Redemption of the bride in the style of the Airborne Forces


The ransom of the bride is a small performance, a highlight of the wedding. Actors are all - the groom, witness, witness, guests. Depending on the interests, preferences of the newlyweds, a ransom style is chosen. If the groom serves in the army or is a military officer by the nature of his professional activity, the young will be the ransom of the bride in the style of the Airborne Forces.

Redemption of the bride in the style of the Airborne Forces


In the theater, any performance is preceded by preparation - the selection of props, the preparation of scenery, tailoring of costumes for the main characters. So here, in order for the ransom of the bride to be interesting, you will have to work hard before that. It is advisable to do everything in advance so that in recent days you don’t run headlong. The search for the necessary things in this context will not take off, because there will be no exotic.

Redemption requisite

If possible, participants in a bride ransom in the original style of the Airborne Forces should be dressed in military uniforms, boots, caps or officer caps.

Participants of the ransom of the bride

In their hands they will hold toy or fake machines.

Ransom participants may have toy weapons with them.

Girls do not have to wear a uniform; they can just attach cardboard epaulets. For competitions it is necessary to prepare:

  • Darts, papers with inscriptions that the groom will fall into.
  • Abbreviation sheets.
  • Drawings of mines and daisies.
  • Set of kitchen accessories, cosmetic items..
  • Bundle of tangled ropes.
  • Folder with the text of the oath.


The witness is the commander of the ransom of the bride; bridesmaids help her to hold competitions. The groom redeems the bride with the help of a witness and friends. As a rule, there are roles for parents on both sides: for example, the fathers of the bride and groom easily turn into army bosses that control the ransom process.

Witness ransom commander

Room decoration

The entrance, where the bride is ransomed, looks like a checkpoint of a military unit. There are military-themed stands on the walls, in the middle is a table with spread out papers and a chair, a national flag is attached in the corner, and a coat of arms on the wall. Upon entry sign «Wait! I shoot without warning» and poster «Family Service Admission».

Redemption of the bride in the style of the Airborne Forces

Buyback scenario in the style of the Airborne Forces

A car drives up with the groom, his friends accompany him.

Redemption of the bride in the style of the Airborne Forces


- Wait! Who goes?


- It's me, the groom. Arrived for his bride.


- Strongly want to enter a family service? I am sure?


- Yes!


- Marriage is a crucial step. Show medical certificate that you are fit for family service!


- I did not know that such a certificate was needed, I did not bring it.


“Then now we’ll check whether you pass the selection, whether you are suitable for family service.” You have to go through several tests. First we’ll determine which shooter you are. And at the same time we will find out why you want to marry our bride.

  • 1 task

Girls hang darts on the wall with attached papers. They are written comic reasons for marriage: «by calculation», «doesn't want to wash socks», «wants to eat borsch every day», «loves his mother-in-law» and so on. In the center hangs a piece of paper with the inscription «for love», the groom must get into it. If during several attempts he fails, then he pays the witness a fine and continues the contest until he gets.

One of the tasks of the competition is checking the groom for accuracy


- Well done, you shoot accurately. Let's check your mental abilities, because a soldier is not a soldier without ingenuity. After the wedding, difficult tasks await you. I think you are able to decipher them by first letters.

  • 2 task

The abbreviations written on sheets of paper are attached to the wall:

  • PMP - wash dishes constantly.
  • IZHP - carry a wife in her arms.
  • PD - build a house.
  • BP - raise a child.
  • BOIP - to be a support and support.

The groom decrypts the abbreviations, with incorrect answers pays a fine or fulfills the desire of the bridesmaids.

  • 3 task


- A real military man knows the military ranks very well. Now let's check how you know them. Our military relatives will be the wife's relatives. What is the name of:

  • Parents of the wife (father-in-law, mother-in-law).
  • Brother of the bride (brother-in-law).
  • Aunt of the bride (aunt of the bride).
  • Husband's sister's sister-in-law.
  • Son of the brother of the wife (nephew).
  • Relative (tribe).
  • The Godfather (godfather).
  • Great-great-grandfather's father (ancestors).
  • 4 task


- The soldier must have excellent memory, attention. Now we will check your knowledge and attentiveness in relation to the bride.

The girls ask the groom various questions about her husband, he gives accurate answers..

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Ring size
  • Shoe size
  • Date dating
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of application to the registry office
  • Favourite dish
  • Favorite color
  • Is there a mole on the cheek

Among questions should be those that show how much the groom knows the character of his missus.

  • 5 task


- Let's see if you can get to your beloved through the minefield?

Cardboard mines and daisies are scattered across the floor. You need to go only along the daisies, without stepping on mines. There are fewer daisies than mines, they are located far from each other so that it is more difficult for the groom to get through them.

  • 6 task

The groom must show his knowledge in different types of weapons, equipment. Before him are laid out kitchen utensils and cosmetic devices (tongs, a hair straightener, a mixer, various kinds of knives, a pepper shaker, a coffee grinder, a meat grinder, eyebrow tongs). The groom says the name of each item and its purpose.

The groom must know the names of the kitchen utensils.

  • 7 quest


- As a real military man, you should be able to find a way out of any very complicated situation..

The newlywed is given a bundle of tangled ropes, he must untangle them for 40 seconds. Friends allowed.

Ropes are needed for a wedding contest


- Everything, you coped with all our tasks, showed excellent results. Our commission decided to enroll you in family service. But, as a true soldier should, you will now take the oath.

The bridegroom is given a folder with the text of the oath written, he solemnly reads it:

«I, (name) solemnly swear to be faithful to my wife (name). I swear to carry love for her to the end of her life, to help her in everything, to be a true friend, a worthy husband».

Keys to the Bride's Room

After taking the oath, the groom receives the main gift - the keys to the bride’s room.

The whole process of redemption is filmed in photos and videos, this is an integral part of wedding photography.

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