Amethyst Stone - Helper in Family Life

People getting married often choose something as a symbol of their happiness - a memory of the first meeting or the street of their favorite city, the smell of fir branches or a thing associated with something important for the couple.

In some ways, wedding rings are just such a symbol, but any other amulet can serve as a talisman of love. And here products, which include amethyst stone, come in handy - the price for it is low, but its value as a talisman in family life is high.

This quartz of all shades of purple at all times symbolized the peacefulness, sincerity and purity of feelings and intentions. It helps with anxiety and emotional unrest, uncertainty and lack of inner harmony..

Amethyst chosen by lovers or from the bottom of my heart given to a couple can become a reliable guarantee of fidelity and peace in the family. No wonder they say that this stone saves from all kinds of destructive passions and desires - from alcohol and drug addiction to vanity, immoderation and treason. A jewelry or talisman with an amethyst presented to the chosen one, reminding you, will deter him or her from making rash decisions and attraction to another person. Thus, amethyst not only preserves the harmony of family relations, but also protects from infidelity.

A stone of fidelity was considered it in the days of antiquity and in the Middle Ages. Widowers and widows, not wanting to bind themselves again by marriage, in memory of their love for the first chosen one wore jewelry and amulets with an amethyst, which became a symbol of their feelings for the deceased. Therefore, one of the names of the amethyst was the name "widow's stone" - like a stone of noble, bright sadness about a departed spouse.

Buying amethyst as a gift to a young couple is tantamount to the most cordial wishes of love, happiness and peace in the family. If the couple wear jewelry with amethyst or have a home amulet in which this stone enters, they will have a happy and long marriage.

A stone can sometimes change color from light purple to dark, almost black, with a burgundy tint. They say that, protecting from drunkenness, it absorbs alcoholic vapors, not allowing a person to get drunk. He also saves from other destructive passions..

Wearing amethyst in a silver frame or together with silver jewelry will help to establish friendly contacts and cordial relationships not only between spouses, but also with other relatives, friends, acquaintances, business partners. Meetings that wear silver jewelry with amethysts usually end in success. Such jewelry can help overcome infertility in women and misunderstanding with a spouse in men. In combination with gold, amethyst balances the body’s internal energy.