Ransom bride in quest style


The modern ransom of the bride is an original fun performance designed to surprise and delight those who celebrate the occasion. The event can be held in various styles, be short or long. Buying a bride in the quest style is an interesting adventure that the bridegroom, witness, and friends of the future husband have to go through, including contests, games, tasks and riddles. After passing some unusual tests, the fiancé will reach the goal of meeting with her lover.


Unlike many other events of this kind, the redemption of the desired bride in the quest style involves a laborious preparation process. It is necessary to take into account many details, calculate finances, because often such a ransom involves moving around the city. If the organizers (most likely it will be girlfriends) do not have enough funds to carry out a large-scale event, the ransom is easy to simplify by shortening the route. Also, girls can consult, put finances in a common piggy bank.

Ransom bride in quest style

Redemption requisite

Depending on the chosen scenario of the quest, you may need a variety of props:

  • Clothing. This may be a costume of a mysterious fortuneteller who prophesies to a future husband where to look for a lover, or a strict trouser version for a girlfriend who asks her future spouse to unravel the code, as well as other options. Even a funny outfit of a Cheshire cat will suit, which will show the way to the narrowed one - in this case the whole quest can be done in the spirit «Alice in Wonderland».
  • Beautiful antique paper or sheets. If the ransom takes place according to a single style, tips, tasks, puzzles should be written on the same type of paper, this will help maintain the atmosphere of what is happening. Also on it will be written a message from the bride, who is waiting for her lover.
  • A map of the city, bought at a store or drawn by girlfriends on their own is a mandatory attribute of a quest ransom. If the organizers drew the map, they should make sure that the stylized version is similar to the real one, and the future spouse should just be guided by it.

Quest ransom

  • Suitcase or safe. One of these devices is necessary for holding a fun quest-style contest, where the bridesmaids will ask the future husband for facts about her lover, and the answer will be the number («How old is she?», «How tall is the bride»?) The correct answer to all questions will be the cipher that will open the safe. There the groom should wait for a clue where to look for a sweetheart.
  • A phone that will help the future spouse go to the next stage of the ransom in this style, and to him are three numbers of different people who will in every possible way dissuade him from going to the bride, seducing. When he refuses tempting offers, the last person will tell him where to go next.
  • Prints of rebus images, balloons for possible contests.
  • Candies, accessories that will be needed at the very end of the action.


Not only the organizers themselves, but also other comers with artistry can join the ransom in this style. The main and possible participants in the quest redemption process:

  • Bridesmaids. Girls can independently help complete the quest for their girlfriend’s bridegroom, or they can hire a special courier who will deliver the first letter with a signature from the bride. So that girlfriends do not get bored, waiting for their future husband in a given place or running around the city with him, they can give advice to his betrothed by phone for a promise he will give his beloved: go shopping with her, cook breakfast every morning or bring coffee to bed.

Ransom bride in quest style

  • Male friends. Friends will need help when their friend calls the given numbers to find clues that will help him to come to the bride. Of the three roles, two belong to men - the first will persuade the future spouse to go to his bath with the girls, the second - a man of non-traditional orientation - will ask questions with a sexual connotation. The task of the betrothed is to refuse offers, then he will receive a hint where the card lies.
  • Groom and witness. Both of them will have to try to get to the main character of the celebration. When choosing a route, you should take into account the nature of the narrowed: if he does not like puzzles and large-scale movements, he should give preference to a simple courtyard quest.
  • Photographer. The bride’s quest ransom is an interesting and even exciting action, which must be captured in photos and videos, so calling a professional is a great idea. After the wedding, the newlyweds will be pleased to review the memorable shootings of the beginning of their wedding day..
  • Other characters: fortune-tellers, fairy-tale characters.

Quest ransom bride photo

Route mapping

Drawing up a convenient card is of great importance: it is important that the fiancée simply move around the territory of the district or city, otherwise the whole holiday risks becoming spoiled, because the future spouse will get tired even at the redemption stage, before going to the registry office. If you are planning a detour of a large territory, girlfriends need to study in advance the ease of travel on nearby streets, the number of traffic jams, and check the data again in the morning before buying.

The ideal route option is when the whole quest takes place in the same district where the future spouses live, although if the fiancé loves adventure, the urban environment is also suitable. The plan should be made with a bride who knows her lover well, for example:

  • First, the team of the future husband with a witness drives up to the house where the hero of the occasion is supposedly living. A courier approaches them, hands a letter, where it says: «Dear (name)! I can no longer believe anyone: the monsters that take your guise pursue me. Only you can collect all the clues and find a place where I hide.» After the courier offers the future husband to take a test with a safe.

  • A hint from the safe on the style of the quest may indicate the location of a billboard / sign / graffiti, which future spouses often passed together. When the participants reach the place, they must wait for the phone, where there is only one number - this is the competition in which the hero of the occasion will be persuaded to abandon the search.
  • The last person will tell the narrowed down whereabouts of the card, which will lead him to the fortuneteller. She will say where is her beloved, but only after a monetary reward. After the groom gives the woman money, she will determine the final destination.
  • At the end of each redemption task, the groom received, in addition to the hints, something else - sweets, fruits, possibly accessories. All this will be needed when the bridegroom gets to the place of meeting with her beloved: girlfriends who will not let the groom pass without gifts will protect her.

This is an example of a ransom-quest route, but each card must be individually drawn up, given the story of the bride and groom..

Quest ransom scenario

The groom and the witness drive up to the bride’s house, but no one meets them. Participants in the ransom are already heading to the porch when an unfamiliar courier blocks their path. He hands the future spouse a letter on shabby paper written by her lover. The letter says:

«Dear, beloved (Name of the groom)!

I feel in danger. The dark forces want to kidnap me, they are called by your name, they change their face, but I know that it’s not you!

I had to hide in a place where none of them could find me - it is protected. Only you can get to this place because you know me better than anyone.

I left you some clues. The man who brought this letter will help you pass the test. Don’t worry, I trust him!

I kiss and wait for you. With love,

Your bride»

The groom reads the letter, after which the courier enters the conversation:

“Your bride instructed me to bring you to her, but before that you need to conduct several tests that will prove that you are the one she needs.” The first task is to open this suitcase.

Courier points bridegroom to a suitcase, which is the first part of a bride ransom test.

- It is encoded. To open the combination lock, you will have to answer a few questions related to the bride. The answers to these questions are numbers, if they are named correctly, they will open a suitcase, where you will find the next clue. Now let's get started. The first question is how old is the bride?

The groom answers, the courier enters the first digit.

-Good. What size sweetheart ring?

Narrowed says.

–And what size shoes does the girl wear?

The future spouse is responsible. For each error, he pays a ransom for the prompt. When the test is completed, the courier says:

- Great, you managed to open the suitcase! There is a clue waiting to help you reach the appointed place and a small gift.

In a suitcase lies a note that indicates the location of the next clue, and perfume. The hint in the note should be connected with something that the groom often sees and knows well. For example, a billboard nearby or a grocery store. For a hint, the future spouse can pay the courier, if he himself guesses, the host says:

“You named the place correctly.” I will accompany you there so that there are no troubles along the way.

The future spouse along with the courier are sent to the place where the ransom hint of the quest bride is located. After a little search, the test participants find a phone with a single number and candy. The hero of the occasion has no choice but to call him. A woman's voice comes from the tube:

- Hi dear! How are you? Why do you call?

The betrothed answers who he is looking for.

- The bride ... It's interesting. Why do you need a bride? Maybe come to me, grab a bottle of wine? We will have a great time.

The future spouse refuses.

- Are you sure? Not every time such an offer comes in, baby, are you sure you don’t want to?

Groom gives a negative answer.

“Hmm ... It turns out you really love her.” Good. Write down the number, I dictate.

The girl dictates the next number, which will call the hero of the occasion. The phone is picked up by a man who is familiar with the future spouse, music is heard:

- Egegei, hello! How are you, friend, what are you doing ?! Come to me - such a party! Girls, alcohol, dancing - crazy fun! Write down the address?

Suzhenny replies that he is getting married, he needs to see his beloved, so he will not come.

- Man, you are missing such a thing! Are you sure? Well, if I'm sure, write the number, I was warned about your call!

By the next number, the man picks up the phone again, and, making «sweet» voice says:

- Hi honey ... I’ve already been waiting for you. Come to me, sit down, discuss something, watch a movie, drink coffee, hee hee.

The future spouse refuses.

- Ka-ak, you do not want? And I already got dressed for you - you’ll die! Well, okay, no, there is no trial. You have not succumbed to our temptations, so you will receive the following clue. SMS Coy will throw you the location of the clue.

When the SMS arrives, the hero of the occasion with the witness goes to the next part of the ransom of the bride of the quest. There a fortuneteller meets them.

- Wait! I saw that you will come, I know that you will demand! Need to get a bride? Then please pay! Just do not be greedy, my services are expensive.

The groom and the witness pay a ransom, the fortuneteller stands above the ball, and says:

- I see ... something is happening there ... I see that you will be happy soon! I see the children ... So, let's go back a little ... Yeah, I found!

The fortuneteller names the whereabouts of the bride. The groom is about to leave, as she exclaims:

- Wait! I almost forgot: my little gift is the sweetest nectar. Hope this helps you, go!

The future spouse gets to the place where the bride is, however, girlfriends become between them. One of them says:

- Stop! We saw you from afar and we will not miss the bride! To start, please us with some kind of gift. For a small fee we will give you a hint.

The groom pays a ransom, one of the girlfriends admits that he loves to learn new smells. Here comes the bottle obtained during the first test..

- Wow, what I dreamed about! Wizard. Girls need to skip!

The future spouse pays the following prompt, another girlfriend says:

- I wouldn’t refuse a sip of wine ... When I drink, I always get good!

Groom hands that gift from a fortuneteller.

- Oh, my beloved! Well, it’s necessary - the bride grabbed the soothsayer!

The man gives the remaining girl a box of chocolates, which he found with the phone. She exclaims in surprise:

“How did you know that I'm a sweet tooth?” I love candy!

Girls are distracted by gifts, part, the groom meets the bride, the ransom quest ends.

Process video

Watch the short video where the bride ransom quest is implemented. This is an interesting action that captivates all participants in the process:

Traditional buybacks are increasingly being replaced by bold and unusual decisions. The ransom quest is one of them. In order to qualitatively implement such an event, we need serious preparation, responsibility and attentiveness of the organizers - only then an ordinary ransom will become an unusual adventure.