Modern Wedding Rites


For our ancestors, the observance of wedding traditions was a supposed opportunity to somehow influence the future life.. Modern Wedding Rites only complement the festive feast, and we do not think about the importance that people who lived many centuries before us attached to them. Let's get acquainted with the meaning that our ancestors originally filled with these traditions.

Bride's dress

Originally wedding dress bride in Russia it was red. White color has firmly taken its place since the reign of Catherine. The purity and purity present in this color have become an integral symbol of wedding action.

Bride abduction

This is a symbol of farewell to parents, to their home. A symbol of the transition to the groom's house, to a new family. Friends of the groom abducted the bride. The groom, in turn, had to either find a narrowed one or provide a ransom for her. Modern wedding ceremonies repeat this ancient tradition at almost every wedding.

Slipper bride

The bride prepared the dowry herself - sewed, embroidered, and gathered jewelry. But she bought wedding shoes with saved money. Thus showing new relatives their thrift, thrift.

The bride's bouquet

That girlfriend who will catch the bride's bouquet, will get married soon. In modern wedding ceremonies, this mischievous tradition came from European countries, and took its place at Russian weddings, along with traditional ceremonies.

Newlywed kiss

This beautiful wedding custom has sacramental meaning. A kiss combines the souls of the young into a single whole. And if the kiss happens in public, the bride and groom "announce" to all those present about their union in one family. The relations of young people before the wedding were extremely chaste, therefore it is very important in this rite that he happens with his parents and guests.

Rowing newlyweds with rice

Showered with rice newlyweds after the wedding. It is a wish to have many children. In some western countries, honeymooners have a "rain" of sweets, raisins, or nuts.

Wedding cake

Modern wedding ceremonies support the ancient traditions of many nations. In almost all countries at a wedding celebration, a special place is given to a wedding cake, loaf, as a symbol of abundance, good luck in marriage. This tradition was in ancient Rome, and in medieval England, and, of course, in Russia. Its height may be different, but the shape, most often, round, like the sun - a symbol of light, joy, a happy life.

Dance with Veil of the Bride

At twelve o'clock in the morning, the bride, with her eyes closed, puts on her veil on the head of one of her friends who are dancing around her. The one who is lucky is expecting a quick marriage. According to another tradition, friends of the groom surround dancing girls, among whom is a bride with her eyes closed. Girls should try to tear off a piece of veil, and break through the circle of young people. That girlfriend who can do this will marry the next.

A road strewn with flowers

The path from the church to the bridal house was strewn with flowers. This is an echo of the pagan rite. According to ancient beliefs, it was so possible to appease the fertility goddess. Modern wedding ceremonies repeat this tradition, rather because of its beauty and solemnity.