Scenario at the Wedding Palace

How to behave and what to do during a wedding ceremony? What happens in wedding palace? This article is devoted to the answers to these not complicated questions..

Newlyweds don't really worry about what happens during the wedding ceremony. Essentially, you just have to say yes. It only happens that the bride will first look at her mother, waiting for her consent. And only after the mother nods, she will answer "Yes".

And now about the little things. Inalienable, important, but essentially small things that should not be overlooked when they entered wedding Palace.

During the ceremony, wedding rings are at the groom. According to a good sign on wedding rings, the first to wear the ring is the groom's wife. Then the bride puts a ring on her husband’s finger.

Often at a wedding ceremony sounds wedding orchestra and plays the Mendelssohn March. As a rule, the wedding palace has its own orchestra, with which you can agree in advance which compositions he will play. However, it may be necessary to order your own orchestra, which should not be neglected..

After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds accept congratulations congratulations. As a rule, the official who conducted the ceremony is the first to congratulate the spouses. Then numerous guests bring their congratulations to the waiting room. For young people, this may not be easy - take so many congratulations on wedding palace from completely unfamiliar people. But, as one of the great ones said: "... nothing can be done so cheaply and then it will not pay off as expensively as politeness." All congratulations should politely thank and accept flowers from these "unfamiliar well-wishers".

Then usually the wedding procession is divided. The bride and groom remain so that the photographer takes a couple of wonderful pictures of the newly made spouses. After all, far from always the photographer at the registry office’s will make colorful memorable photos. It is difficult to approach the process creatively, day after day, mechanically snapping the essentially identical processions. And parents, as well as people involved in preparing the holiday, in this time rush to finish the last preparations.

Now about giveaways. Do not let things go by themselves. Hint - covered or naked - about what exactly you would like to see as a gift. It is important not to go too far. Just people - there are people. What for some is a gift from above is for others a curse of the evil one. If you have already been presented with an unnecessary thing, do not let it go, but do not rush to get rid of it as soon as possible. A little time will pass - and the thing will either break or pass to other owners.

Gift Presentation Time It can vary greatly: before a trip to the wedding palace, at a wedding, or maybe some time after the wedding - but this should be agreed in advance. Do not forget to give thanks for the gifts. And if you couldn’t thank you personally, then within a week by phone or mail.

So you got acquainted with a simple but interesting process of marriage and some of its subtleties.