Redemption of the bride: what tasks for the groom to come up with?

Today, the little that has been preserved from the customs of the Russian wedding is the ransom of the bride. And it is he who carries a charge of joy, fun, jokes that will determine the mood of the whole wedding. An original wedding ransom is what you need!

Participants in the ransom are initially divided into two "camps": sellers and buyers.

Sellers are bridesmaids led by a witness.

Buyers are friends of the groom led by a witness.

Both sides are carefully preparing for the competition. The goal of the sellers is to come up with many contests and tasks and sell the bride to the groom as expensive as possible. Buyers' task: to "buy" a bride for the groom, bypassing the ingenious traps of the bride's girlfriends. Usually, for the ransom of the bride, friends of the future spouse stock up on sweets, champagne, money, so that there was something to pay for his mistakes.

An original ransom for a wedding may consist of a small number of comic wedding contests that will help relieve stress at such a crucial moment in the life of future spouses as their wedding.

So, the groom is ready to take the bride to the registry office, but it wasn’t there ... Insidious bridesmaids do not let him even on the doorstep, trying that he would pay with a joke or a coin for every step that brings him closer to his beloved. What tasks can you come up with?

Competitions for the redemption of the bride

"Show how much you know your beloved"

Tasks of such a plan are very common. For their holding, you can prepare a camomile from paper. Put the dates or just numbers on the flower’s petals. It can be any numbers from the life of the bride: year of birth, year of graduation from an institute or school, weight, height, apartment number, car number, number of the group or class in which she studied, number of the bus on which she most often drives and other options . Tearing off the petal, the groom gives an answer. If the answer is not correct, then his friends pay a fine. Variations of this task: write these numbers on the steps that the groom will go, or on the leaves, which they then put in balloons.

"Find out your betrothed"

The original ransom for the wedding will not do without such comic riddles. Bridesmaids prepare for them in advance. You can put fingerprints on the sheet of paper on the lips of a woman, and the groom must guess the lips of his only one. You can offer the groom to choose from a variety of shoes, the bride’s wedding shoes. It is also interesting to put handprints on a large sheet of paper, among which the groom will also guess the pen of his beloved.

"Prove that you will be a great husband"

You can hold such a competition if the bride does not live on the first floor. The groom, climbing the stairs, must say what household chores he will do after the wedding. For each missed step you can demand a fine.

"Color the picture"

This task assumes the presence of a drawing drawn on a large sheet. The figure can be depicted grass, the sun, a trickle. The groom is offered to “colorize” the picture by adding new elements to it: money, fruits, sweets and others.

"Prove that you love the bride"

To carry out an original ransom for a wedding, such tasks are just a godsend. For this contest, you can take a big apple, which stick a lot of matches. The groom, each time pulling out a long match, should call his narrowed with affectionate names. As soon as he gets a short match, the competition can be stopped. There may be job options. For example, the door to the bride’s apartment can be hung with ribbons. And the groom will have to give his sweetheart compliments, removing one tape. And in order for the door to open, he needs to utter the cherished words. Of course, "sim-sim" is not suitable here. The door is opened only if the groom confesses his love to his beloved bride.

"The key to the heart of the bride"

To freeze a key or several fake keys to an apartment in an ice cube. Or simply put pieces of paper in balloons, on one of them should be the inscription "key" or name narrowed. Guessed - get the key, no - pay a fine.

"Dear Bride Name"

The bridegroom must be laid out with money on a tray or table the name of the bride. Or make a photo of a future wife from funny pictures. Every failed attempt is paid.

"Cleverness Competition"

Bridesmaids are asked to put in three glasses what rustles, rings and splashes.

"Endurance Competition"

The newlyweds are brought three glasses in which salty, sour and sweet water. And they say: they say with what face you drink, you will live with your wife!

Show your imagination, stock up on a few jokes and jokes. And the original wedding ransom will delight everyone present.