Cool bride redemption


For most newlyweds, the wedding day does not begin with a trip to the registry office, but with the preceding ransom ceremony. Ancient wedding customs and traditions claim that the happiness of the young will depend on how fun and joyful the ransom will be. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully approach the issue of compiling a test scenario for the groom. The original and cool script will help to prevent the test subject and guests from getting bored at the stage of passing the foreclosure competitions..

Redemption Preparation

Having decided to organize a cool ransom, you need to get ready for it correctly. The first thing that needs to be done is to come up with a topic, based on which contests and trials for the groom will be created. The ransom topic should be close and understandable to the newlyweds, uniting their interests. A ransom organized in a gangster style will come out when the bride is kidnapped by the mafia and the lover must free the hostage.

Cool bride redemption

If a man is involved in law enforcement, he will like the ransom in the style of the traffic police. For people who are keen on computer games, a gamer-style scenario is suitable. A man who dreams of conquering the depths of the sea, it is recommended to arrange a ransom in the sea or pirate themes. But most brides dream of a valiant knight who will save them from imprisonment (why at home), overcome all obstacles in the way to meet their beloved. Therefore, a knightly style will be a fun and joyful ransom theme suitable for many couples.

Traditionally, bridesmaids are preparing for the ransom. After the main theme of the action is selected, you should think over the script, paint the roles, words. Each girlfriend should take on certain responsibilities: prepare the props, write the script, decide on the characters, beautifully arrange the venue, make fun contests and trials for the groom.

Guys dancing at the wedding

Redemption details

  • Bow with arrows.
  • Target.
  • Swords (inflatable or sports) - 2 pcs..
  • Stump.
  • Nail.
  • Wooden mallet.
  • Knightly armor and equipment (you can rent it in a theater studio or sew such costumes with your own hands).
  • Large chain with padlock and multiple keys.

Armor as requisites for a cool ransom bride


  • Bridesmaids Wearing Old Knight Outfits.
  • Guard at the door, not letting the bride go to the tower.
  • Friends of the groom, his retinue helping to overcome obstacles.
  • Groom - the main knight of the day.
  • Bride imprisoned in a high castle and awaiting her lover.

The bride and groom after the ransom

Venue decoration

To create the right atmosphere on the site where the bride will be ransomed, you need to use decorative elements. If possible, burning torches are installed at the entrance to the entrance, or old lamps are fixed on the wall. Guests who will be present at the ransom must wear medieval-style costumes to support the theme of the holiday.

At the entrance you need to mute turn off the light. As a highlight, it is recommended to use massive candles. Decorate the walls with fabric draperies. To do this, choose materials of dark colors: shades of burgundy, dark blue, emerald are suitable. For contrast, use inserts made of golden material with embroidery.

Decoration of the premises for the redemption of the bride

Attach tapestries with the image of knightly fights to the walls of the entrance and at the entrance to the dwelling. Looking for a less costly way to decorate a ransom venue? Then use posters with thematic paintings, printouts of photographs depicting members of the royal family, knights in armor. At the entrance to the apartment where the bride is hiding, lay a red carpet. Arrange clay jugs of wine on wooden trays so that the groom and witness can quench their thirst after passing the test.

The original design of the premises for the modern ransom of the bride

Funny scenario redemption bride 2016

Cool ransom starts from the moment the groom arrives at the porch of the house. The knight should be warned in advance about the upcoming test, it is advisable that he prepare accordingly for the action. So, the test person is recommended to decorate his car in the old style or to arrive for the bride on horseback. By the time the groom appears, the bridesmaids should be ready to meet him at the entrance. They are sitting on a bench at the entrance in thought:

- For a long time in our state there was no real holiday. Bored live.

- Knight not seen since ancient times.

- So our princess was kidnapped by robbers, kept in prison. And no one to come save her.

- I wanted a noble fellow to come to us, save our beauty, and marry her.

Redemption of the bride in a cool youth scenario

Groom drives up on a horse or on a wedding procession.

- Hello, good man! On what occasion did you drop by us? - girlfriends ask.

- I heard that you have a beautiful girl, I came to marry her, ”he says.

- Our princess is in captivity. The path to the bride runs through a thorny swamp, dense thickets, stones. We will help you find the way, and if you do not cope with the difficulties you have, we will have to pay, ”says one friend.

«You are well done, but you need to pick up a robe to match. You’ll brush off the robbers with a bouquet?» - says the second friend. «To get the armor, list us 10 qualities of a true knight». If the knight does not cope with the task or uses the prompts of a witness, a fine is charged. The test subject can pay with both money and promise cards, which must be prepared in advance.

After the knight has named 10 qualities, the bridesmaids dress the subject in knightly armor. «Now you are ready to meet with your beloved. But then you need to overcome the marshland. On every stone that you step on, the reason why you decided to marry will be indicated. If you choose the wrong option - you have to pay».

An original way to buy a bride

On the stairs, lay out pieces of paper, on the back of which is written: «by calculation», «left no choice», «argued with friends», «for love». The sheet with the correct answer is arranged so that the groom stepped on it last, and paid for errors.

- You went through a swampy area and entered a forest clearing. A lot of leaves fell from the trees while you were getting here. Pick up the sheet and answer the question posed in it..

On a flight of stairs scattered leaves of trees with questions. This may be the date of birth of the bride, future mother-in-law, the color of her lover's eyes, the name of her favorite dish, the place where the first date took place. For every wrong answer you have to pay.

- You are standing at a high tower. But in which tower of the three presented is your narrowed, guess? At the elevator there is a girlfriend in whose hands a large sheet of paper. Three towers with opening windows are drawn on a sheet. A photo of one of those present is pasted behind each window, and only on one tower is a photo of the bride attached. In an unsuccessful attempt to find a beloved groom, you will have to pay.

After the knight got to the bride's door, a guard comes out to meet with a sword in his hands. They are invited to fight to get to the tower. The groom and the guard arrange a comic fight on inflatable swords. Then the winning knight goes to the apartment.

Archery as a test of the groom for the ransom of the bride

- The tests you passed with dignity, defeated the evil guard. Prove to us also that you will be a good host. Hit the target with a bow and hammer a nail into the stump with one hit with a hammer.

If the knight fails on the first attempt to hit the target and hammer a nail, the witness pays for the mistake with the bridesmaids.

- You have overcome all obstacles in your path. It remains only to free her lover and take her to the crown.

A knight with girlfriends passes into the room to the bride. Bride's hands fettered chains on which a large castle hangs.

- As you can see, the guard chained your beloved. To free her, you have to find the right key.

The subject is offered several keys; one must be found who can open the lock. For each miss comes a reckoning. Cool ransom ends with the release of the bride.

Many brides on the ransom

Tests and competitions for the groom

At this funny test for the redemption of the bride can be completed. When drawing up your script, keep in mind that the action should last no more than 20 minutes. It is advisable to rehearse all contests with your girlfriends the day before and check whether you fit into the time frame. If you have enough time left, you can offer the groom to go through additional tests. There are many cool contests for buying a bride.

The groom participates in a tender for ransom

Get to know the bride

Girlfriends make a large flower with colorful petals. Cool petals of people in different images are glued on each petal so that it is more difficult for the groom to guess who is depicted on them. These may be children's pictures of participants in a cool foreclosure. If the groom does not calculate the bride’s photo the first time, you have to pay for the next attempt until you find a picture of your beloved woman.

Funny competition for the groom


They blindfold the bridegroom and give the bride’s slipper in their hands. On the chairs sit all interested participants in a cool ransom. Not only women are allowed to participate in the competition, but also men. The test subject is invited to touch to identify the lover's leg and put a shoe on it. It’s funny and fun to watch the groom, who, in search of his Cinderella, tries on shoes on men.

Door lock plate

Test «on fidelity»

For such a cool test, you will have to invite seductive girls. It can be strippers, performers of oriental dance, all present, immodest girls. They surround the man from all sides and try in every way to seduce. The task of the groom is not to laugh during the contest and not to use his hands. Leading foreclosures are closely watching everything that happens. If a smile arises on the subject's face, the witness will have to pay the bridesmaids.

The bride is waiting to be bought


Cool contest «Serenade» organize under the window of the bride’s house. The bridegroom is informed that the beloved wants to hear a serenade. But the song and the chapel do not inspire her, the bride wants the serenade to be with musical accompaniment. The subject is offered a choice of buying musical instruments: pots with lids, drums, spoons, cookers, tape recorder with the melody of the selected song. Good instruments are expensive, but accompanied by a pot with a serenade lid will come out bright, funny and memorable.

Serenade as a fun test for the groom

Video: cool bride buyback 2016

The wedding day for the newlyweds is planned every minute. But even in such a busy schedule, you should allocate time for a cool ransom. Bright, funny contests invented by the bridesmaids will amuse not only the groom, but all the guests gathered. Cool ransom is a great, fun start to the wedding, which will leave a lot of positive impressions and emotions for each participant. The video below shows another cool redemption option, the script of which will suit a young active couple.