Airline-style bride buyback


Organization of a wedding is a troublesome business requiring attention, taking into account all the details. Now many wedding ceremonies are arranged according to tradition. So, before the wedding, the groom had to buy the bride. But, as a rule, getting a girl to the groom is not easy, because in addition to redeeming the bridesmaids, various tasks are required. Buying a bride in the airline style provides for a fun pastime for the groom, witness, and bridesmaids. How to organize such a ransom?



So that force majeure does not interrupt the redemption of a charming bride in the style of an airline, it is necessary to carefully prepare for the event. Otherwise, unforeseen problems will not allow a ransom to take place. Take into account all the details: the location of the makeshift airline, the preparation of costumes for stewardesses, tasks for the groom.

Redemption Attributes

Use a specific requisition for redemption to make the event colorful, original. So, you will need:


  • Pilots, ties, shirts for bridesmaids.
  • Badges on which to write the initials of the bride, position (stewardess or dispatcher).
  • A logbook for which a regular notebook is suitable.
  • Box for collecting money.
  • Children's gun - necessary for the final scene.
  • Elements for decorating the porch and apartment.

Decoration of the entrance and apartment of the bride

Having correctly decorated the place where the celebration will take place, you will feel the atmosphere of the airline. The porch should be decorated with posters that depict the groom and the young bride, many children, mother-in-law, and other family members. Let the drawings on the posters be comic style. As for the corridor, as well as the room where the bride will be, they need to be decorated with balloons. The girl should be dressed in a white dress.



In the ransom of the bride take part her friends who play flight attendants. A witness helps a friend to cope with difficult tasks that prevent him from getting a dear bride. After all, paying a ransom is not enough, you need to prove your love by performing various tasks.

Airline style buyback scenario

This scenario will help you ransom the bride in an interesting, original way. Roles should be allocated, words should be learned and the sequence of actions. The first stewardess begins to speak her words at the entrance to the entrance, where all the participants will gather.


Stewardess 1: Attention, dear passengers! Airliner «the name of the bride» Dispatched after 30 seconds. The flight will last about 20 minutes. We recommend disconnecting mobile phones and wearing seat belts! Aircraft landing at the station «Happy family life».

Stewardess 2: The controller of our airliner just said that there are two stowaways on board - «name of the groom and witness». We ask these passengers to pay tickets together with a fine..

After the groom and the witness pay a fine, the procession goes to the porch. Before reaching the steps, the bridesmaids force the groom and his comrade to complete the first task.


Stewardess 1: Dear passengers! The pilot of the aircraft said that the airliner system is broken - a gas tank is perforated. The elimination of this breakdown occurs through the performance of a folk song. Professional specialists will help us fix the gas tank - «name of the groom and witness».

Stewardess 2: And to make up for the loss of gasoline that leaked from the gas tank, you need to refuel with champagne.

The comrades perform the song in a duet, after which «airliner» continues on his way. The second task is not long in coming.


Stewardess 2: A bomb was found on board our aircraft! To eliminate the danger, you must enter a secret code, which consists of 5 characters. According to our dispatcher, the code means the name of Ukrainian folk dance (the correct answer is hopak). Who will help us solve this riddle?

A young man with his friend needs not only to guess the name of the dance, but also to perform it himself. The process should be captured in a photo or video, because the view of young people will be ridiculous. Subsequently, by reviewing photographs or video recordings, participants in the event will recall wonderful moments during the ransom.

Next in line is the third task. To do this, you need to prepare several pairs of shoes in advance, among which there should be one pair of brides.


Stewardess 1: Attention, passengers! The chassis of our airliner is jammed, so we are forced to fly in the sky for some time before the chassis is repaired. A friend will help us «the name of the groom».

They blindfold the young man and take turns presenting a pair of shoes. Among the many couples of strangers, the groom must touch to recognize the shoes with his darling. For each error a monetary penalty is applied.

By the time this contest is completed, the procession should be nearby the bride’s apartment. Several colored strings or ribbons peeping out of the door lead to different rooms. The room where the bride is located must be locked with a key that will be in the witness’s pocket.


The young man must choose the right path. In case of an error, he needs to answer a question about his lover, for example: «Height and weight of a beloved?», «Eye color of the future mother-in-law?», «What date did you meet your lover?» etc. When the groom makes a choice, the witness must hand him the key. There is a bride with a baby gun.

Stewardess 2: The board of our airliner is captured by a dangerous terrorist who requires a lot of money. Comrades «name of the groom and witness», we recommend that you give your wallets so that the flight ends without incident!


After young people give away their wallets «to the terrorist», the procession leaves the apartment, and one of the flight attendants notifies passengers about the successful landing of the aircraft:

Stewardess 1: Dear passengers, we landed safely at the station «Happy family life». Thank you for flying under the wing of our airline. «the name of the bride».

Process video

Want to know how the ransom of the bride goes? Watch the video:

Buying a beautiful bride in the style of the airline will be held at «Hooray», if you prepare the entire props, carefully read the words and assign roles. Then, and many years after the wedding, you will remember this event with enthusiasm!

Have you already participated in the ransom of a bride in a similar style? Share your impressions in the comments on the article!