Redemption of the bride by the groom

Your wedding day is coming. You know for sure that the bridesmaids are already getting ready for the ransom of the bride. Get ready for the challenges and challenges that you will be asked when buying a bride.

But who is stopping you from preparing some surprises for the ransom of the bride by the groom yourself? Surprise the lovely bride and her friends. Add fun to your holiday.

What to come up with?

  • Declare your bride in love!
    To do this, you can draw a declaration of love with crayons on the pavement in front of its windows. Or make out in the form of a huge poster. Write in capital letters how you love her. Of course, it is better to engage in design secretly (late-late evening or at night), so that it becomes a real surprise. By the way, if you have a wedding in winter, do not worry, a huge heart painted with spray paints looks great in the snow too.

  • As a surprise, decorate the bride’s porch with many balloons and flowers.
  • The ransom of the bride by the groom can be diversified by the abduction of the bride. When you think about "theft", warn the bride herself, so as not to cause negative emotions.
  • Before the bride redeems the bridegroom, it would be nice to read on the Internet about wedding contests and tasks that are most often during this wedding ceremony. Several scenarios are available to help you feel more confident..
  • Your witness at the wedding will be able to provide invaluable assistance in carrying out the ransom of the bride by the groom. It will be great if you have an open, cheerful and resourceful person for this role. Together you will overcome any barriers.
  • Stock up on lots of sweets, souvenirs, champagne, fruits. After all, for the wrong answers you have to “pay” a fine.
  • Be confident in yourself, smile more often and joke, do not forget about compliments for the bride, her mother and girlfriends. Answer without hesitation. After all, you are not on the exam. The correct answers are not required here. A large number of jokes and impromptu will make you just irresistible groom.
  • And, of course, all your attention on this solemn day should be given to your beloved bride. Speak her nice words, poems, give flowers. And don't forget about the perfect bouquet for her mom. Conquer the heart of the mother-in-law and charm everyone present.

Redemption of the bride by the groom is not only an old rite, but also a great way to once again prove oneself to the best!