Choosing a Bridesmaid


A wedding draws into a whirlpool of events. It seems that everything is leaning on you at the same time, and you yourself are not able to solve all the problems. At such a moment, just give up. This is where the help of the best friend comes in handy, which will help you get out of your situation..

European experience

Many of our girls have a misconception about who such a bridesmaid is. It is believed that her business is to put on a ribbon, take pictures with the bride, pick up a wedding ransom from the groom and take part in several wedding competitions with the witness. But, for example, in European countries, this is not at all the case. Often, there is not even one, but a whole group of bridesmaids. The site also advises our girls to choose the right witness for themselves so that she becomes your indispensable assistant.

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What prevents us from asking for help?

Many are stopped by the idea that putting some business on another person is ugly. The holiday is mine, and a friend is not obliged to do anything for you. She is also a guest. But it’s worth, nevertheless, to talk. If this is really your best friend, then she will not only not be offended by your request for help, but will also help with great pleasure. Even if she is a very busy person and simply physically cannot help you in matters that require a lot of time, then small assignments will not be a burden to her.

Another obstacle may be your own complex. After all, it’s insanely pleasant when everyone finds out that you prepared everything yourself. You will receive all the praise, and the holiday will be doubly pleasant. And this is precisely the complex. And you need to fight with them. The wedding portal wants to remind you that it’s hard to do everything by yourself, not only physically, but also psychologically.

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Thus, you risk losing sight of many details. And what will be the outcome? No, of course, you will still be praised by others. But you yourself will be disappointed that you could not realize all your dreams.

The next point is that you cannot entrust such an important matter to another person, and you think that no one will be able to cope with your tasks better than you. Here it is worth considering the problem more closely. Unless, of course, you have more than once become convinced of the irresponsibility of people. If they often did not fulfill their promises on time. But remember, is your best friend one of those people? Any issues are resolved, you just need to discuss them in detail and honestly. If you find it difficult to trust immediately, do everything with her. Anyway, it will take less of your strength, and all issues will be resolved faster.

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You have been friends for more than a year and you know that your best friend is an inattentive and optional person? Then she can attend your holiday as a guest. And one of your relatives may well be suitable for the role of a bridesmaid. A person whom you can fully trust and not be afraid of anything.

The bridesmaid should become an indispensable assistant at the wedding. She can solve minor issues, help choose a wedding dress and accessories, help organize a bachelorette party, fix a dress, cheer and much, much more. And it’s better if there are several bridesmaids. So feel free to ask for help. Indeed, that is why we call the witness - the bridesmaid. And friends can always come to the rescue.