The original second day of the wedding

The wedding ceremony is an unforgettable event, and everyone seeks to organize this day in the highest level. There is also the second day of the festival, which by no means should yield to the first in richness and uniqueness.

We give here several versions of how to mark the second day of the wedding. The choice is yours.

1. An elementary feast of the second day with eating and drinking everything that remains from the previous day. Discussing the past celebration at home or in a cafe, you can arrange a show of pictures and videos, recall the most interesting and curious situations from yesterday.

2. It will be very useful and interesting to spend this day doing outdoor activities - go to a camp site offering this type of relaxation, go water skiing, scooter, go to the forest on motorbikes, ski and snowmobile in winter ... And at the end of the day you can bask in hot bath and drink delicious cool kvass.

3. Fairly relevant entertainment - a trip to nature. Live fire, barbecue, songs and tales around the night fire will warm the soul and body at any time of the year. Skiing in the winter forest will strengthen your body and, of course, feelings. And the view of the night starry sky reflected in the surface of a lake or river will only add romance to your relationship.

4. An indispensable way to relax and replenish your energy reserve is to visit a bath or sauna. It's no secret that organizing and conducting a wedding takes a lot of energy, therefore, time spent in the bath will be very welcome. A good steam room is perfectly complemented by a cool pool, and your company will be complemented by regular wedding greetings of friends and relatives.

5. As a rule, neither the groom nor the bride gets fun on the first day along with all the guests. Arrange a ball of the newlyweds - a kind of masquerade, with costumes and hairstyles, and always with the participation of the young. You can prepare the performances of each participant, scenarios for which will be taken from the real life of the bride and groom. A kind of theatrical evening. Or maybe a disco ... It will be dancing until you drop, not only for guests, the newlyweds will light on a par with everyone.

Anyway, do not forget that this is your day, and only you decide what it should be.

To date, there are quite a few options for extreme relaxation. Do not deny yourself this, if possible of course. Moreover, now you are a family and make decisions yourself and play according to your own rules..