Harmony is the key to the success of your wedding


According to many psychologists, many brides in most cases rely on a wedding dress. According to sociologists, it is precisely the thoughts and dreams of a wedding dress that lead many couples down the aisle.

What is the secret of this holiday outfit? What is it?

Psychologists say that you can make a psychological portrait of the bride on the dress, and that the scenario of her upcoming married life is interesting.

In their opinion, divided dresses (corset, skirt) say that their owner is purposeful and decisive. A full skirt is an open and cheerful character; a strict, long skirt suggests that her owner, sophisticated in every way nature.

Beautiful bride to your taste and color

Russia, although a developed country, is rarely found in such a concept as “wedding fashion”. That is why many young people have to form the image of the bride from their tastes, ideas.

Only recently, in our country, as in the West, thematic magazines began to appear, with the latest innovations of fashionable world trends. But, as practice shows, brides will find out about this after going through more than a dozen wedding salons.

But all this has its own "pluses". According to Russian fashion designers, our brides have an incredible instinct and amaze the whole world with the sophistication and endurance of their outfits..

Beautiful bride. Simplicity and elegance.

But be that as it may, fully rely on their own tastes in this case is not always appropriate. Simplicity and elegance return to fashion. Lush tulle skirts smoothly fade into the background, they were replaced by strict images of organza, heavy satin or guipure on the atlas.

Today it is the skirt that is given special attention. As a rule, brides prefer simple corsets, but beautiful, originally draped skirts.

Fashionable recently are matte fabrics, snow-white or champagne-colored dresses. Pastel color dresses are also acceptable..

According to fashion designers, do not be afraid of white - white is multifaceted.

Beautiful bride. Accessories.

Few people imagine a bride without a veil. She, and now is an integral attribute of a wedding dress.

But, of course, the most important accessory of your outfit is a ring. It will become an attractive magnet for the views of loved ones, relatives and friends.

In general, your image should be in harmony, dress, veil, wedding ring, jewelry, shoes, all this should merge into one beautiful image of the bride.