Creative ideas for the second day of the wedding


The first day of the wedding is a great success: a sea of ​​surprises and gifts, a photo shoot and a restaurant. It is not surprising that after such a busy day, the bride and groom, who now already have the status of a full family and can safely call themselves husband and wife, just want to sleep and enjoy each other's company. However, guests will not wait long for the newly-married couple, because no one canceled the second day of the wedding. The traditional celebration in the restaurant is unlikely to please you, especially if you are not very used to feasts, where you, in addition to everything, are the main heroes of the occasion. There are alternative options for how fun and provocatively spend a second wedding day. The wedding portal invites you to spend the first day in the status of a family with your friends, going to unusual places for relaxation. After all, a wedding can be celebrated in different ways, and sometimes it’s not necessary to sit at a table and listen to toasts. There are many amazing ideas that we will gladly share to make your wedding even more vibrant and memorable..

Hike to the water park

Long uncomfortable dresses, strict classic suits and ties - let us put all this aside, because the continuation of the wedding celebration will be held at the water park! Your friends will definitely appreciate your creativity, because a noisy company always has fun! The advantage of the water park is that you can get into it at any time of the year. Even if the wedding is in winter, you can feel far away on the south coast. Moreover, it is incredibly fun to ride a roller coaster and swim in the pool, given your amazing mood. Also, water bathing will help you to cheer up after a feast and again feel confidence and freshness. Choose the brightest and most fashionable swimwear and go celebrate the second wedding day in the water park!

Hike to the water park

We go on a bike trip

What could be more beautiful than fresh air and enjoyment of silence and nature. Riding bicycles is a very original way to celebrate the second day of the wedding. Funny and not boring. Perhaps not all friends or relatives will agree to keep you company for lack of a bicycle or unwillingness to go somewhere after the first day of celebrations. However, this is your idea and idea, which has many advantages. You can gather a small company and go to the lake or river. It’s not necessary to drive tens of kilometers. Riding bicycles should be a symbolic ride, not an endurance test. Arm yourself with a camera, because dozens of funny photos are just guaranteed. You can also drive along forest paths in search of a cozy clearing where you can fry kebabs and sing songs with a guitar.

We go on a bike trip

All in paintball

Another great place to relax is the paintball field. This active game allows you to quickly cheer up and enjoy the adrenaline rush. Divide into two teams - women's and men's. Check whose team is more cohesive and who will win. Beautiful photos and a sea of ​​emotions are guaranteed to you.

Paintball game


Another idea for a second wedding day will be karting, the site believes. For many of your friends, such an extreme vacation will definitely be remembered for a long time. Wear helmets and compete ahead. You will get a lot of amazing emotions from speed and adrenaline, and also find out which of you and your friends is a real racer.

We go karting

Horseback riding

And now about the romantic version of the celebration of the wedding. Horseback riding requires preliminary skills, but after half an hour with an instructor, you and your friends will be able to go horseback riding in picturesque places. Even if it's winter outside - feel free to go for a ride on horses. Such a trip will be unforgettable for you. The energy that horses radiate will charge you for a long time, you will be freed from stress and get a sea of ​​positive emotions.

Horse ride

Choose original places to mark the second wedding day, be original - and everyone will remember your wedding as the brightest and most fun!