According to legend, the bride should take to the wedding

The wedding for most young people is an exciting, joyful and most memorable day in life. And the young ones really want to arrange everything according to the rules: so that the toastmaster is the best, and that the wedding salon is with a rich assortment and helps in the selection of dresses and necessary accessories for the bride and groom, and the banquet hall, of course, should be the most chic. And most importantly, do not miss out on anything important and forget nothing on trifles. Therefore, future spouses start a notebook or notebook in which all the points for preparing for the wedding are recorded. All the best beauty salons correspond with qualified masters who can help in creating a beautiful and fabulous image of the bride. I remember all the traditions and beliefs for a wedding that came to us from our great-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers.

According to many ancient legends, it was believed that the bride and groom at the wedding ceremony should have taken with them something "new", which would symbolically mean the beginning of her new status. This could be, for example, her new wedding outfit, shoes or veil. Compliance with this custom is not burdensome, in addition, now this task is simplified, because to help the newlyweds a modern wedding salon provides a wide range of exactly new wedding sets.

According to signs, the bride should take something from the "old" with her. It can be a family heirloom, for example, some jewelry presented by the mother of the bride, in the form of a ring, brooch, and the like. It is important that this thing was from the premarital house of the bride. An old thing taken for a wedding symbolizes peace and wisdom in a future married life.

The bride with herself, as a sign, should take some object that has been borrowed. But such a thing should be taken only from a woman who is happy in family life, who, as it were, blesses her with a happy and cloudless family life. At the wedding, the bride should also take with her something “blue”. Most likely, this is interconnected with the fact that among Christians, as well as pagans, the blue color symbolizes love, modesty and fidelity. This color can be used, for example, in garters or in jewelry. And you can use it in your hair, especially beauty salons will be able to create exactly the image that will be pleasant to the bride.

Of course, it is up to the newlyweds to adhere to or not. But during the wedding, the majority still tries to return to our origins. To this day, we are conducting a ransom of the bride, sprinkling the young with grain and coins, we are meeting with a loaf of salt, shouting “Bitter! »At a wedding party and observe many other traditions.