DPS style bride buyback


To create a truly unique bride ransom, which for a long time will be remembered by the heroes of the occasion and guests, the organizers need to come up with an interesting, original scenario. DPS style bride buyback is a real adventure for the groom, who will eventually receive «The right to family life with the bride». The event is ideal for men whose work is related to law enforcement or road patrol, as well as for experienced drivers and just people with a sense of humor.


One of the many advantages of buying a DPS is the ease of preparation. To begin with, girlfriends need to come up with a script consisting of several fascinating short contests, tasks, games, tests that the future spouse has to go through. For the script to be successful, the girls will have to learn the text well, having prepared all the participants, and have several dress rehearsals. You also need to purchase props in advance, choose the style of room decoration according to the program of the event.

DPS style bride buyback

Do not forget that the modern ransom should not tire the matrimonial, therefore it should be made short, maximum thirty to forty minutes. If the organizers do not cope on their own, a professional toastmaster can come to their aid.

Redemption details

A variety of competitive props, a suitable style of clothing - a prerequisite for an interesting start to a solemn day. Examples of things that will be needed during a ransom:

  • Fashion style. The thematic ransom of the traffic police implies the uniform of the patrol officers. Instead of uniforms, usual blouses, shirts of blue or blue color, short black skirts, epaulets made of paper, a cap.

DPS style bride buyback

  • Striped wand - the main detail of the style of the traffic police officer.
  • Sheet of paper, fake traffic police certificate.
  • Radio-controlled machine, a long red ribbon - the requisite for the competition test on the ability of the driver to manage complex modes of transport.
  • Rope, blindfold will help determine the sobriety of the narrowed.

DPS style bride buyback

  • Poster with painted or finished road signs..
  • Letters written on paper.
  • Toy steering wheel, black and yellow striped tape to cover the territory.
  • Joking ID: «Rights to family life».

DPS style bride buyback


The main actors of the ransom:

  • DPS inspector meeting the groom.
  • Medical Doctor.
  • Captain of the patrol service (this may be the father of the bride).
  • Future driver with a team.
  • The photographer who will take the original ransom in photo and video.

DPS style bride buyback

Room decoration

To make the ransom more realistic, girlfriends need to pay attention to the design style of the place where the event will be held. For example, you can put a blue bucket on the inspector’s car, stick a sign next to the entrance «No entry», protect all foreclosures with striped tape. Also, girls can purchase thematic posters or make drawings with the rules of movement on the road, hang printed road signs.

DPS style buyback scenario

The groom and his entourage drive up to the bride’s house, where the DPS ransom will take place. The car of the hero of the occasion is stopped by the bridesmaid, dressed as an inspector of the road patrol service, banging a striped baton on the window next to which the groom is sitting. The future husband lowers the window, the bridesmaid says:

–Good day, young man! Senior traffic police inspector - Name of the bridesmaid. Where are we going? Is the documentation ok? Rights, the passport is with you?

The driver claims the road license with a data sheet.

“So ... I see ordinary rights, but where are your rights to family life?” You’re heading there, right? Without rights I will not miss!

Suzhenny replies that he has no rights to family life.

DPS style bride buyback

- Oh, there it is! Well, come. You will have to get the rights, otherwise it will not work to meet the bride. To get started, go out, open the trunk.

The first test begins - baggage check.

- What do we have here ... So, so! To simplify my task, talk about what you are carrying, and how it will come in handy on the territory of family life. For example, I see here a bottle of wine.

The groom and the witness pass a competition for the purchase of the DPS bride for ingenuity, describing how certain items will be useful to the family.

-Good! It seems that you are not carrying too much. But the wine hurt me, I’ll take it for myself, but you don’t mind? Otherwise, you have to have money!

Participants reply that they do not mind.

- Well! Now go to the doctor’s office, you need a certificate that will show that you can drive the vehicle, and then come back! As soon as possible, I’ll add all the wine and I won’t be able to take exams.

The groom and the witness go to the next DPS ransom test - a physical examination. They are met by a bridesmaid in the role of a doctor:

“Come, dear ones!” I know, I know, check my eyesight. Come closer soon!

Participants approach a doctor who begins to fuss.

–And now close one eye and try to hit the target ... Not necessarily in the center, at least along it. Here are the darts, please.

The groom closes one eye and tries to hit the target, which is at a considerable distance. Misses, pays a small ransom to the bridesmaid, if he does, the doctor says:

DPS style bride buyback

-Good! Perfectly! Bravo! Now let's experiment with your memory. I have a few numbers. Where are they?

Presenter rummages through papers.

-And here! The bride left a few numbers and wrote their meanings. I will give you a number and you say what it means. For every miss you pay me a fine.

The doctor calls certain numbers, which can mean age, weight of the bride, date of birth. When the groom passes this test, the host says:

- Well, your eyesight is excellent, and there are no problems with memory! Keep a note, I admit you to exams. Good luck on the road!

DPS ransom participants return to patrol inspector.

–Appeared! I really thought you changed your mind. So where is the help? Yeah, there she is. Vision is good, memory is excellent. Well! We will conduct the most important exams of your life! Ready?

The groom and the witness answer in the affirmative.

- For starters, I want to say that family life is a joy and a test. To ride along the road of love, you should take into account: it can be difficult. Proper management will help to avoid unpleasant situations! Now we will test your ability to drive heavy modes of transport, go to the examination site.

The inspector leads the narrowed to an important trial. A small area is enclosed by a maze created by ribbons. In front of the maze is a small machine. Presenter:

- Here we are! I give you the vehicle control panel (the bridesmaid gives the groom a remote control). To pass the exam, you will have to navigate the car from the beginning of the maze to the end. If you turn off the road, bump into the fence, cross the tape, pay a fine. Our fines are large, the machine is not cheap! Well, let's go!

DPS style bride buyback

Inspector whistles, the groom passes this test.

- Good results! There were errors, but they are small. Congratulations, you managed this exam..

The bridesmaid leads the groom to the next examination site. In the middle of the road lies a ribbon or rope.

–Sometimes resentment, anger cloud our mind, do not allow us to think soberly. And sobriety is necessary in resolving all kinds of conflicts. Now we will test your sobriety. Turn your back.

The groom turns his back to the bridesmaid, who blindfolds him with a ribbon.

-That's better! And now the most interesting thing: the groom, you need to go along a straight line next to the rope, and it will become our tool for checking sobriety. The farther you turn from the tape, the more you pay a fine!

The future spouse passes the sobriety test, the host says:

–What a wonderful composure! I am proud of you, I do not like alcoholics. And the bride has prepared the following task for you: you will have to tell the meaning of the road signs of family life. Below them are small tips.

The hero of the occasion participates in the DPS ransom competition, naming the meaning of the signs, for example, a spoon with a fork - cooking, a tap with water - washing dishes. The ransom pays for the error.

–We understood the signs! You, a young man, have already passed the medical examination, now we will hold it for your friends. So to say, test for intelligence and mental state.

It turns out a familiar doctor, carries an alphabet poster, says:

I will name the letter, and you, witness, friends, quickly say good things about the bridegroom to this letter, or you will not let the bride go!


The witness and the guests of the groom undergo a medical test. Inspector:

- Fine, and you too are healthy! Well, move on to the next challenge for your friends. Groom, you'll need it too. We have prepared another labyrinth and we know that faithful friends will always help to get out of difficult life situations. Let's see how well you work in a team!

The bridesmaid gives the groom a steering wheel, the witness becomes behind, other guests can also participate in this test.

–Your task is to go through the maze with a train! Neat and fast. Forward!

When the ransom test ends, the bridesmaid says:

“Well, groom, congratulations!” You showed your sobriety, dexterity, ability to drive heavy modes of transport, teamwork. We give you the right to family life with a light heart. I wish you a pleasant journey and fun driving together with your bride!

The bridesmaid gives the groom rights, the narrowed meet, the DPS ransom ends.

Process video

Watch a funny video where this interesting bride ransom is realized:

The ransom of the bride in the original DPS style is a unique event that will appeal to the heroes of the occasion with the guests. To prepare this performance, you will need a little financial resources, the artistry of the participants, as well as the desire to make future spouses happy.