Redemption of the bride in the style of a mental hospital


Medicine is an original theme for a wedding celebration, especially suitable for newlyweds who are professionally associated with this area. The specific medical humor will amuse everyone and will be remembered for a long time by the guests of the wedding. A great start to a medical wedding will be a ransom in the style of a mental hospital. How to organize a ransom so that everyone, including the test bridegroom and the bride waiting for him, have fun?


Preparing a bride ransom is an important stage in organizing a wedding in a medical theme. Choose a scenario suitable for the psychiatric hospital and its main features, assign roles, think out competitions for the groom, select medical suits, tools. During the preparation of the ransom in your psychiatric hospital, take into account the features of the room where the event will take place, pre-prepare the site: carry out cleaning, select decoration details, furniture and other props that will create a real atmosphere of a medical institution.

Redemption requisite

For such an interesting ransom of the bride you will need:

  • tray, shoe covers;
  • children's set of a doctor (syringe, stethophonendoscope, malleus, clamps, thermometer, spoon, cotton wool, bandages, etc.)
  • white cardboard plug, table for eye examination;
  • jars of candy / candy instead of pills;
  • dolls, diapers, diapers, ribbons;
  • certificate for a medical examination of the groom.

The bride’s ransom is opened by a bridesmaid in a nurse costume, taking out shoe covers on a tray. They can be sold to everyone present at the wedding by the newlywed, and money can be sent to the newlyweds' wedding treasury. There is another idea - to organize a fun competition of medical tongue twisters, handing the shoe covers to the winners, or conduct a small medical examination of the guests.

Children's doctor set (see photo below) contains all the necessary tools for a hospital ransom bride:

  • a malleus to check the nerves of the groom during admission to a neurologist;
  • a syringe to treat the bride and groom with alcohol;
  • medical clamps with cotton wool to wipe sweat from the groom's forehead during severe trials;
  • a spoon to check the health of the future spouse's throat;
  • thermometer to measure the temperature of the bride and groom.

An eye examination table with a white blank will be needed during competitions in the ophthalmology department of the hospital. Do not look that you have a hospital in a different direction, vision also plays a role! Invite the newlyweds in response to each letter indicated to call their bride an affectionate name, say compliments to the future spouse, consisting solely of gentle words, come up with romantic wishes. If the bride and groom succeeds, he will receive a therapeutic dose of alcohol, and if not, then he will pay a fine.

Prescribe pills to future spouse during contests «Sweet help» (see photo below), which are useful during family life. Jars should be filled in advance with colorful candies, chewing marmalade, toffee, sweets, and write medical recommendations on the labels: «for happiness», «before and after sex», «for a long family life», «for the birth of a boy». Coming up with names and recommendations for use «medicines» during the ransom of the bride, fantasize deeply.

The baby swaddling contest is important and necessary. The bride would have dealt with him quickly, but would the groom succeed? This part of the ransom is carried out by a midwife nurse. To participate, invite the groom, witness, other men from the newlywed. Whoever puts the diaper on the doll the fastest, swaddles it, ties a beautiful bow, he is declared the winner. Losers pay a fixed wedding fine - a children's fee for the future offspring of the newlyweds.

Redemption of the bride in the style of a mental hospital


Key buyback roles:

  • Head physician of a psychiatric hospital - leading
  • Head Nurse - Witness
  • Nurse - Bridesmaid

Choose the rest of the psychiatric hospital doctors of your choice: ENT, midwife, neurologist, psychiatrist, therapist, surgeon, etc. Since the bride ransom action takes place in a psychiatric hospital, enter the roles of crazy patients, for example, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, Vanga, who during the tests ask the groom additional questions, and the newlywed answers them.

Medical suits will give a special style to the event, creating an additional atmosphere of a real medical institution. The standard uniform of doctors (see photo below) is a white coat, hat, badge, stethophonendoscope, gauze mask. For nurses, hospital attendants, choose a blue uniform - cotton pants and a shirt, gauze cap, rubber gloves. All actors must be wearing medical shoe covers..

Redemption in the style of a mental hospital

Room decoration

The style of the medical institution will be given to the usual apartment or porch where the bride lives and a ransom is planned:

  • Plates with the name of the hospital departments;
  • wall newspapers about the therapeutic effects of family life;
  • x-rays, test tubes, cotton wool, bandages;
  • droppers on racks;
  • Balloons.

Decorate the walls of the room (your improvised mental hospital) with wall newspapers about the health benefits of family life, newlyweds' longevity, the influence of gentle words and declarations of love on relationships, the undesirable consequences of quarrels. Locate parenting recommendations, diagnosis symptoms «Love» etc. A suitable atmosphere for the venue will be given by hanging x-rays, glass tubes standing here and there. Decorate long corridors, room corners with droppers with tied balloons.

Mental Hospital Redemption Scenario

A wedding procession led by the groom arrives at the bride's house. In front of the porch there is a table covered with a white tablecloth with the inscription «Psychiatric hospital №1». On the table:

  • three-liter jar - «Medical alcohol of the highest category»,
  • folders «Medical history»,
  • recipes,
  • medicine jars series «Sweet help»,
  • large medical syringe.

Redemption of the bride in the style of a mental hospital

Leading forensics of the bride are sitting at the table: the head doctor of the psychiatric hospital, the senior nurse, the crazy patient in the costume of Napoleon Bonaparte. Participants imitate a heated debate, bending over a sheet of paper. A newly-married couple with guests comes to the table, the bride ransom presenters, noticing the wedding procession, stop the discussion.

The head doctor of the psychiatric hospital opens the bride’s ransom with the words:

- Good afternoon! Who you are?

The groom replies that he came for the bride. The host, continuing to ask questions, looks for the bride’s medical history:

- The name of the bride and groom? Age?

The head doctor, finding the desired folder, opens it and says:

- I found that a patient of mental hospital No. 1 Petrova (bride’s surname) arrived a week ago with a diagnosis «Love».

The head nurse continues the ransom:

“How nice of you to come!” They were already preparing Petrova for discharge, but the patients of the psychiatric hospital found out that she was getting married, rioted, locked her up in ward No. 5, did not want to let her go until the groom fulfilled the entire list of requirements. Even a representative was sent!

Then she points to Napoleon and says:

- Meet him, this is Napoleon!

Grieving, whispers to the bride and groom:

- Hopelessly sick patient Sidorov, poor thing will not recover.


Continuing the ransom of the bride, the head doctor says:

- An unprecedented case in my practice! Riot is a common thing with us, but now the patients have conspired to keep the poor thing locked for a day. Ready to fulfill their requirements, free my bride?

  • Competition No. 1 Physical Health

Having received the consent of the newlywed, the psychiatric doctor turns to the nurse:

- Irina Ivanovna, the first requirement of the crazy - the groom must be physically healthy. Although we do not have quarantine, we nevertheless conduct a standard physical examination of the physical condition of the newlywed. as usual, inspect all new.


A nurse takes a medical history from a stack of folders, begins to fill in:

- Ivanov Ivan, 28 years old, height - 185 cm., Weight - 80 kg (newlywed data).

The head doctor examines the groom's state of health, dictating various data to the nurse:

  • checks the pulse before and after exercise;
  • asks the newlywed to walk in a straight line;
  • spreading hands alternately with each hand to touch the tip of the nose;
  • checks reflexes, knocking on the knee with a medical hammer;
  • listens to breath with a stethophonendoscope;
  • checks vision;
  • asks the bride and groom to stick out his tongue, show his throat.

Napoleon during the study tries to confuse the future spouse, in every way interfering with the instructions of the doctor. Thanks to this, the groom is mistaken, and as a result, the leading doctor suggests that the young man pay a certain fee to the fund of the mental hospital in order to correct the mistake. At the end of all tests, the head doctor concludes that the newlywed is physically healthy, ready to marry a chosen bride, suggests taking a short break, celebrating success with a glass of alcohol.

  • Competition No. 2 Psychological Health

The head doctor continues:

- Good, Ivan. Your physical health is in order, check your psychological health - the second requirement of patients. Irina Ivanovna, get the tests!

A nurse taking an active part in this spiritual ransom takes out a folder with colored paper, the doctor starts showing each color to the groom and asks what associations he calls the bride with him, the nurse writes down. The main task of the leaders is to identify the chain of associations: color - subject - bride. For example, red - passion - the character of the bride and groom, blue - calm - the eyes of the bride. If the newlywed finds it difficult to answer, then he pays Napoleon for the hints. After the test, the head doctor announces a break, invites those present to drink a glass of alcohol (any alcohol).


  • Competition No. 3 Vaccinations

The head doctor continues the ransom:

- Well done, Ivan! Physically and mentally you are healthy, then you need to prevent diseases so that you do not get infected from our crazy people: vaccinations, medicines, vitamins - paid services of our mental hospital. How much is willing to pay?

Traded. The nurse takes from the table a large syringe filled with alcohol, pours a therapeutic dose into the newlywed's mouth. I wonder if the bride will approve it? A doctor prescribes a series of new medications. «Sweet help»: against quarrels, for passion, for better potency, for a long family life, for peace, for love - the choice of the newlyweds. The entire amount of money goes to the fund of assistance to the psychiatric hospital. After passing the test, the head doctor diagnoses the groom: he is healthy, offers to relax a bit, drink a glass of alcohol.


  • Competition No. 4 Anthem of the bride and groom

Napoleon continues the ransom of the bride with the words:

- Ivan, we really made sure that you are completely healthy and ready to fulfill our last requirement - to write a hymn in honor of our beloved. If you manage, we will let you go to the bride, and if not, she will stay with us until the end of her life, I say this, the great commander Napoleon Bonaparte!

Take the beloved song of the newlyweds as the basis of the anthem, the groom should redo the text of the musical composition using the words that the leading ransom bride sells to him as a hint. For example: love, passion, forever, eyes, lips, wonderful, long years, joy, happiness, children, family, forever, hearts, etc. In this difficult test of bride redemption, everyone present helps the bridegroom.


After composing the text of the anthem of the newlyweds, the ransom leaders declare the groom the winner and let everyone in to the bride. The bride and groom should sing a hymn to their future wife with musical accompaniment. The end of the bride ransom in a small private psychiatric hospital - applause and congratulations to the guests of the wedding. Then the parents bless the newlyweds, wish them a long married life, and the wedding procession goes to the registry office.

Process video

The ransom of the bride in the subject of a mental hospital will be remembered for a long time if the event is filmed on a video camera. Sparkling humor, beautiful scenes, funny dialogues, beautifully played roles, the uniform of doctors and real medical instruments are excellent plot details for the video of the beginning of the wedding celebration. An interesting version of the ransom of the bride, see the video: