Redemption of the bride in the style of the traffic police


Modern bride ransom is a fun game, performance, the organizers of which are usually bridesmaids. For the performance to succeed, the girls will need an interesting, original script. For example, the ransom of the bride in the style of the traffic police. He will help them create an unforgettable adventure for the groom and the witness, which will be remembered for a long time after the wedding. Let's see how to prepare and conduct this event..


Before conducting a bride ransom, you need to seriously prepare: you will need a lot of important details to create the right atmosphere, special costumes, home decoration, porch and even the street. Leading participants will have to learn the text, rehearse it several times before the celebration day. The redemption of the bride in the style of the traffic police requires a thorough approach and attention to detail.

Redemption requisite

So that the redemption of the desired bride in the style of the traffic police was perfect, prepare the following props:

  • Inspector uniform. It will be good if girlfriends can get suits that are similar in style to the original, or a striped vest. But if this does not work out, a strict suit will suit, as well as paper epaulets attached to it. Ideally complement the image of a police cap, which can be made of paper.

Redemption of the bride in the style of the traffic police

  • Inspector's Wand. This indispensable attribute of the image of the traffic cop is easy to do with cardboard, rolled up and painted with black stripes, or a decorated stick.
  • Certificate of traffic police or traffic police. Draw a comic «crust» by yourself or buy it in a souvenir shop.
  • «Brick», as well as other road signs drawn and cut out of cardboard.

Ransom in the style of the traffic police

  • Colorful ribbons crafted with perfumes, one of which is the bride’s perfume.
  • The business folder in which the protocols are stored.
  • Construction machine.
  • Children's steering wheel, bought at a toy store, or created by girlfriends on their own.
  • A lot of plastic jars.
  • Striped or red long ribbon.
  • Wooden posts for signs.


The ransom in the style of the traffic police can take place with only two actors - the chief inspector and the mechanic, who will give the groom tasks, and then monitor the execution. Gather a few guests to be an audience watching what is happening, and let the invited operator capture the process in photos and videos.

Room decoration

Redemption of the bride in the style of the traffic police

Having bought the props, proceed to the design of the territory. Attach traffic signs to the makeshift poles, cordon off the space with a long ribbon, arrange plastic jars in the shape of a special maze. Almost all foreclosure actions will take place on the street, it is important that all these structures do not interfere with passers-by. To decorate the entrance, themed posters with traffic rules are suitable, you can decorate the space with funny poems about family life.

Redemption script in the style of the traffic police

  • Part one. Arrival of the groom

The groom and the witness enter the courtyard with a sign «Stop». Suzhenny is stopped by a witness or another bridesmaid, who took on the role of chief inspector, shows the certificate:

- Hello, dear. Captain (last name of the girl). Present documents: rights to live together, registration certificate, please.

The groom says he doesn’t «rights to live together», only driver’s, then the girl replies:

- So, I can’t miss you further. You will have to pass several exams to get a special certificate that will allow you to drive to the bride.


  • Part two. Inspection.

“First of all,” the inspector says, “I need to check your car for the presence of things that you are going to take for your future life with your spouse.” Open the trunk.

The future husband dutifully opens the trunk, and the presenter asks the groom to tell how all these items will be useful to him and his wife for family life. It will be funny if the groom puts all the things necessary for the ransom (alcohol, sweets, etc.) into the back seat, and, for example, fishing rods are in the trunk: this will give the chance to the fiancée to show imagination.

If the inspector satisfies the answer, he will give his conclusion: «Machine is working». If the groom has not shown sufficient ingenuity, you will have to pay for «fix» cars, and then go on.


  • Part three. Skillful hands.

A mechanic appears, who must check the viability of the groom as the owner:

- Hello dear. I look, your car is in order, now we will check whether you can keep it yourself. In family life, you will often have to repair sockets, a refrigerator, and sometimes restore the mechanics of relations after quarrels. Prove that you are capable of it.

A mechanic hands the groom a designer, from whom the hero of the occasion should assemble a typewriter. You need to complete this competition for the ransom of the bride in time. If the groom does not succeed, you will have to pay a fine.

  • Part Four Team driving.



- And now the groom’s witness will have to prove that he is a good friend, he will always support the future spouse, no matter what happens. To do this, both of you will have to pass a driving test. We will see how a good team went to the betrothed in the fight for the bride’s heart.

Here a pre-prepared labyrinth of cans comes in handy. The task of the participants is to go through it. «train»: the groom becomes in front, a witness holds him in the back.

This fun competition for the redemption of the desired bride in the style of the traffic police will not leave anyone indifferent. For each bank brought down, the groom and the witness pay a fine.

  • Part Five Alcohol intoxication.


- Well! - says the inspector. - You coped with all the previous tasks, congratulations. The last thing remained - a test for intoxication, because you can’t drive a drunken life together. It is known that drunk drivers have a disturbed sense of smell, so we will check it with you. Find the bride’s scent among other scents, and we will determine your sobriety.

The bridegroom is invited to the last ransom competition, which is already held at the entrance: you need to smell the ribbons with various perfume smells and find your favorite fragrance. If the smell is named correctly, the groom is applauded, the ransom ends, he can rise to the bride. If not, pays a fine and buys «Rights to live together».

In any case, the chief inspector says:

- Congratulations, citizen, on receiving the honorary «Rights to live together»! We wish you to keep your hands on the steering wheel of your brand new car called «Matrimony», avoid left turns, always confidently follow the road of love. Please come with us to meet your companion.

Inspector with a mechanic and guests escort the groom to the apartment, where he is greeted.

Process video

The ransom of your beloved bride in the style of the traffic police is an unforgettable holiday that those present will remember for a long time. Beautiful costumes, props, well-learned roles - all these are necessary components of the event. Funny examples of bride redemption in the style of a traffic police in a video will help you realize your plan: