Preparing the bride's home for the wedding: quick and easy!

A wedding is a magical and unforgettable event in the life of every girl. But so that she leaves behind only a billion positive emotions and bright memories, it is worth taking a responsible approach to her organization. Cortege, banquet hall, the second day of the wedding - this is obvious! However, the first place the bridegroom arrives will be the bride's house. There will be a ransom and a mini buffet, where the bride and groom will hear kind words from their parents and begin their journey together. Therefore, preparation of the bride’s house should be given a lot of time! And we are talking not only about cleaning, but also about its decoration. Not sure where to start? The wedding portal will help you!

Bride home decoration

Everyone understands that cleaning is indispensable. However, do not do it on the eve of the wedding. You will have plenty of cases! It is best to divide the home cleaning into two stages: do a general cleaning 5-7 days before the celebration, and the day before the wedding - cosmetic. The first involves a lot of activities: you need to wipe the dust, wash the floors, put things in place (remove shoes from the hallway, put clothes in wardrobes, etc.), wash the windows, put in order the bathroom, etc. If you are scared from so many cases, then the solution is the same - a housemaid will help you. She will take away from you a huge amount of work on preparing the house for the wedding, and you can fully devote yourself to more pleasant things. With the cosmetic cleaning on the eve of the wedding, you will cope on your own, it will not take you more than an hour. Do not forget about the entrance, because there usually begins a ransom.

Decoration of the entrance to the wedding

The crucial stage in preparing a home for a wedding is its decoration. If your house has a staircase and staircase, then you should start with them. The entrance can be decorated with balls in the form of a beautiful arch. Flaws on the walls and railings will hide hearts from various materials, bright posters or drapery made of beautiful fabric. For decoration, also use flower arrangements, garlands, ribbons and bows. Floors before the arrival of the groom can be strewn with rose petals and confetti. You can make funny signs for doors «Castle bride», «Princess Apartments» and etc.

Sign on the door of the bride

What can be used to decorate rooms in the house?

  • Flowers (compositions with fresh flowers and dried flowers, rose petals, cacti, stylized as a bride and groom, etc.).
  • Pomanders - spherical balls of natural or artificial flowers, suspended on ribbons from the ceiling or other elements of the interior.
  • Balloons (both separately and in the form of rings, hearts, etc.).
  • Pompoms made of yarn or fabric will be an excellent decoration of the walls and ceiling.
  • Funny wedding theme posters.
  • Garlands of various colors and shapes (flowers, hearts, etc.).
  • Photos (wedding photos of parents, grandparents from the family archive, photo story of the bride and groom, etc.).
  • Soft toys dressed up as a bride and groom, etc..
  • Candles in candlesticks decorated with ribbons and flowers..
  • Bows, ribbons and jewelry elements (decoration for chairs, curtains, walls, etc.).

Flowers in the room decor
Bride home decoration
Decoration of the door to the bride's house
Photos for bride home decoration

The wedding portal is sure that, having carefully thought out preparations for the wedding at home, you can add even more romance and grace, joy and bright colors to your celebration. All this will help to make this amazing day magical and unforgettable, such as you painted it in your childhood dreams.!