Choosing a host-master

So, you have finally and irrevocably decided to become a husband and wife, filed an application with the registry office and booked a place for a wedding banquet?

It's time to look for the host, which would entertain the guests and not let them get bored. Newlyweds on such a significant day will clearly not be up to it.

Let’s say right away, to find the ideal host, the host, is a difficult task, requiring a lot of effort to find the optimal solution. Horror stories about unsuccessful host-masters are full of land (for some, the host constantly let out greasy jokes and embarrassed guests, for others, he simply drunk and fell asleep in the salad), but nevertheless we all think that this trouble will not affect us . It touches, even as it touches, if you do not take care of this aspect of the wedding celebration in advance - at least a couple of months. If your marriage is scheduled for the period of the wedding boom (late spring, summer, early fall) or the host to whom you plan to turn is a well-known specialist, you can safely add another couple of months to the above date.

Of course, those newlyweds whose host wedding host was invited on the recommendation of friends of acquaintances will feel most comfortable. In this case, you will be sure not only of his professionalism and decency, but also that his vision of an ideal holiday coincides with your.

The second option is to use brochures, a thick bundle of which you must have been given when submitting applications to the registry office. You will spend much more time searching for “your own” host-host: you need to meet with each of the applicants (or better - not just once) and talk, to evaluate his charm and attractiveness. Alas, the amount of effort does not guarantee a good result: a charming and sociable woman who signed a contract with you, in fact, may turn out to be a mediocre leader, and vice versa.

Newlyweds are not constrained in the means? Then you can resort to the services of wedding agencies. In their database there are only professionals who have good recommendations and a decent portfolio. Entrusting the choice of host master to specialists, you will insure yourself against a failed celebration. The only drawback of this option is its price: agency assistance will cost you a pretty penny.

If the future spouses are busy people who are not ready to spend a lot of time searching for the host, you may need to hire a "local" host to collaborate with the premises you rented for the wedding party. As a rule, such a host can boast of impressive experience, and his entertainment programs are ideal for the venue.

None of the above options suit you? Ads in the media and the Internet will come to the rescue. Of course, in this case it will take a lot of time and energy, and no one can guarantee a good result (most often, experienced and sought-after specialists do not give such announcements), but the host will be relatively inexpensive.

How to determine that the person sitting in front of you - good host? The most important thing is that he be nice and interesting to you as a person and interlocutor. It is desirable - but not necessary - for the host to be externally attractive (well-dressed), well-dressed (well-dressed), and possess powerful charisma. An excellent knowledge of wedding ceremonies and traditions of different nations, delicacy, competent speech and a moderate sense of humor can also be added to the pros..

It is absolutely necessary to discuss in advance with the host, the host, the terms of his duties. Remember, the role of the host does not end with the organization of contests and entertainment programs. Toastmaster with her toasts and jokes fills awkward pauses in the communication of guests. It is the host who makes sure that everyone invited is comfortable and fun at your wedding. It is the host to prevent meaningless quarrels and fights that, alas, happen at weddings. Just do not expect that the leader will make the whole holiday himself, without your participation. A true professional will first of all inquire about your preferences and tastes in this area, agree on a common celebration scenario and all competitions. Do not forget to provide your host with a list of invitees to the wedding with names, patronymics and family ties. Perhaps the host host will ask you for the contact numbers of the bride’s witnesses or parents - do not refuse this innocent request, most likely he wants to organize a surprise for the newlyweds with their help, or he may want to discuss the competition with the witness for buying the bride.

So, those moments of the wedding celebration that you needbe sure to discuss with the host:

  • Playlist - a list of musical compositions that will sound at a wedding celebration. Of particular note is the melody for the first dance of the bride and groom, as well as the host of the host to this part of the holiday.
  • Humor. In each company there are topics that are highly undesirable even in a comic form, for example, the topic of newborns. Not everyone will like collecting money from guests or a striptease of a witness, while others, on the contrary, will be delighted with such.
  • Props and their price - items necessary for the implementation of the scenario of the wedding celebration. It can be souvenir gifts for competitions, rice, sweets, coins and rose petals, which will be showered on newlyweds after leaving the church or registry office, a loaf with a rushnyk, and also two glasses - they will be broken later on for good luck. Most often, all these things the host-master of ceremonies acquire independently, and the bride and groom pay checks.
  • The amount is "bitter." Of particular note is the tradition of shouting "bitterly" not only to the bride and groom, but also to the witness and witness. Often witnesses are unfamiliar with each other, in such cases "bitterly" is inappropriate.

Find out what is included in the cost of the services of the host. Be especially careful about the following things:

  • What form of payment and fee will suit both the host-toastmaster, and the groom and the bride: hourly or for the whole holiday, in what currency or even by bank transfer. Of course, be sure to specify the specific amount that he will take for his help..
  • When will the fee be paid: before or after the celebration, or in several stages. It would be better if the money toastmaster will give someone from close friends of the family, and not the bride and groom themselves.
  • Additional services - an oriental dance ensemble, a group of gypsies or buffoons, a professional DJ. Check if all this is included in the general fee or if such things need to be paid separately..
  • Is it possible to get acquainted with videos of weddings already held by this host.
  • What you need to do in advance and prepare the groom and the bride, as well as witnesses and parents.