading will help the bride and groom happily start the wedding day.