Wedding loaf or How to correctly determine the head of a young family

Nowadays, we often forget about the many traditions and signs that accompanied the wedding ceremony in the old days. Now they are replaced by rituals more familiar to us. For example, a beautiful cake instead of a wedding loaf.

However, in the very tradition of giving young people a wedding loaf, it makes a lot of sense!

The ceremony of presenting a wedding loaf is very beautiful and festive. The ritual consists of several parts:

  • Meeting the bride and groom, the groom's parents take out the loaf on a beautiful towel embroidered with patterns and congratulate the young.
  • Taking a loaf, young people are sure to thank their parents for their care and love..
  • Then the bride and groom bite off a piece of the wedding loaf. There is a sign: he who bites off a larger piece will be the main one in the house.
  • We treat all guests present with punishment. But note that the child must cut it. Agree, this ceremony is very solemn. And the host, especially for this moment, can prepare a beautiful festive speech.

    But to observe the ritual of teaching the loaf is not all. The main thing is that your wedding loaf was prepared in compliance with all the rituals and signs. This process involves not only the bride and groom, but also relatives on both sides. And the ritual itself is a shade of mystery.

    • It is important that a married woman who already eats several children kneads the dough. Thus, she will give a young family a piece of her happiness and well-being. Before cooking, she should cover her head with a scarf, wash and put on a pectoral cross.
    • A married loaf puts a wedding loaf in the oven.
    • The whole process of preparing the loaf is accompanied by the prayers "Our Father" and "Theotokos".
    • According to signs, the more the loaf turns out, the happier and richer the life of young people will be. So before they tried to bake a very large loaf. And loaves at princely or royal weddings had to be carried on beautifully decorated special stretchers.

    And do not forget that the twig of viburnum that decorated your loaf will bring you love and happiness!