Your wedding plan or how to forget nothing


Ahead of you is a solemn and perhaps the most unforgettable day - the day of your luxurious wedding. You will wear a luxurious snow-white dress and become the most beautiful and graceful bride, and this is exactly what you have dreamed about since childhood. But so that on this day everything goes 100% perfectly, it is worth starting the preparation in advance, best of all 6 months before the expected celebration. What, when and how should I do? The wedding portal will now help you figure it out!

6 months before the wedding:

  • Choose date of marriage.
  • Make a plan for your wedding celebration.
  • Decide whether it will be a solemn painting in the registry office or an exit ceremony.
    Wedding Ceremony
  • Decide on the registry office (Wedding Palace).
  • Go to the registry office and book the date of the marriage (or do it on the Internet).
  • Find out if wedding exhibitions are held in your city, visit them.
  • Make a guest list.
  • In accordance with it, calculate the approximately necessary amount of cash for organizing a wedding banquet.
  • Discuss which wedding services you would like to use for your celebration. Estimate their cost.
  • Taking into account the two previous points, draw up a preliminary wedding budget (add 20% to it, let the money stay better than not enough).
  • Announce your upcoming event with relatives and friends.
  • Choose witnesses (although this can be done later).
  • Think about your honeymoon trip (country and duration). Book your tickets in advance, hotel room, etc. (especially if the wedding is planned in the warm season).
  • Approximately make a list of restaurants (cafes, banquet halls) where you would like to have a wedding. Find out how much time before the date of the holiday you need to book a restaurant (banquet hall).
  • 3 months before the wedding:

  • Start your search for a wedding dress, having decided on its color and style.
    Wedding Dress
  • Finally approve the list of guests and order (make) invitations for them.
    Wedding Invitations
  • Fill out and send out (distribute) invitations.
  • Find a videographer and / or photographer for the celebration.
  • Find a make-up artist and hairdresser, as well as a manicurist.
  • Find a leader (host).
  • Decide on the musical accompaniment: will it be live music or a disco with a DJ.
  • Think about additional entertainment for guests: a bartender show, the launch of fireworks, etc..
  • Book a restaurant or banquet hall (if you haven’t done it before). Prepay if necessary..
  • 2 months before the wedding:

  • Finally, decide on a wedding dress, pick up wedding accessories for it: shoes and a veil, a handbag and gloves, stockings (tights) and underwear, as well as jewelry.
    Wedding accessories
  • Start your search for a suit and accessories for the groom: shirts and shoes, a tie or a bow tie.
  • Buy engagement rings, if desired, order their engraving.
    Wedding rings
  • Talk to your photographer and videographer about your wedding movie and photo shoot.
  • Make a prepayment for the restaurant (banquet hall) and make a reservation.
  • Order decoration of a restaurant (banquet hall) or design of an exit ceremony.
    Wedding Hall Decoration
  • Make a route and determine the time of the wedding walk, think about what cars the motorcade will consist of. If necessary, order wedding cars and their decoration.
  • Talk with the host (host) about the wedding scenario (who, when and what should be done at the wedding?).
  • Think about what the second day will be, if necessary, order a place to celebrate the second day and buy groceries.
  • 1 month before the wedding:

  • Call invited guests to see if everyone will attend the wedding..
  • Buy, if necessary, products for the banquet (most often, it is alcohol and drinks).
  • Book or do DIY do-it-yourself cards for guests.
  • Discuss the seating of the guests (at least in advance)
  • Decide where nonresident guests will be accommodated..
  • Buy a suit for the groom, as well as all the necessary wedding accessories.
  • Think with your hairdresser and makeup artist your wedding look, do a test hairstyle and makeup.
    Wedding hairstyle
  • Order a bride’s bouquet (main and understudy for throwing), boutonnieres for the groom and witnesses, as well as buy other wedding little things (handkerchiefs, a chest for money, etc.). Do not forget about the decoration of the restaurant (banquet hall), if it was not agreed in advance.
  • Find a pastry shop and order a loaf and a wedding cake in it, do not forget to prepare a rushnyk and solo.
    A wedding cake
  • Take care of where and how you will spend your first wedding night: book a hotel room, etc..
  • Pick up music for the first dance and other important points (removing the veil, etc.), rehearse the first dance.
  • Think gifts for the groom's family, bonbonnieres and small gifts for contests.
  • Prepare a tuple decoration if it was not ordered earlier.
  • Make a scenario of redemption of the bride (if he will) and buy all the things necessary for him.
  • 2 weeks before the wedding:

  • Consider how and where you spend your bachelor party / bachelorette party..
  • Make the final fitting for your wedding dress and costume to make sure they sit perfectly.
  • Walk the bachelor party / bachelorette party.
  • Call all persons associated with the wedding: host, photographer and / or videographer, etc..
  • On the eve of the wedding:

  • Make a wedding manicure and pedicure.
  • Prepare champagne, sweets and glasses (glasses) for a walk after the registry office.
  • Pack your things on your honeymoon trip if you leave immediately after the wedding.
  • On the morning of the wedding day:

  • Take the bride’s bouquet from the salon, as well as boutonnieres for the groom and witnesses.
  • Take the cake and loaf from the pastry shop and take it to the restaurant (banquet hall).
  • Before going to the registry office, check for the following things: passports, wedding rings, etc. Do not forget about champagne and sweets for a wedding walk.
  • That's all! The portal can only wish you boundless happiness and boundless love for many years to come!