Preparing the bride for the wedding

Probably there is not a single couple, let alone a girl who would ignore preparations for her own wedding. Preparing the bride is the most time-consuming stage, but also the most enjoyable. Having planned and thought out all the subtleties, try to enjoy this fleeting and unique moment in your long life when you are a bride.

Hairstyle and makeup.

Looking for a wedding stylist, hairdresser in advance. Carefully negotiate a future look with him and discuss suitable hairstyles and make-up. The main thing is that you feel comfortable and natural in the role that you choose. It is clear that not every day you have to wear dresses "on the floor" and gloves, and a veil, and the corresponding wedding hairstyle. Preparation of the bride - rehearsal. “Feel” your outfit and how to behave in this way. At the wedding, you will look as if you’ve walked all your life only in such dresses and royal manners have been familiar to you since childhood.

Once you know the exact wedding day, you can start leisurely and carefully prepare your skin for the upcoming holiday. The main thing is that you will have enough time for moisturizing masks, and for nourishing, and for cleaning, peeling and, even, you can have time to complete the procedures course. And this is much more effective than last week to grab creams for everything. A healthy complexion is one of the main goals of preparing a bride for a wedding.

Solve organizational issues related to visiting or calling the hairdresser, makeup artist, stylist, yourself. Check the time and address again one week before the wedding. You must be sure that there will be no overlays..

Wedding manicure and pedicure should be done on the eve of the wedding, or even on the same day. It all depends on the complexity of the option you choose. The volumetric design is done literally a few hours before the event, and the French is possible for the day. Choosing a three-dimensional design on one finger, the very one on which the ring will be worn, you will save time and eliminate excesses.