How to make a scenario of redemption of the bride !?

Like any celebration, a wedding cannot be held without an entertainment program. The ransom of the bride is an integral part of it, with which, perhaps, officially the whole holiday begins.

All young people want their wedding to be remembered for a long time, be fun, interesting and, of course, fabulously beautiful. Therefore, every modern wedding is complete without the participation of the host, specially selected contests and games. But this is about the evening, and in the morning you also need to stir sometimes sleepy guests, bring them into the appropriate mood in order to meet and conduct the bride and groom with smiles on their faces in the registry office.

Therefore, so that the guests would not be bored, waiting for the bride at the doorstep of her house, and to let the groom know that it was not so simple as it seemed to him, the scenario for buying the bride.

By tradition, writing (selecting) the bride’s ransom scenario is done by her friends, but, first of all, a witness, because often she becomes the host of this event. The witness, in agreement with the bride, collects girlfriends, sometimes the event is combined with a bachelorette party, where the entire ransom scenario is planned. But there are several nuances, the young ones in the last month, and especially the weeks, are very busy, and it will be difficult for the bride to single out even one evening. The second nuance, the bachelorette party means "hanging out", and it will be very difficult to focus the girlfriends on the script.

You can spend a bachelorette party in a bar, cafe, restaurant, sauna, at home, but remember, if its main goal is planning a bride's ransom, then noisy places are not quite the right place.

Having decided on the venue for the bachelorette party, the next step will be to collect all the girlfriends. So, everything is complete. First of all, find out from the bride her wishes, perhaps she has already matured a plan for her own redemption. Next, determine how “tough” the conditions for the groom will be. Based on the information received, you can continue to script yourself, using the help of a very common Internet resource.

There are also certain issues that will need to be addressed:

  • the time of the bride’s ransom (based on the fact that the time of the marriage ceremony in the registry office is fixed, and ending early or tightening the ransom will not be entirely appropriate);
  • financial well-being of the groom.

When the main wishes of the bride and the nuances regarding finances and time are resolved, proceed to the main work - writing the script.

The bride redemption scenario standardly includes such events:

  • decoration of the porch of the bride (balloons, flowers, ribbons, etc.);
  • selection of wedding competitions (rhymes, songs, dances, riddles, etc.);
  • distribute the competition by roles (if the lead will not only be a witness), calculate the approximate time for each competition;
  • choose from the list of all bride buyback contests those that, if necessary, can be sacrificed if the groom does not meet the time allotted for the competition.

After the bride’s ransom scenario is ready, the next step will be the distribution of duties and roles: arranging the porch, leading a competition, preparing sets and dresses. Remember that the main role is played by the witness, all other girlfriends are her main assistants. The creativity and skills of girlfriends should also be considered..

Often, having drawn up the scenario for the ransom of the bride, the witness and the bridesmaids make a big mistake without coordinating the scenario with the witness. This is a very important point after all, one or another contest you have chosen can take the groom by surprise, in addition, he must be ready to pay the total amount of the ransom.

You also need to inform the witness or the groom himself about the time of his arrival for the bride, being late for the groom can lead to a lot of trouble. But his early arrival will make the witness nervous and girlfriends involved in the preparation process.