Marriage and your friends

Marriage is a touching event in the life of every girl, so she wants to share her joy and happiness not only with her husband, but also with relatives and best friends. But it often happens that friends do not share her happiness with her. Why is this happening? What is the reason for this attitude? But the reality is that a young woman often notices that after the wedding, relations with friends do not develop at all like before her.

It may happen that after the wedding a friend begins to constantly blame something, make claims and point out the slightest flaws in your married life. Well, then it's time to reassess your relationship with your girlfriend. You need to clearly understand what is the motive for such an attitude towards you and your new family: perhaps this is a slight jealousy that does not carry deep underlying motives and will soon pass, or maybe it is burning jealousy, which henceforth will only cause reproaches and resentment?

The marriage of one of her friends is always a test for their friendship. If your friend appreciates your warm confidential relations and values ​​your friendship, then she will soon realize that a completely new stage has begun in your life - the stage of creating and building a new family. A true friend will treat with due understanding that in the first place you will always have a husband and family, and not noisy parties and carefree chatter with friends. Yes, you will meet less often, but your relationship will become warmer and deeper. Such friendship is very rare and its value is great. It is tested by time and circumstances, indestructible and deep.

If, after your wedding, a friend begins to reproach you for not spending much time on her now and cannot accept the fact that all areas of your interests are now focused on relationships with your beloved husband and building family ties, then there is much more selfishness in such relationships than sincere friendly support and understanding. She constantly indicates to you the shortcomings of your spouse, as if emphasizing her superiority and significance? Of course, it’s up to you to decide, but in my opinion such friendship and a penny isn’t worth it and you need to seriously think about its continuation.

Yes, friendships are often tested in happiness. When a person has grief and life's hardships surround him from all sides, it is so simple to sympathize with him, to support him with advice and participation. And when a person is happy and happy, then only a few are able to share your happiness and sincerely rejoice in your well-being.

Do not be sad if your friendship with a friend is at an impasse, do not despair and do not lock yourself. Very soon you will have new friends, among whom will be your new friends and girlfriends. Of course, it is hard to part with friends of childhood and youth, but true, sincere friendship is a rarity, and meeting and appreciating it is a great happiness! Believe in yourself, true friendship is a must meet on your way!

I wish you happiness!