Redemption of the bride in a marine style


Style, theme weddings are gaining great popularity. But do not forget that one of the most important parts of the wedding is the ransom of the bride, you need to be well charged with energy, vigor for all further celebration. One of the unusual, stylistic ways is to buy a bride in a marine style..

The sea has always attracted with its mystery, calm, romance. Such an original redemption scenario is suitable for lovers of the sea, sailors, people with maritime professions, just dreamers, for any season, most importantly, to show imagination.

Redemption details: pirate hats and sabers


Preparation does not take much time, as well as funds, all accessories are available or already have at your place. Having chosen the bride's ransom in the original marine style, we recommend going shopping for fishing: fishing attributes are perfect for decorating the ransom. Useful will be shops for creativity, decor.

Do not go past children's stores where it is possible to purchase: sabers, bandanas, pirate hats and coins, toy pistols, false whiskers, a steering wheel, binoculars. There are a lot of paraphernalia, which will come in handy for decorating the room in order to convey all the romanticism and mystery of the marine style. The best part is that it’s easy for you to decorate everything with your own hands, saving on the work of decorators.

Redemption Props: Pirate Treasure Chest

Redemption details

To better convey the atmosphere and arrange a ransom of the bride in a wonderful marine style - don't be afraid to experiment, be creative. For the decor of the entrance, as well as for invitations, bouquets, boutonnieres, dress finishing, shoes, guest clothes, you will need such elements:

  • Shells-pebbles, starfish, sand, nets, ribbons, fabric of bright scarlet (blue, turquoise) color, white pearls.
  • Pictures with ships, scarlet sails or their miniatures.
  • Pirate costumes, sabers, vests, captain’s uniform (cap), sailor’s cap, aqua grim, etc..
  • Replace money with pirate coins.
  • Lots of carved hearts.
  • Napkin, paper, whatman, old book.
  • Coarse rope.
  • Bottle of rum (optional).

Adhering to the listed components, to convey a marine style, invent something of your own. This style is unlimited, the end result will surely please you.


The close relatives of the bride, witnesses, neighbors can act as actors. If you miss a character for your idea, you will always have time to hire professional animators.

Foreclosures: Bridesmaids in vests

Decoration of premises for redemption in a marine style

If you are carrying out a bride’s drive-in ransom, decorate as your platform, so grabbing the stairs at the entrance.

  • Decorate the stairs with a fishing net, shells, pebbles, combine with ribbons of different marine tones. Print photos that embody the marine style (sea, ships, maps), hang them on the walls of the porch.
  • Seashells with starfish combine with ribbons, such a composition will perfectly decorate the bride’s bouquet, boutonniere, glasses, a handle on the door or the door itself.
  • Hang blue, green shades of fabric beautifully inside the apartment; scarlet fabric will fit in well with these flowers, onto which fasten wedding rings from miniature helms, make them yourself or purchase.
  • For contests, attach cut hearts on the door. Use an old book (if possible with yellow sheets) for messages, invitations, notes (pre-burn the ends, so that it is similar to papyrus).

All the merchandise is good in that it will be needed both for decorating the sea ransom of the bride, and for the wedding itself.

Side of the groom disguised as pirates on the foreclosure

Marine-style buyback scenario

A mother or bridesmaid meets the groom with shouts that the princess has disappeared, tell the story of how she was stolen by overseas pirates. And announce:

- Whoever finds and rescues a beauty, we will marry her. Let's play a wedding that the world hasn’t seen yet!

They show a note from the pirates, which states that only a real, strong, quick man in his actions can endure all the trials, answer all questions, go the hard way, stay alive, win the right to marry a young lady.

Having gathered strength, a young man with his retinue enters the porch, already decorated in a marine style, where the bride’s dressed relatives are waiting.

The first task of the ransom, which he has to go through, is to say the password, otherwise there is no further entrance. The password is the date you met the bride, and for each incorrect answer, a fine. It can be money, pirate coins, gifts, sweets, champagne. Almost every floor is waiting for new obstacles. Competitions are recommended individually.

Groom and ransom witnesses

Competitions for the groom and witnesses

It’s just the time of the ransom competition for the bride and groom. After the successful name of the password, they go further, seeing a poster in front of them, and there are many numbers on it, symbolizing specific dates. The groom guesses what they mean. This may be the date of birth, dating, house or apartment number, height, foot size, passport number, wedding day or even the time of a certain event. You need to guess quickly, for each date for 3 minutes, otherwise a fine.

Marine-style buyback process

Next, they take out a hat (pirate, captain's cap) with wrapped pieces of paper, where there are different female names. The future husband must guess by pulling out a piece of paper with the name of his beloved. For every wrong name there will be a penalty.

The next task. To draw a bride, showing all her beauty, to write next to the best qualities for which the guy fell in love with a beautiful bride. For this contest, encourage a real sea drink - a glass of rum.

Next, the bridegroom will have to guess a few riddles, the riddles should also carry a marine style, some of them look below in the photo:

Riddles for the groom on a sea ransom

Having guessed all the riddles, the rescuers of the bride fall on a new task. They have to pull the rope. On one side of the rope there will be a groom with a witness, and on the other - bridesmaids. For fun, invisible to others, tie one side to the stairs. The bride and groom with their crew win this test..

So the future husband has already approached the apartment, the last task remains - a napkin with lip prints, you have to guess the fingerprint of the bride (did not guess - fine).

When the groom comes to the door, in order to get into the apartment, and then the room, he needs to find the key. A lot of hearts are glued on the door, you need to guess: under what heart the key is hidden (an incorrect attempt is a fine).

Finally, there is a key, the groom opens the door. To wake the bride, you need to remove the spell, but for this you need to read a verse or pronounce a love confession, sing your favorite song.

Then they see each other, the bride is saved, everyone is happy. Buyback is over!

Sea ransom: the groom found the bride

With such a cheerful mood, proceed to the official solemn part, ball, banquet.

Process video

Redemption of the bride in an unusual marine style will give you only a positive mood. Watch the video thanks to which you better present all the originality, fun of the process:

The ransom of the bride is an integral, important part of such a significant day for you as a wedding. With such a scenario, you will be interested not only in the process itself, but also in the creative preparation for it. The marine theme is amazing, multifaceted, you realize your creative potential, sea dreams, style preferences.

Adhering to such a scheme, in order to organize the bride’s ransom in a creative marine style, you, your relatives, guests will get a great mood, unforgettable emotions, remember this day for a lifetime. Good luck to you!

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