Useful tips to help the bride

The most significant event, perhaps, in the life of any girl is a wedding. And, of course, I really want to remember this event bright, sparkling and unique. But, when the wedding, as they say already on the nose, and you still don’t really know what exactly your darling wants, somehow becomes uncomfortable, moreover, you can be seized by panic and ordinary human fear that everything will go wrong ... So what to do if this happened to you? First, remember one simple truth that says, if you want to be happy, be it. Secondly, you will probably understand whether you did the right thing only when you have had at least two years of family life behind you.

But, if you have already clearly decided for yourself that your chosen one is worthy of your hand, then take the following simple advice to help:

1. Do not marry a person who drowns in a sea of ​​alcohol or worse drugs. He will not change. And your maternal maximalism to re-educate him can turn out for both of you not on the better side. Think about whether you are really ready for such a feat?

2. Remember that the path to the heart of any man lies through his stomach, so from the very first days do not forget about the healthy nutrition of your companion.

3. Take a closer look at your husband’s family, because in 89% of cases a person copies the model of family relations that he observed in his own family.

4. Do not try to change your chosen one for the better, remember that you loved him the way he is.

5. If you want your future spouse to listen to your advice about your appearance, you do not have to impose your opinion on him. It is enough just to give him a hint in a quiet, insinuating voice that in this suit he looks the most sexy.

6. Do not get hung up on the thought that after the wedding your life will change radically, believe me that your life will not undergo many changes, you will see your friends in the same way, study or work.

7. Remember that men are very offended if they are constantly pointed out that they are doing everything wrong. Healthy criticism still certainly didn’t bother anyone, but look, do not overdo it.

8. Do not try to torment your husband with constant conversations on women's topics, discuss these topics with friends.

And finally, do not think that if you constantly nag your husband with jealousy, then he will endure it for a long time, the surest way to maintain a relationship is to give him the opportunity to decide for himself where to be and with whom he should be. Marriage is always a great responsibility and the deepest work. Being a wise wife is a great art. Strive to be a wise wife and be happy!